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Structured Data - Schema - Rich Snippets extension which improves your site SEO and enhances the appearance of your website in Google Search results. Boost your Joomla SEO and increase search engine traffic now!

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Google Structured Data Markup is an SEO Joomla extension that allows digital marketers to adopt Google Structured Data and Rich Snippets - Cards without requiring them to be an expert in the language or writing code. Take control of your Google Search Results by adding Google Structured Data Markup to your Joomla! website and boost your SEO. Seamless compatibility with Joomla Content, K2, VirtueMart, HikaShop & Zoo Content Builder.

Supported Structured Data Content Types

Properly structured data in your news, blog, and sports article page can enhance your appearance in Google Search results

Mark up your course lists with structured data so prospective students find you through Google Search

Mark up your organized events so that users can discover events through Google Search results and Google Maps.

Provide detailed product information in rich Search results such as product reviews, stars rating, pricing, and availability.

Provide rich cards for your recipes, such as reviewer ratings, cooking, preparation times and nutrition information.

Fact Check
If you have a web page that reviews a claim made by others, you can include a ClaimReview structured data element on your web page

Mark up your video content with structured data such as the description, thumbnail URL, upload date, and duration.

Critic reviews appear in Search results with a snippet from the critic, the critic's name and the publisher icon.

Job Posting
Improve the job seeking experience by marking up the job listings on your site with Title, Description, Salary and more.

Site Enhancements

Site Name Rich Snippet
Indicate the preferred name you want Google Search to display in Search results.

Site Logo Rich Snippet
Specify the image Google Search uses for your organization's logo in Search results.

Breadcrumbs Rich Snippet
Indicate each inner page position in the site hierarchy automatically.

Sitelinks Searchbox Rich Snippet
Expose a search box scoped to your website when it appears as a search result.

Social Profile Links Rich Snippet
Add your social profile information to a Google knowledge panel

Local Business Listing Rich Snippet
Add business info such as phone, address, map and opening hours


Joomla Content
Add Structured Data to Joomla! Articles.

Add Structured Data to EasyBlog posts.

Add Structured Data to Eshop Products.

Event Booking
Add Structured Data to Event Booking Events.

Add Structured Data to HikaShop products.

Add Structured Data to J2Store.

Add Structured Data to JShopping products.

Add Structured Data to K2 items.

Menu Manager
Add Structured Data to any Menu Item. Any component can now have structured data!

Add Structured Data to RSBlog posts.

SP Page Builder
Add Structured Data to SP Page Builder pages.

Add Structured Data to VirtueMart products. It supports Auto-Mode (Check Plugin Options).

Zoo (YooTheme)
Add Structured Data to Zoo items.

Add Structured Data to DJ-Catalog2 Pages.

Coming Soon Integrations
DJ-Classifieds, JEvents, RSDirectory, SobiPro, Quix Page Builder

All Features

  • Improve your site's SEO
  • 11 SEO Rich Snippets in JSON Format
  • Articles Schema Data with Stars Rating Snippet
  • Products Schema Data with Stars Rating Snippet
  • Recipes Rich Cards with Stars Rating Snippet
  • Courses Rich Cards
  • Events Structured Data
  • Sitename Structured Data
  • Site Logo Structured Data
  • Local Business Listing
  • Sitelinks Searchbox Structured Data
  • Social Profile Links Structured Data
  • Breadcrumbs Structured Data
  • Assign Structured Data to any Menu Item
  • No Design Impact
  • Cross-Browser Support
  • Bing & Yahoo Support
  • Quick & Easy install and configuration
  • Auto-Update via Joomla Update Manager
  • Lightning Fast
  • No coding needed
  • Awesome Support

Google Structured Data Changelog

4.1.4 (Tuesday, 09 July 2019)
- Adds the Remove Duplicate Schema option to Joomla! Content Integration. (Pro Only)
- Adds the Intro Text and Full Text mapping options.
- Fix "The value field is recommended" warning which occurs when a range salary is defined in the Job Posting Schema.
- Fix bug with relative URLs the Breadcrumbs Structured Data. All URLs must be starting with http:// or https://.
- Fix issue with the Job Posting Organization Logo returning a relative path instead of an absolute URL.
- The invalid Article Structured Data added by Joomla! itself is now removed by default. (Pro Only)
- The Job Description property now supports certain HTML tags.
- The Job Posting baseSalary property is not included anymore in the markup if the Salary option is disabled.

