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Joomla migration made easy! Grab your old Joomla 1.5 database, click a few buttons and... hey presto! Your new Joomla 3 system is ready to go!

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This is migration unlike anything you've seen before. It actually works - and it saves your old articles as native Joomla 3 articles, complete with all the correct asset table entries, article IDs, categories, access levels, user creator ID... you name it, it's taken care of.

And you use K2? No problem. Your K2 data is all migrated into your Joomla 3 system - just make sure your installed K2 is the latest version prior to upgrade.

Migrate Joomla the better way with Migrate Me.

Just look at all the benefits you get:

Articles migrated!
Categories migrated!
Menus migrated!
Custom HTML modules migrated!
Users migrated!
Banners migrated!
Weblinks migrated!
K2 data migrated!
Extensions data migrated!
Asset table built and integrated!
Links perfectly maintained!
Article & Category IDs maintained!
Can migrate databases up to 2GB!

Migrate Me is fast, efficient, and works perfectly.

It was built to make the Joomla 1.5 migration to Joomla 3.7 as simple as possible. Let me show you just how easy:

How to migrate a Joomla database... the easy way

1) Install Joomla 3.6 or 3.7 on your server
2) Install this component
3) Import your Joomla 1.5 database

Once the database is migrated you'll just need to install a Joomla 3.7 compatible template, and copy over your original images and media folders.

Buy it today

Pick up Migrate Me today and experience it for yourself! In just a few moments you could be enjoying your new Joomla system, complete with all your data intact.

All purchases come with upgrades, support, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Migration is completely guaranteed! Not only do you get a guaranteed migration, you also get dedicated support if you need it for any reason - just get in touch and we'll be here to help.

  • Supports Virtuemart!
  • Supports SH404SEF!
  • Supports Community Builder!
  • Supports Kunena!
  • Supports K2!
  • Supports all other Joomla 3 compatible 3rd party extensions!

Excellent migration tool!

Posted on 31 January 2019
intuitive migration from older versions of Joomla (e.g. 2.5.x) to the actual one
Ease of use
very easy to use
just enough and answering most of the questions one might have
Value for money
worth many hours of work
I used this to: migrating from Joomla 2.5.x to actual version of Joomla
I had to migrate a large 1.5 site and this tool did it with ease and perfection!!!
Ease of use
Very easy to use!
Support is unbelievable. I contacted the Developer, Barnaby, and he responded within minutes. He was AWESOME!!!
Documentation was easy to follow with step by step instructions. Very nice!
Value for money
Well worth the money!!!!
I used this to: I migrated a Joomla 1.5 (very old and very large) site to Joomla 3.8. It worked wonders for me. I was dreading it, but this tool made it so easy and I couldn't be any happier!

Crazy good!

Posted on 17 January 2017
Converted all my joomla 1.5 files. Converted my old joomla website with 155 pages in a few minutes. Crazy good!
Ease of use
Just a few clicks - done
More than spectacular!. super responsive to questions and very hands on.
Value for money
absolutely. This extension is a huge time and money saver
I used this to: This zipped in no time and converted my 155 pages from 1.5 to 3.6.5


Posted on 30 June 2016
It's really good!
Ease of use
Very simple to use.
With some websites I had a problem and I contacted the support. Every time I was helped perfect and very fast. Thanks Barnaby!
Documentation is extensive.
Value for money
This is really worth the money!
I used this to: I used this for my own websites.

Just Do It!

Posted on 21 February 2016
It really works - amazingly well.
Ease of use
If all goes well, and depending on the complexity of your site, it probably will, the process couldn't be easier.
Now, this is where Migrate Me really shines. Barnaby really supports his customers in a way that VERY few other developers do. Thrilled!
I did not consult the documentation, but the process is really easy, so I didn't need to look into it.
Value for money
It is not cheap, but Migrate Me is the BEST. You get what you pay for - a great component with even better support from the developer.
I used this to: I used Migrate Me to upgrade over a dozen sites. Only my most complicated sites gave me any trouble, and the developer backed up his code with first-class service. Couldn't recommend another migration component so long as Migrate Me exists.
Excellent. Does exactly what you expect. Transfers and converts data correctly, log file shows full details at end of process.
Ease of use
Almost too simple - you sort of expect more steps or problems, not just simply import the old database, start it going and done!
Good. Instructions are clear, with various 'how-to's and troubleshooting guide
Value for money
Good. It's not cheap, but because it works, it's saved hours of work, particularly as I have used it to update several sites
I used this to: Update a series of J1.5 websites to J3, with more to go.

Fantastic tool!

