Generator Tag, MetaData, Content Optimization, Site Management, SEO & Metadata

Sitewide Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Powerful and modern SEO Joomla component that allows for the maintenance of any kind of metadata on any part of websites, with a plethora of options.

Essential Features
- Compatible with Joomla 6, 5, 4, 3.
- Unlimited Sites / Domains.
- Ready for initial installation or upgrade.
- Extended Security.
- Written with MVC software design pattern and OOP.
- Full ACL and permissions system.
- Extensions-independent, it can be used sitewide.
- Auto-clear cache on save.
- Easy to use interface.
- Dark Mode (Joomla 6/5).
- Offline Mode.
- Extended UTF-8 support.
- Multilingual Support.
- Translated to Greek.
- Translatable through Joomla.
- Email Support.

- Secure Live Updates.

- Documentation (App & Online).

- Google Scholar - Highwire Press metadata integration.
- Unlimited number of Standard Sets, Highwire Press, Twitter Cards, Open Graph, Canonical, Hreflang or Custom Elements/Attributes anywhere on the site.
- Dynamic or Static content for metadata with plethora of options.
- Items can be sorted in categories with their own ACL Permissions and options.
- URI Versioning Options.
- Customize item lists on any part of the Backend UI.
- Item Ordering.
- Every item has its own Publishing options.
- Language Codes Configuration.
- Page Titles & Site Name Separator editing with a variety of options on both HTML and RSS/ATOM Feeds.
- Joomla Generator and Generator URI editing on HTML pages, RSS and ATOM Feeds.
- Joomla Content Rights meta element editing.

- Standard Sets.
- Highwire Press.
- Twitter Cards.
- Open Graph.
- Canonical.
- Hreflang.
- Custom Elements.
- Custom Attributes.

Custom Element Presets
- Name (HTML5).
- Property (RDFa).
- Itemprop.
- Name & Property.

Dynamic Detection
- Dynamic detection of Intro and Full Image from articles as well as Alt Text for dynamic use in Twitter Cards and Open Graph elements.
- Dynamic scan of multiple images for Open Graph from Media Joomla Custom Fields, Directory or multiple paths.
- Dynamic detection of the MIME Type, Width and Height of images and addition of the appropriate meta elements.

- Hreflang elements for language and regional URLs support multiple domains without multilingual setup requirements.

Standard Sets
- Title.
- Description.
- Keywords.
- Robots.
- Author.
- Rights.
- Generator.
- Viewport.
- Charset.
- Title Separator.
- Homepage Title.
- Homepage Title (Feeds).
- Offline Title.

Highwire Press
- Title.
- Inbook Title.
- Publisher.
- Language.
- Keywords.
- Author.
- Springer API URL.
- Abstract HTML URL.
- Full Text HTML URL.
- Date.
- Publication Date.
- Online Date.
- Journal Title.
- Journal Abbrev.
- Conference Title.
- Conference Series ID.
- Conference Sequence Number.
- Conference Abbrev.
- Volume.
- Issue.
- First Page.
- Last Page.
- Dissertation Institution.
- Technical Report Institution.
- Technical Report Number.
- DOI.

Open Graph
- Site Name.
- Title.
- Description.
- URL.
- Type.
- Locale.
- Image.
- Determiner.
- Facebook App ID.
- Facebook Admins.

Twitter Cards
- Card.
- Title.
- Description.
- Twitter Username.
- Twitter ID.
- Twitter Creator Username.
- Twitter Creator ID.
- Image.
- Player.
- iFrame Absolute HTTPS URL.
- iFrame Width.
- iFrame Height.
- App.
- iPhone Name.
- iPhone ID.
- iPhone URL.
- iPhone Country.
- iPad Name.
- iPad ID.
- iPad URL.
- Google Play Name.
- Google Play ID.
- Google Play URL.

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Our Joomla 5 Demo site uses Eorisis Metadata.

The extension was absolutely not useful for our needs that we were able to fulfill with native Joomla functionalities.
Ease of use
The component is not particularly easy to be used compared to other Joomla extensions.
Value for money
We did not find any value in this extension and, for this reason, we immediately asked for a refund that they refused to grant us.
I used this to: We tried to use to fix some hreflang Joomla issues, but the extension was absolute of no use for us.

perfect metadata tool

Posted on 25 July 2018
it does what it's supposed to
Ease of use
at the start it takes a little time with all the functions.
George gives fast and high quality support!
The documentation is good and complete, but some induction time is needed for the tool.
Value for money
it's worth the money
I used this to: I use it for my community page.
Owner's reply: Thanks very much for this review, I appreciate it a lot. I am glad I can help to all your questions and feature requests. Lots more to come soon.

My best wishes to your projects.

Great extension !

Posted on 10 March 2018
Look no further, it's one of the best extensions to manage different metadata, and the only one that can integrate the Dublin Core
Ease of use
I had no problem using this extension, and yet I am not a simple user.
When I needed support I got my answers the next day. For me, the response time is essential.
I can't say for the documentation I didn't need it. Everything is clear and easy to use.
Value for money
Very honestly I have no problem with the price. I don't see how I could do so well without this extension.
I used this to: his extension is used in two cultural content publication sites.
Owner's reply: BdN,

Thanks very much for your review, it means a lot to me, I am very very happy you are satisfied with the component. As always, if you ever notice anything, contact me directly. There will be an update soon, and I am waiting for the Joomla 4 development to move forward so I can test it there as well, because right now it is not yet possible for components to be tested on J4.

