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Free Joomla page builder is what you’ve been looking for? Download SP Page Builder for FREE! This is the powerful, feature-rich and super fast drag and drop visual page composer for Joomla. This free Joomla page builder lets you visually create a fully responsive and mobile-ready website in minutes. The frontend (also backend) tool shows changes instantly without refreshing the page. It empowers anyone to launch their Joomla site from scratch in the shortest possible time. Download free Joomla page builder now and enjoy a modern design system that enables you to take the full control of your site design without coding a single line.

Free Joomla Page Builder Features

SP Page Builder sports tons of incredible features that will make it the easiest ever to build a website. Find the perfect SP Page Builder templates to create the best websites. The free Joomla page builder is hugely versatile and utmost user-friendly. You will love the extension for sure. Let’s see some of the core features of SP Page Builder free.

100% Responsive & Mobile Optimized Pages

Everything you build with this free Joomla page builder becomes 100% responsive and perfectly mobile-ready. That means you don’t need any additional coding or configuration to launch a modern responsive Joomla site. This is clearly one of the best Joomla Page builder features to boost efficiency.

Simple to Complex Row-Column Structure

SP Page Builder free offers you a world of ultimate freedom. You can create anything between a simple to a complex row-column structure conveniently. The free Joomla page builder lets you insert unlimited number of columns, rows, nested rows, addons, and contents.

Copy/Paste/Clone Page Elements (Pro)

The Joomla page builder has an interesting functionality of element re-usability. That means, with this free Joomla page builder, you can copy/paste/clone existing rows, columns and addons to re-use them and save time. SP Page Builder allows you to clone an element in just a single mouse-click. Free download Joomla page builder today, and you can upgrade to Pro later.

Enable/Disable Rows, Columns or Addons (Pro)

SP Page Builder gets a brand new feature which you can use to enable or disable rows/columns/addons. This lets you show/hide individual page elements from the frontend while still keeping them intact on the backend. The enable/disable feature of this Page Builder offers a great opportunity to the A/B testers and busy developers. Free download Joomla page builder now, and you can upgrade to Pro later.

Unlimited Undo and Redo (Pro)

SP Page Builder offers the maximum extent of freedom while building a website. Make changes to your designs as much as you wish. If a change does not seem right, just undo the change. Similarly, you can also redo a change in no time. The Page Builder is much flexible and user-friendly. Download free Joomla page builder now, you can upgrade to Pro later.

Powerful Media Manager

While building a website, it requires to upload and insert a number of images. The free Joomla page builder has an advanced media manager to handle these activities smoothly. The Media Manager in this free Joomla page builder supports images, videos, document files, and archives. Enjoy the power of the best Joomla page builder core feature for free!

Free Pre-designed Layouts (Pro)

SP Page Builder offers a collection of free pre-designed page layouts that you can utilize to create a functional website very fast. We will keep providing more and more new ready-to-use page layouts in the Page Builder in the future. Download our free Joomla page builder now, you can upgrade to Pro later.

Export/Import Pages (Pro)

The SP Page Builder enables you to export or import any page edited/managed using the tool. This feature is very helpful for those who create large websites with repeated page layouts. The page export/import feature can also be used for website/page backup/restore purposes as well. You can download free Joomla page builder now and upgrade to Pro later.

Add Custom CSS

Download free Joomla page builder made by JoomShaper which empowers users to build a complete site without any coding. But if you feel that a page needs some manual design tweak, you can still get it by adding custom CSS. This free page builder for Joomla is really flexible.

Make Joomla Articles More Professional (Pro)

SP Page Builder 2 brings a major feature for blogs and content-based sites. The Joomla page builder now supports native Joomla articles, which enables you to edit and beautify Joomla articles with the visual drag-and-drop system to make them more professional looking. You have the option to download this free Joomla page builder at any time and upgrade to Pro later.

Access Control List (ACL) Support

Our free Joomla page builder offers Access Control List (ACL) support which can be used to control a page/element’s visibility. You can show/hide a specific page or an addon from a predefined group of users using ACL. Download free Joomla page builder made by JoomShaper to utilize all these goodies.

Compatible with JCE, K2, J2Store, etc. (Pro)

SP Page Builder 2 extends the tool’s compatibility to a huge extent. The Page Builder’s latest version has K2 support for a prettier blogging experience, JCE support for a different style editor support besides TinyMCE editor. J2Store support is also available to increase your e-commerce conversion rate by making your product listings more attractive. Are you using free Joomla page builder? Upgrade to Pro now!