Posted on 29 December 2015
Migrate any older version of Joomla to 3.x
Ease of use
Could not be better.
5 stars all the way pre- and post-sales!!
Did not (really) need it
Value for money
It may be one of the more expensive extensions for Joomla but it is so well worth the money and remember it is a one-off not a recurring sub
I used this to: upgrading any joomla site to 3.x
Awesome - this works - it's as simple as that. When I hit a problem due to corrupted 3rd-party extension IDs, Barnaby was there to fix it.
Ease of use
It doesn't get any easier than this. For a Joomla novice or intermediate user, this is really the only sensible way to go. Rock on Barnaby!
Exceptional - I ran into a problem and emailed Barnaby late on Saturday evening. He replied and fixed the non-Migrate Me issue immediately.
Extensive user guide makes the whole process easy to understand and provides great troubleshooting information - couldn't be better.
Value for money
Phenomenal value for money - bought the Gold Package for future upgrades - has saved me weeks of frustration - best money I ever spent.
I used this to: Migrating from my Joomla 2.5.28 website straight to Jooma 3.4. I wish I had known about this extension a few weeks ago. No more loading endless backups after yet another failed attempt! The future is bright, thanks to Barnaby.
I used it to upgrade from J1.5 to J3. Have been wanting to do for quite a few years now but seemed to difficult before.
Ease of use
Very simple and well worth every cent.
Had one glitch - that being my file was way too big. Barnaby was there straight away with support, and my new site is awesome.
Didnt really need documentation it was very simple.
Value for money
Worth every cent. Three years of wanting to upgrade done in a few hours - and most of that time was in upload and
I used this to: Upgrading 1.5 to 3. Fantastic extension Barnaby, it's awesome and so are you!
This extensions functions very well, no errors during installation, and no errors during usage
Ease of use
Just backup your database with his free extension and then select the file in your new Joomla, and select the tables to migrate
this is where the extensions really shines!
well documented
Value for money
Well worth it
I used this to: Ran into a glitch with phoca guestbook migration and the developer went above and beyond to fix it for me. Even afterwards when a non-migration related problem came up, he tried to figure out what was going wrong simply because it happened after using his plugin. Great support!
Migrate Me Plus Migrate Me Plus
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Migrate Me Plus

By Barnaby Dixon
Joomla Migration
READY FOR Joomla 3.x? Get it HERE - painless, stress free, with zero risk of downtime to your live site -- TEST it before you Go Live! MIGRATE TO JOOMLA 3.x IN SECONDS - Get the fastest, best, latest version of Joomla right away with zero downtime, zero stress, zero headaches and the ultimate foolproof, fully supported upgrade method for Joomla! Fully updated to migrate you to the latest version...
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HTML 2 Articles

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Data Import & Export
Have you built a Joomla site? Do you now want to import content to it, but don't want to spend hours and hours copying over all your old pages? Use HTML 2 Articles to import all your HTML page content to Joomla - in just seconds per page. HTML 2 Articles was designed to import HTML pages to Joomla as easily and as painlessly as possible. You can import HTML sites from 1 page to 10,000 pages with...
AutoTube AutoTube
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Social Media
Upload a video in YouTube, and it will automatically create a new article in Joomla! You don't even need to own the YouTube channel - simply point it at any YouTube user channel you like, and it will automatically create a new article with the latest videos embedded. Features: * Instant creation of new articles - direct from YouTube! * Embed your YouTube videos automatically * Adjust...
Kazaam! Kazaam!
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By Barnaby Dixon
Menu Systems
NOW UPDATED FOR Joomla 3.4 - automatic menus creation for Joomla Save 5 minutes every time you or your users create an article or a category, by automatically creating a menu item! Kazaam! is an automatic menu manager. Just plug it in, turn it on and it’ll start working for you. Never spend your time creating a menu item again! Need more details? Here they are. This is a plugin that creates...
StageIt StageIt
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By Barnaby Dixon
Multiple Sites
Welcome to StageIt - the only staging environment extension for Joomla! Have you got a Joomla site, and want to make changes? If so, you'll know that it's a nightmare trying to get it right. What if that new plugin crashes your site, or you want to make lots of changes without your users seeing what's going on until you're ready to launch the new site? And that's why I built StageIt - the only...
Search & Replace for Joomla! Search & Replace for Joomla!
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Search & Replace for Joomla!

By Barnaby Dixon
The original Search & Replace component for Joomla - now updated to work with K2! Got an external link that you need changed in every page? No problem! Just search for it and replace it with the new link. You can search and replace any content in your articles in seconds. Search & Replace for Joomla is used to search & replace content in your Joomla articles. You can search for any word, HTML,...
DataSafe PRO DataSafe PRO

DataSafe PRO

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Site Security
DataSafe Pro is professional database backup. It generates a snapshot of your full Joomla database, which allows you to quickly revert your content, whenever you want. It's ideal for creating a quick backup before you start any changes to your website. And to restore your Joomla database from a backup it's easy. Either select a DataSafe backup stored online, or upload a backup stored on your lo...
NetSukii NetSukii
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By Barnaby Dixon
Mass Content
Do you wish you could get loads of great content - from anywhere on the web? Welcome to NetSukii. We designed NetSukii to grab web content remotely from literally any internet source. Want to start your own news channel? Try the power of NetSukii with your favourite online newspaper. Think it'd be cool to run a reviews site? Point NetSukii at a great reviews site, sit back, and let the content...
SiteClone SiteClone
Paid download


By Barnaby Dixon
Hosting & Servers
Copy your Joomla! site from one server to another. If you have created a local Joomla site, and need to move it to a remote server, you know how long this can take. Let SiteClone copy your system to the new server, just enter your new server details and watch it work....

Migrate Me

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GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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