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Joomla search and filter extension - JA Megafilter is a powerful and flexible search and filtering system for your Joomla site. Supports multiple filter setup for your Joomla site. The Filter Joomla extension supports HikaShop, K2 component, E-Shop, Virtuemart, JoomShopping. J2Store support is coming soon along with a few more.

JA Megafilter - Advanced filter Joomla extension

The intuitive configuration panel helps you manage the filter with ease, you can enable or disable any filter field. JA Megafilter includes base field filters like title, tags, category, price, manufacturer, brand, etc and custom field filters like color or size. For k2 it also supports the author and category fields apart from tags.

Main features of JA MegaFilter:
- One filter to support multiple extensions
- Customized layout and create multiple filters.
- Easy to customize fields for filter
- Base fields and custom fields filter
- Manage or rename filter fields with ease
- Create a filter for specific categories
- Rows, columns settings for product list item

Supports popular Joomla extensions

Joomla filter system support core Joomla custom fields and the following extensions:
- HikaShop component
- Virtuemart component
- E-Shop component
- K2 component
- JoomShopping component
- J2Store component
- Mijoshop component
- DOCman Component

**Release Changelog: **

Version 1.2.2
- Bug fixes

Version 1.2.1
- Fix wrong cron url
- Fix js error when the filter bar is hidden
- Change support renders class to variables from the template.
- Change way exception message
- Check cookie for null
- Remove css conflict with t4
- Use file get contents if curl doesn't work
- root uri of cron url doesn't change when bringing site from dev domain to live domain
- Fix conflict loading style with ja megastore

Version 1.2.0
- Update language
- Handle result from proxy export
- Require cron url for using megafilter
- Got error message when limit user's permission
- Implement proxy export
- Fix missing gumlet/image resize class
- Improve page load time when filter page has too many items ( >= 3k )
- Fix missing message after index
- Add options button
- J2Store/Eshop/Mijoshop/Hikashop: Can't show discount price
- Use proxy to index data

Version 1.1.9
- Support ACL for mega filter
- Support for the number range type
- Support placeholder value by field title
- Generate thumbnail for better performance
- Virtuemart: Showing discounted/actual price from the product listing
- Support for size type.
- Got CSS error on Toolbar
- J2Store: Show currency symbol on the filter page
- Menu: missing language

Version 1.1.8
- Joomla Custom Fields: Support filter full text
- Can't load module when the page is not JA Megafilter menu
- Fix issue VM Model not found when creating new filed in Mega filter

Version 1.1.7
- Ordering HikaShop Categories in the filter bar
- Support multi-select list
- Update Counter for Parent Category
- The ordering "Number ASC/DESC" in Filter Config doesn't work well
- Hikashop - Com-content: support Order for Category filter field options
- Com_content: Improvement show Image of Full or Intro
- Auto-generate Virtuemart product thumbnail when exporting mega filter
- Only show currently Publish fields in Filter Config
- Support to show the item in the filter which has Access Level
- Add more option for indexing
- Add the option to Exclude SubCategories (Child Categories)
- Filter doesn't show on IE
- Hikashop: Fix still showing products with an empty category
- Hikashop: fix for Discount price
- Megafilter: Remove navigation when having none result
- Expired articles
- Chosen select: Can't type to Select for sub-element
- MultiSelect: counter doesn't update after change filter value

Version 1.1.6
- Show Joomla custom fields in Results
- Support to show the item in the filter which has Access Level
- Docman: File type doesn't show the right icon
- Not show right doc following Permission Guest
- Docman: Login as Editor, can't see docs have permission Editor
- Docman: set permission is Publisher, doc still see when not login

Version 1.1.5
- Add option to set Grid or List as the default view
- Support to search with accented characters
- Custom Fields and Introtext are now linked after update
- Filter with color or Image type: doesn't display correctly
- Fix order not save on Filter bar
- Fix bug filter layout management
- Security problem of the Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) type

Version 1.1.4
- Support Joomla URL custom fields
- The setting for Order of Filter Options
- Features Requested: option for ordering fields in the backend
- Shorten the long list of fields in the filter with 'Show more' link
- Filter Option: no need option Order by Name for Feature
- Support to show document description in DocMan
- K2: Filter config: Show Extra field with Groupname
- Joomshopping: Display error after Index
- Hikashop: Missing Category option

Version 1.1.3
- Virtuemart: Support to show Base price & Description on Filter Page
- Features Requested: support filters of J2Store component
- Com_content: Add filter by Feature
- New feature request: currency conversion
- Improvement: add class to div product to show ordering by what field
- Wrong Ordering Bug when Sorting by a Date Field for Dates before 2000
- Language error on Megafilter page
- Empty value always goes on bottom
- 404 error for download links for listing when DOCman extension is assigned
- Style issue in List view
- Meta description in menu item of megafilter doesn't work
- The issue with add to cart feature in Hikashop 3.4

Version 1.1.2
- Fulti-select option lists are far too long and spoil the page.
- Not show images in Virtuemart filter
- Virtuemart item's image didn't show in layout
- Error when using with JA Admin template
- Virtuemart items URLs are not correct
- Support 'Range' field type for filtering Joomla custom fields
- Jshopping: Error when get extra field value type Multi
- Problem with style in Safari browser
- Hikashop: Problem with multilingual site

As with every other Joomlart extension I've ever tried, this looks good on paper but fails to hold up. It has broken my site multiple times
Ease of use
Looks good on paper, ha ha. Apparently, I need to write 64 characters here.
Developers are very slow to fix bugs. I've never had so much trouble with any other developer's extensions.
Documentation is not the issue. Apparently, I also need to write 64 characters here.
Value for money
Every time I have bought a Joomlart extension, I've said this will be the last one. But I mean it this time. Don't buy this. Just... don't
I used this to: Throwing my money away, causing migraines, keeping other developers employed fixing my site when it breaks because of this extension.

Very Good for Article Filter

Posted on 17 September 2020
Little hard for new comer to setup but documentation and support very help
Ease of use
Easy to use once it setup everything is auto to fetch new data. The filter options works very well with ajax
full 5 start to support , Pankaj helped a lot for fast reply and usefull tips .............
Good documentation, for new comer little more effort to set up. a video doc also helpful in some case
Value for money
Value for money, using it for k2 and Joomla articles with ultimate small subscription of extension its very good
I used this to: using it on my blog website to filter the Joomla articles and K2
It is missing so many things to be versatile filter. It can not handle good large indexing due to lack of controls and settings.
Ease of use
Yes it is easy. I like how sorting of filters are done in setup. Do not like that I do not have ability to remove horizontal sorting widget.
Support is ok but what can they do when ext. needs alot of improvements
Not so good. Improve it a little bit and do not let users have to learn everything so to speak.
Value for money
No it does not have good usability for money given. If not improved well I do not see great usability at the moment
I used this to: J2store Pro filter options, but since it can not index products for example in batch-es to avoid server time-outs it is not that great.
Owner's reply: Hi
Sorry to hear about the issue, i request you to post the issue on our official support forum and our tech support team will help you out if there is any issue related to product.

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JA Megafilter

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May 06 2021
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Feb 25 2020
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