Facebook Open Graph Data

SP Page Builder free provides an option to add open graph data for the pages managed by the tool. Open graph data in this free Joomla page builder is very important for a social shareable web page because it defines the Facebook share title, description, thumbnail image, etc. You can download free Joomla page builder to enjoy this best Joomla Page builder option.


Version 3.7.10

New: PHP 8 support
New: MySQL 8 support
New: Joomla 4 beta compatibility
Fix: Joomla 4 menu selection issue fixed

Version 3.7.7

New: WebP & PDF formats are now visible in the browse view
New: Ability to use WebP images without server-side dependency
Update: Added version number to the CSS and JS files to get rid of the browser cache issue after updating to a new version
Fix: Column option tooltip issue

Version 3.7.5

New: Joomla 4 compatibility
New: Database maintenance script
New: Redesigned admin interface
New: Page export & import (lite version)
Update: Optimized visual editor performance
Update: Frontend visual editor UX
Update: Faster activation and deactivation of integrations
Fix: All known bugs

Free Joomla page builder by JoomShaper v3.6.7 | 30 Dec 2019

FIX: Buttons get empty space in frontend editor issue.

Free Joomla page builder by JoomShaper v3.6.6 | 27 Dec 2019

NEW: FontAwesome 5 added.
UPDATE: Font Awesome added to the Module page (pro).
FIX: Module Title font family issue.
FIX: Contact Form and Form Builder addon email not sending issue (pro).
FIX: Contact Form and Form Builder addon not working in accordion and tab issue (pro).
FIX: Accordion addon does not auto-scroll issue fixed (pro).

Free Joomla page builder by JoomShaper v3.6.5 | 06 Dec 2019

NEW: Introduced the Testimonial Carousel addon (Pro).
NEW: URL insertion to Image Carousel items (Pro).
NEW: 5 Testimonial Carousel blocks in readymade block collection (Pro).
FIX: Media folder path naming issue in Global Configuration.
FIX: Undefined inner title issue on the Clients addon (Pro).

Free Joomla page builder by JoomShaper v3.6.0

NEW: Interactive 3D Tilt animation added for all addons
NEW: Layout Bundle modal redesigned
NEW: Heading selector div, p, span tag option added in Text Block addon
NEW: Negative letter-spacing option added for Title in Text Block addon
NEW: Drop-cap front size option added in Text Block addon
NEW: Open in new window option added for Title/Image/Icon in Feature Box addon
NEW: Mute option added in Video addon
NEW: FontAwesome (icons) accessibility improved in all addons
NEW: Interactive animation added to all addons (pro).
NEW: Position option added to all addon (pro).
NEW: Button wrapper custom class added to Form Builder addon (pro).
UPDATE: Share issue fixed and share count option removed from Social Share addon (pro).
UPDATE: Button’s text dependency removed for changing button background color in Opt-in Form addon (pro).
FIX: Image not loading from external URL in Divider addon
FIX: Font-family issue in Testimonial addon
FIX: Icon border issue in Feature Box addon
FIX: Tab addons - Select field empty site break issue
FIX: Empty span tag issue in Tab addon
FIX: Input type select height issue in Form Builder addon (pro).
FIX: Input label text font-size responsiveness in Form Builder addon (pro).
FIX: From e-mail not working issue in Form Builder addon (pro).
FIX: Required field validation in Contact Form addon (pro).
FIX: Header duplicate in responsive mode issue in Table addon (pro).
FIX: Image not loading from external URL issue in Divider addon (pro).
FIX: Email sending issue in Contact Form addon (pro).
FIX: Google Font console.log error (pro).

Free Joomla page builder by JoomShaper v3.4.2

NEW: Column ordering option added for mobile view (pro).
NEW: Purge CSS option added to Production Mode.
UPDATE: Joomla native search improved for SP Page Builder article contents (pro).
UPDATE: Section ID description text improved.
UPDATE: router.php update for improving SEO URL.
UPDATE: UX improved for column generation preview; Comma (,) changed to Plus (+) sign.
FIX: Smart Search issue fixed and improved search functionality (pro).
FIX: Page Builder module inner row CSS missing issue fixed (pro).
FIX: SP Page Builder edited article CSS missing issue fixed (pro).
FIX: Parallax effect edge gap issue fixed (pro).
FIX: Media Manager “BROWSE FOLDERS” file delete issue fixed.
FIX: Media Manager folder with space issue fixed.
FIX: Column front-end edit settings saving issue fixed.
FIX: Client addon’s no image error generation issue fixed (pro).
FIX: Modal addon’s frontend edit icon CSS issue fixed (pro).
FIX: Accordion addon’s frontend view title CSS missing issue fixed.
FIX: Articles addon’s button text transform issue fixed (pro).
FIX: Carousel Pro addon’s frontend edit content font weight issue fixed (pro).
FIX: Row background video W3C issue fixed.
FIX: Heading addon’s Text Transform not working issue fixed (pro).