4.1.3 (Friday, 07 June 2019)
- Fix "A non well formed numeric value encountered" warning.
- Fix issue caused by the previous update with missing Brand Name, SKU and Price mapping options in Virtuemart Integration.
- Fix wrong Virtuemart Product ID returned by the ID mapping option.
- Update Product Schema to include the productID property.

4.1.2 (Monday, 03 June 2019)
- Fix not working Meta Description and Meta Keywords mapping options in the Virtuemart Integration.
- Fix issue with the items search in the backend where it returns inaccurate results.
- Add Short Description mapping option to Virtuemart.
- Do not generate the Product Schema if no valid Virtuemart product is found.
- Add missing Availability mapping option to product-based integrations.
- Updates Breadcrumbs with a simplified schema version (No more use of @id).
- Improve Product Content Type field descriptions.

4.1.1 (Monday, 20 May 2019)
- Prevent messed up page caused by the wbAMP plugin shortcodes {wbamp-show start}.
- Fix "One of ratingCount or reviewCount must be provided" warning in the Critic Review Schema.
- Fix bug with the Publishing Rules where the "Exclude" option doesn't work when enabling multiple rules.

4.1.0 (Monday, 22 April 2019)
- Implements the DJ-Catalog2 Integration
- Add option to remove EasyBlog default structured data
- Add option to include the Home page in the Breadcrumbs Schema.
- Support Zoo Elements (Custom Fields)
- Added option to show price with tax in HikaShop integration.
- Adds Publishing Rules filter in the Structured Data Items page.
- [Medium] Fix wrong formatted price in the Product, Event and Job Posting Content Types.
- [Low] Fix Warning: the field contains an invalid type of data null. (Yandex Testing Tool)
- [Low] Items Content Type ordering doesn't work in the backend.
- [Medium] Fix offerAvailability (Stock) schema property check with the JoomShopping and HikaShop integrations.
- [Medium] Increase security by sanitizing the query-based Smart Tags values.
- [Medium] Fix wrong product reviews count with the Virtuemart Integration.
- Merge the Site Name and the Sitelinks Searchbox structured data into a single Website schema.
- The Social Profile feature is now available in the Free version as well!
- Improves the Remove Faulty Microdata Tool. You can now set your own types to remove from the page.
- Updates translations: nl-nl, ee-EE
- Google+ has been shut down on April 2nd. It's no longer an option in the Social Profiles snippet.

What is Structured Data?

Structured data refers to kinds of data with a high level of organization, such as information in a relational database. When information is highly structured and predictable, search engines can more easily organize and display it in creative ways. Structured data markup is a text-based organization of data that is included in a file and served from the web. It typically uses the vocabulary—an open community effort to promote standard structured data in a variety of online applications.

How to test your Structured Data

Google created the Structured Data Testing Tool (SDTT) which can help you develop, test, and modify your structured markup and rich snippets.

Does Structured Data & Rich Snippets help with SEO?

Absolutely! There is no question that structured data that produces rich snippets "bling" that improves (SEO) SERP click-through rates (CTR). Virtually every SEO expert on the planet will tell you that organic click-through rates are a major search engine optimization ranking factor. Thus, structured data has a very high correlation with search engine rankings.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines. There are many aspects to SEO, from the words on your page to the way other sites link to you on the web. Sometimes SEO is simply a matter of making sure your site is structured in a way that search engines understand.

