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Disqus Comments (for Joomla) integrates the popular Disqus comments system & service into any Joomla! based website. Disqus (pronounced 'discuss') is a service and tool for web comments and discussions - currently the most popular comments-as-a-service provider worldwide. It makes commenting easier and more interactive, while connecting websites and commenters across a thriving discussion community.

In short, the most important features of the service are realtime comments, inline media embedding, mobile commenting, social integration with Twitter, Facebook & other services and great moderation & anti-spam tools.

You can learn more about all Disqus features at:

Signup for a free account at:


Web comments can be difficult for both websites and their readers. We think Disqus is the solution. Disqus makes it easier for people to comment and track their contributions on a single profile which they can display as a comment blog. After all, there is no difference between a great comment and a great published article.

Disqus makes managing discussions on one or multiple websites painless. With a powerful and intuitive admin interface, Disqus allows website owners to spend time elsewhere while Disqus takes care of the comments.

Key benefits for Websites, Publishers, Bloggers
* Threaded comments and comment ratings
* Powerful moderation and admin tools
* Filter out spam, trolls, and unwanted commenters
* Enable your visitors to become a real community
* Moderation by email or mobile
* More comments and increased engagement
* Connected with a large discussion community
* Increased exposure and readership

Key benefits for Commenters, Readers
* Track and manage comments and replies
* Verified commenter reputations across sites
* More control over your own comments on websites
* Never lose your comments, even if the website goes away
* Build a global profile, or comment blog, to collect and show off what you're saying
* Easier to comment on websites using Disqus
* Reply to comments through email or mobile
* Edit and republish comments with one click


  • Options for comments counter/anchor link for listing and article pages
  • Choose to integrate Disqus comments in specific categories and/or menu items
  • Neutral design for easy integration on any template design. Use CSS for total design control:
  • Fully MVC skinnable. Just copy the /plugins/content/jw_disqus/tmpl folder (in Joomla! 1.5) or /plugins/content/jw_disqus/jw_disqus/tmpl (in Joomla! 2.5+) inside your Joomla! template's /html folder, rename to /html/jw_disqus and start tweaking the HTML and CSS!
  • Option for testing Disqus comments plugin locally before going live.


Disqus Comments (for Joomla) is compatible with Joomla versions 1.5, 2.5 & 3.x on servers running PHP versions 5, 7 and 8.

A version for Joomla 4 will also be released soon.


Disqus Comments (for Joomla) is a Joomla plugin developed by JoomlaWorks, released under the GNU General Public License.


Posted on 08 April 2018
Normal. Se configura y el plugin (el formulario de comentarios) se muestra.
Ease of use
No es muy difícil.
Fatal. No se pueden publicar temas en el foro de soporte.
Solo el foro es el medio de comunicación
I used this to: Comentarios en algunos artículos de mi sitio web.

difficult commenting

Posted on 13 February 2018
It is secure
Ease of use
It is not easy to use at all. First you have to sign in or sign up else you can not comment and that's not what I want for my websites.
I used this to: community website
Error After install this extension:
Joomla! 3.8.3 Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$slug jw_disqus.php line 185
Ease of use
Very easy!
Only forum
For end user isn't needed, for developers, all JoomlaWorks products needs more documentation.
I used this to: Personal and commercial websites.
All installed easy and works.
Ease of use
Simple to configure.
I used this to: As soon as i enable the content plugin, a bunch of suspicious referring links are loaded into my site, see screen:
Check page example:
The functions you need all are there.
Ease of use
I just installed it in 1' only. Perfect and Easy to use.
I know that team from other components and they really rock.
No needed.
I used this to: My news website at
Plugin install and provide feedback on the site are displayed.
Ease of use
But the component in the admin site does not work - when I try to open it shows the error 404 :(

Almost perfect

Posted on 26 December 2014
JoomlaWorks Disqus plug-in would be great but in mobile version of site there is no option "write as guest".
Ease of use
very easy
I used this to: it is very simple
It only took me 3 :-)

Seriously 15 years ago I was still programming away like mad, even today if I put my thinking cap on I can turn out a bit of code but the reality is that I have a day job and much of the advances made over the last few years have left me behind. Heck - why else would I be using an "off the shelf website" when I used to design and build my own - usually on Editpad! I feel well qualified therefore to give a non-geek review of this extension - it works and it's functional within seconds of uploading - only one setting *has* to be altered and there are only 3 other optional ones. It integrated very well and I'm keeping it. I had been building a bridge for "Discus" (different spelling - differrent software) but why bother ... "Discus" takes a week's worth of customising and life's to short.

Bottom line the DISQUS plug in works like a dream and if it's the sort of discussion/comment feature you're looking for don't waste time looking for anything better because I doubt it's out there

Great plugin, works very well.

Posted on 08 September 2014
I disagree with all negative comments for this plugin, it works way too well.

I urge any and everyone who is providing feedback to try all the corners and make sure you don't miss on anything before writing any negative comments.

This plugin has worked really well and is one of he best way to integrate the commenting system in your Joomla system.

Thumbs Up

Posted on 15 August 2014
Disqus was easy to install and hook up with the parent site.

Two Thumbs Up and stars all across for this enhancement to the core blog capabilities of Joomla!


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