Free Joomla page builder by JoomShaper v3.4.0

New: Major redesign in the builder system.
New: Production Mode added for compiling addon CSS to a single file.
New: Divider addon vertical divider option added.
New: Divider addon alignment & width option added.
New: Client static rating option added to the Testimonial addon.
New: Testimonials addon link target option added.
New: Testimonials addon name, avatar, designation placement options (top/bottom) added.
New: Accordion addon custom option added.
New: Button addon icon margin option added.
New: Feature Box addon hover effect option added.
New: Image addon title padding option added.
New: Tab addon typography style added and UX improved.
New: Border option added inside link type of Button addon.
New: Icon addon link target option added.
Update: Google Fonts updated with all the new fonts.
Update: Video addon suggested or related video On/Off option removed.
Update: Default margin value of all addons set from (0 0 30px 0) to (0px 0px 30px 0px).
Fix: Feature addon undefined variable issue fixed.
Fix: Access Control List (ACL) issue.
Fix: Divider addon margin issue fixed.
Fix: Carousel addon undefined variable issue fixed.
Fix: Carousel addon not autoplay in frontend editor issue fixed.

Free Joomla page builder by JoomShaper v3.2.8

FIX: Video addon conflict with existing template issue fixed.
FIX: Article Scroller addon ordering and category issue fixed (Pro).

SP Page Builder free version 3.2.6

The fixes and improvements that we brought to SP Page Builder pro are given below. If preferred, go with the free Joomla page builder. Or upgrade to Pro now for advanced features!

FIX: Parallax system reverted to original (Pro).
FIX: Frontend editing break issue fixed (Pro).
NEW: Warning message alert where no addon folder is detected (Pro).

Free Joomla page builder by JoomShaper v3.2.4

The fixes and improvements that we brought to this free Joomla page builder along with its pro version are given below. This free Joomla page builder download includes other known bug-fixes as well.

FIX: Row drag and Drop padding feature added (pro).
FIX: Inline editor issue fixed (pro).
FIX: Media Manager image or media item's title issue fixed.

Free page builder for Joomla by JoomShaper v3.2.3

The fixes and improvements that we brought to this free Joomla page builder are given below.

FIX: Frontend media manager uploading issue fixed
FIX: Frontend left sidebar text editing issue fixed.
FIX: Email sending issue fixed in contact form addon.

Free Joomla page builder by JoomShaper v3.2.2

The fixes and improvements that we brought to this free Joomla page builder along with its pro version are given below. This Joomla page builder free download version includes other known issue fixes as well. If comfortable go with free Joomla page builder. Or upgrade to Pro now!

NEW: Inline Editing ability added (pro).
NEW: Added Twitter Card (pro).
NEW: Added Facebook app ID option (pro).
NEW: Added Phone Field in contact form addon (pro).
FIX: Pricing addon: "Price Font Size" responsive not working in front-end edit issue fixed (pro).
FIX: Carousel pro addon: Responsive image and video issue fixed (pro).
FIX: Opt-In form addon: if Button custom is enabled and font size empty then "Send Button" is empty on front-end issue fixed (pro).
FIX: Button addon: button padding responsive not working issue fixed.
FIX: Image Content addon: Button Style Not working issue fixed (pro).
FIX: Opt-In form addon: Description text preview code and margin issue fixed (pro).
FIX: Image content addon: Color and font family issue fixed. (pro)
FIX: Tab addon: Icon color not working issue fixed.
FIX: Carousel & Carousel pro addon: stdClass undefined notice issue fixed.
FIX: Browser Chrome v67 no background image in row(s) issue

Free Joomla page builder by JoomShaper v3.2.1

FIX: Font family missing issue fixed in the preview.

Free Joomla page builder by JoomShaper v3.2.0

The fixes and improvements that we brought to this free Joomla page builder along with its pro version are given below. This Joomla page builder free download version includes other under-the-hood enhancements as well. Highest number of features ever added to a free Joomla page builder. Get it now!