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Originally using the Free version. Upgraded to the "Pro" version to get access to the FAQ functionality.
The FAQ works as described.
Ease of use
Yes, easy to use. In installed and had my FAQ page working in a few minutes.
Used guidance to get correct version. Otherwise not had a need to use support.
Good material with useful examples that show the different types of mark up that can be used for FAQ and how to get them included in the GSD
I used this to: Creating the Google Structured Data for my FAQ page as well continuing to use for standard articles.
Works well and the support from Tassos is great. Little help needed to understand google requirement
Ease of use
Works very easily even for novice Joomla user, needed help with google requirement
I used this to: improving google ranking and making sure google knows what my content is
Introduces google structured data to site. Without it it would be too complex to add. Now our pages look great in google search results.
Ease of use
This is quite complex topic, therefore some reading is necessary for this component. Still it is well done backend UI so easy to use.
Outstanding support. I had problem with support of local character set and developer responded within hours with new hotfix release. Awesome
Most detailed documentation in Joomla! world I know. It describes every little detail including real examples of usage. Well done!
I used this to: Enabling advanced SEO on our site. Our site has now rich description of pages in google search results including advanced results like Events, Articles, FAQ. These are key in today competitive SEO world. Thanks to developer for doing this for joomla, we stay competitive!
Out of the box, works well with native Joomla articles (which was all that I really needed)
Ease of use
Had no problems implementing the system. A few mouse-clicks in the right places and I was set to go.
Pretty easy to follow actually! It's good to see developers writing clear instructions for novice users.
I used this to: Testing at this time. Obviously I would like to see how Google SERPs display the rich data snippets and we can take things from there. I just wanted to add my thanks to the author of this extension for the work he's done.
Makes it very easy to add proper structured data and test it quickly.
Ease of use
Very easy to use, just had to follow the instructions. Install it, and follow the documentation steps.
They were fast to respond when I had a question. The issue was on my end, not theirs.
Very good and showed all that was needed for me to use it. It is very well organized and I just had to test some pages.
I used this to: On my main company web site which is where we focus our SEO efforts.

Very good extension!

Posted on 30 September 2019
With the new Google standards you can't do without this extension. All the expected functions are there!
Ease of use
In a few minutes I was able to fix most of the problems on my site. I must say that it is really effective.
I called for support once and it was very effective. They took the time to assist me and explain where the problem was.
The documentation is very important, I haven't gone through everything yet, but it's very well explained.
I used this to: I installed it on a shop site that had metadata problems. The compatibility with Virtuemart has helped me a lot.
Very useful, it does exactly what it should do. It has all the options required to set up a Google Structured Data site properly.
Ease of use
It's very easy to start using it. I finished setting up everything in 20 minutes.
You get answer from the developer in less than 24 hours, so yes, great support as well.
The extension has a lot of documentation already organized and it's just easy to find and understand what you need.
I used this to: Several commercial sites under my administration. I also used this extension for my personal website.

Toller Support

Posted on 22 September 2019
Großer Funktionsumfang uns sehr leicht zu bedienen. Tolles Produkt für Joomla
Ease of use
Der Support ist großartig. Fragen werden schnell beantwortet. War total begeistert!!
I used this to: SEO Optimierungen unter Joomla. Bei den Webmaster Tools unter Google sieht man sofort den Erfolg
I was able to quickly integrate structured data into my google site.
Ease of use
Quick installation, quick setup. It saved me a lot of time. Just set up a few things and it works very well
I needed to fix one thing. Support was very helpful and quick. Thank you very much for your work.
The documentation is quite extensive and definitely sufficient. It covers all topics.
I used this to: This extensions I used on Joomla Article, Virtuemart, K2. I use it on several pages and it works well.
GSD have a good set of functionality, and some others was added on my request.
Ease of use
The best quality of this software is that it is very simple to use. It doesn't need any experience.
The support is very fast and courteous. It has resolved some warning of Google Search Console for me.
I used this to: I used this plugin for my professional website, for many years, and it is well compatible with other my extensions.
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Google Structured Data

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