Have a great time, best wishes,
Highly functional even at this early stage of its development with highly customisable options for open graph Dublin core, ref and html5
Ease of use
Lovely. Simply lovely. Looks and feels natural within the evolving joomla design paradigm. Doesn’t flaunt the power under the hood
Couldn’t be better. I’m writing this review based on a release George peorduced for me I. Th Em oddly of an upgrade to his own site
Good but somewhat sparse. I think more will be appearing as the plugin develops
Value for money
Very very good
I used this to: Customising OG tags on menu items articles and many other items
Owner's reply: Ian,

I am very glad to see you response here and read your words, I am very glad you are happy with it. I will try to make the documentation as simple as possible, this is a complicated software and everything that comes with it is complicated too but I will do my best. As things are moving forward there will be many changes and new features to the component which will also try to make things as easy for the admin/webmaster.

Have a great time and success,
eorisis: DCMI
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eorisis: DCMI

By eorisis
SEO & Metadata
Eorisis DCMI brings all the Dublin Core set of metadata elements to websites. DCMI metadata tags are HTML5 valid and are used for Search Engine Optimization, semantic tagging and more. Compatibility Joomla Compatibility: 5.x, 4.x, 3.x PHP Compatibility: 8.x, 7.x Base Features - Compatible with Joomla 5, 4, 3. - Unlimited Sites / Domains. - Ready for initial installation or upgrade. - Extended Se...
eorisis: Verification
Paid download

eorisis: Verification

By eorisis
SEO & Metadata
Site Ownership Verification. Powerful and modern Joomla component that allows for the maintenance of any number of service verification metadata, on any part of websites, with special options for Google, Bing, Yandex, Facebook, Pinterest, Norton Safeweb and WOT (Web of Trust). Compatibility Joomla Compatibility: 6.x, 5.x, 4.x, 3.x PHP Compatibility: 8.x, 7.x Base Features - Compatible with Jooml...
Eorisis Analytics
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Eorisis Analytics

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GA4 / Google Tag & Google Tag Manager, Google Consent Mode v2 / GDPR Compliant. Google Analytics 4 & GTM Integration for Joomla. Measure your website traffic and optimize for success. Essential Features - Compatible with Joomla 6, 5, 4, 3. - Cloudflare Compatible. - Unlimited Sites / Domains. - Ready for initial installation or upgrade. - Extended Security. - Written with MVC software design patt...
Eorisis Elements

Eorisis Elements

By eorisis
Sitewide JavaScript and StyleSheet Management. Empower every Joomla page. Manage, fix, enhance, and personalize scripts and styles with jQuery/Bootstrap integration. Free Edition Features - jQuery Libraries CDN support (Cloudflare, Google, jQuery) - jQuery Migrate Plugins CDN support (Cloudflare, jQuery) - jQuery UI Libraries CDN support (Cloudflare, Google, jQuery) - Bootstrap Libraries CDN supp...
Eorisis Consent

Eorisis Consent

By eorisis
Cookie Control
Cookie Consent Banner Management & GDPR Compliance. Simplify website user consent. Build trust and comply with regulations. Easy customization for a smooth user experience. Free Edition Features - Preset or Custom Titles and Text - Custom Links with Options - Button Options and Text - Essential Cookies Options, Title and Text - Analytics Options, Title and Text - Advertising Options, Title and Te...
eorisis: Billboard
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eorisis: Billboard

By eorisis
News Display
Responsive, HTML5, CSS3. Billboard is a responsive module that displays billboards on websites, with custom sizes, backgrounds and logos, titles, descriptions, buttons and more. Compatibility Joomla Compatibility: 6.x, 5.x, 4.x, 3.x PHP Compatibility: 8.x, 7.x Base Features - Compatible with Joomla 6, 5, 4, 3. - Unlimited Sites / Domains. - Ready for initial installation or upgrade. - Extended S...
Eorisis Pixels

Eorisis Pixels

By eorisis
Audience Measurements for Meta/Facebook Advertising. Joomla Meta Pixel Integration: Measure, optimize, and build audiences for GDPR-compliant ad campaigns. Free Edition Features - Easy Setup - No Pixel code needed - Option to respect the DNT (Do Not Track) setting of the visitor - Independent Sitewide Use - Unlimited Sites / Domains - Email Support - Advanced User Permissions (ACL) - Auto Clear C...
Eorisis Maps

Eorisis Maps

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Maps & Locations
Easily add beautiful, interactive Google Maps to your Joomla website. Google Maps Integration. Free Open Source Extension for Joomla. Free Edition Features - Google Maps JavaScript API v3 Compatible (Latest Async) - Latitude/Longitude Options - Marker with Custom Title - Map Zoom Option - Map Width/Height Options - Independent Sitewide Use - Unlimited Sites / Domains - Email Support - Advanced Us...

eorisis: Metadata

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Jul 15 2024
2 days ago
Date added:
May 30 2017
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
c p
J3 J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System


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