FIX: Critical security bug fixed
NEW: Responsiveness for Gallery addon
NEW: New features added and improved responsiveness of Feature Box addon (Free and Pro)
NEW: Icon styling features added to Tab addon (Free and Pro)
NEW: Icon styling and image positioning feature added to Testimonial Pro addon
NEW: Search content on Joomla article built with SP Page Builder
NEW: Open graph feature enable/disable option added to SP Page Builder
NEW: Page front view performance improvement (Free and Pro)
NEW: Improved the Joomla content integration plugin
FIX: Carousel Pro addon autoplay issue
FIX: SP Page Builder page search on multilingual sites
FIX: Image Content addon empty button and responsiveness issues
FIX: Instagram Gallery addon tips bug issue
FIX: Tab addon PHP notice issue
FIX: Opt-in Form addon button outline and font-size issues
FIX: css.php undefined stdClass issue
FIX: Audio issue of Vimeo videos on section background
FIX: Carousel addon undefined stdClass issue
FIX: Duplicate FadeInDown animation issue
FIX: Empty prompt box upon column deletion issue
FIX: Feature addon content alignment issue (Free and Pro)
FIX: Testimonial addon text-alignment issue
FIX: Testimonial pro addon image radius and custom class issues
FIX: Modal addon image alt issue
FIX: Icon addon custom class issue
FIX: JCE editor same text preview issue
FIX: PHP error notice fixed from the system plugin
FIX: Undo-redo functioning improved
FIX: 404 error in frontend edit preview for multilingual site issue
FIX: Falang compatibility improvement
FIX: Apache non-default port issue fixed for URL

Free Joomla page builder by JoomShaper v3.1

The fixes and improvements that we brought to this free Joomla page builder are given below. User-friendliness improved for the free Joomla page builder download. This free Joomla page builder download includes other known bug-fixes as well.

NEW: Gradient background for rows, columns, and addons
NEW: Save addons as presets in the library
NEW: Resizable sidebar
NEW: Link List addon
NEW: Custom CSS field for addons
NEW: Re-designed background effect bar
FIX: Extra checkbox field for Contact Form addon
FIX: Improved box shadow in input UX
FIX: Margin, border and border-radius options for columns
FIX: The negative value for Heading addon letter spacing
FIX: Link field now supports attachments for Heading and Image addons
FIX: Text transformation and shadow for Heading addon
FIX: Margin and padding value split conflict with old data
FIX: Addon default value init in Article
FIX: OG image issue
FIX: JCE editor link prettify issue
FIX: Image content empty button text issue
FIX: Backend settings drop-down menu overflow issue
FIX: Link color for Feature addon issue
FIX: Google maps not showing in articles with integration enabled

Free Joomla page builder by JoomShaper v3.0

The fixes, improvements, and new features that we brought to this free Joomla page builder along with its pro version are given below.

NEW: 100% live editing experience
NEW: 90+ pre-built sections (pro)
NEW: Save Sections in the library for reusing later (pro)
NEW: Shape Divider with 10+ shapes (pro)
NEW: Element copy-paste feature now available in the front-end editor (pro)
NEW: Google Fonts support (pro)
NEW: Device-wise responsive options
NEW: New font styles
NEW: Border radius for Image addon
NEW: Use addons in accordions and tabs
FIX: Re-engineered media manager
FIX: Image addon title position issue fixed
FIX: Pricing addon updated (pro)
FIX: Columns are now flexboxes
FIX: Improved UI & UX
FIX: Faster and improved drag and drop system
FIX: Improved Parallax (pro)
FIX: All addons improved and updated
FIX: Padding, margin options system renovated
Removed Addons: Blockquote, Call to Action, Drop Cap (Now you can use drop cap with Text Block addon), Facebook Like, Facebook Likebox, Google Plus Button, Twitter Share.
Download Joomla page builder free now!

Free Joomla page builder by JoomShaper v2.0

The fixes and improvements that we brought to this free Joomla page builder along with its pro version are given below. If comfortable go with free Joomla page builder. Or upgrade to Pro now!

FIX: Visual Site Building with Frontend Editor (pro)
FIX: Lightning Fast
FIX: Unlimited Undo/Redo Changes
FIX: New Media Manager
FIX: Page Builder Module (pro)
FIX: Enhance Joomla Articles with Page Builder (pro)
FIX: J2Store and K2 Support (pro)
FIX: JCE Editor Support (pro)
FIX: Pre-designed Page Layouts and templates (pro)
FIX: Device Specific Responsive Controls
FIX: Enable/Disable Page Elements (pro)
FIX: Better Row/Column Management
FIX: Copy, Paste, Delete & Duplicate Everything (pro)
FIX: Access Control List Support (pro)
FIX: Countdown Addon (pro)
FIX: Social Share Addon (pro)
FIX: Heading Addon (pro)
FIX: Attach Files to Buttons
FIX: Central Google Maps API Configuration
FIX: All Possible Layouts

Free Joomla page composer by JoomShaper v1.0.1

The fixes and improvements that we brought to this free Joomla page builder are given below.

FIX: Seven completely new built-in templates, such as: About Us, Corporate page, Pricing table or Our team.
FIX: Text input bug for repeatable items.
FIX: We also added missing language strings.

Free Joomla page composer by JoomShaper RC1

FIX: Save as copy option.
FIX: Multilingual support.
FIX: Open Graph support.

Free Joomla page builder by JoomShaper BETA
NEW: Initial Release




You can open an issue on Github ( ) to report bugs, fix or others. No forum support for this extension or free download. Please don't open any customization support issue.

I'm really new using this tool but definitely is a total plus count with this amazing tool to design Joomla web pages in a visual way!
Ease of use
It's very straightforward and intuitive. As any tool it needs practice and time to discover all that it offers!
I use the forum to get support and until now the answering time has been very good, of course this a very good thing feeling supported!
I think there is a lot of room to improve, for example more videos to explain in deep its features
I used this to: Building Joomla Web Pages taking advantage of its animation functionality, it's really amazing!

I am impressed!

Posted on 03 December 2021
Its a game changer. I started building websites 20 years ago. By hand, in notepad.
Ease of use
Very much easy to use, Just make sure your read the Requirements to configure your server correctly. Mod Security is important.
The support is Stellar ! Thank you Toufiq, Paul F. and Rashida R.
Well Documented, just make sure you take the time to read it before install
I used this to: Business, building websites in my web design and hosting business.
Jag andvänder Pagebuilder nu till flera sidor, ett Profesionellt tilläg till Joomla där du enkelt redigerar hemsidan.
Ease of use
Tar en liten stund å bekanta sig med men sen vill du bara ha Pagebulider
supporten är riktigt bra de svarar så fort de kan, inga frågor är för dumma.
I used this to: Hemsida med J2store webshop som funkar väldigt bra ihop. Andvänder pb till flera hemsidor.

Really like this Page Builder

Posted on 01 December 2021
I have been using SP Page Builder for about 3 years now, and it has really helped me design better looking web sites in less time.
Ease of use
Overall the component is easy to use and has very good documentation.
Anytime I've had a problem they have been very quick to get back to me - support is great!
I used this to: Building great looking responsive websites! It is the best page builder i have ever used!

I love it!

Posted on 29 November 2021
Much functions, rapidly growing function library. I use this builder now since more than 3 years. there is no better alternative for joomla
Ease of use
You will need few hours to get in but not impossible, specially if you check the youtube videos.
Very quick support. Via Forum / Chat. Asked already few times for help. Always had someone who helped me out of different situations
Joomshaper give us many useful documentation articles and blogs.
I used this to: As a developer for my webprojects. My customers are more than satistfied.

This is A must for Joomla

Posted on 25 November 2021
literally unlimited functions and all you need really to build any sort of website. I use SP page builder since almost 5 years for everythin
Ease of use
very easy to use no complicated setup, install and you are good to go
superb support.. they answer quickly and sufficiently and they don't get bored of you
well documented on their website, also you will find all sort of solutions for your need on their forum as well as many tutorials and vedios
I used this to: developing various websites and in particular the field of Emergency Response
The range of functions is really interesting and there are many templates.
Ease of use
As always, you have to spend a little time with a tool. But you quickly learn how to use it.
If I get stuck, I write to the support team, who reply within a very short time and point out solutions.
The documentation is online and is constantly updated. It is clear and well structured
I used this to: I create all company websites with SP Pagebuilder and the Helix Ultimate Framework.
The shaper_helixultimate Framework and SP Page Builder are enabling user to access the navigation main menu on mobile iPod Touch cell phone.
Ease of use
By just a click at the top right portion of their cellphones, visitors of my site are able to view the dropdown of the navigation main menu.
Response for technical supports for shaper_helisultimate and SP Page Builder is available within 24 hours after filling up its contact forms
To get information in the algorithm of their product, users can just go over their documentations online and video tutorials which are handy
I used this to: I use these products as framework and component for my website that will enable visitors go over my news website. Thus, increasing traffic of my readers and online viewers who are trying to gain useful information, I give shaper_helix ultimate and SP Page Builder excellent rating
Fast variety of Pre made styles, Lyouts and so called Pre-made Blocks.
Ease of use
To be honest, ervery "big" component takes time to get familar with. Here there is no difference.
Usually I got (qualified) answer within 24h, which is good. I can't complain.
I used this to: All my current Joomla projects. As it helps me to setup a site quite fast.
SP Page Builder allows to design any kind of pages easily and quickly, thanks ot all its style options and its really useful preview option.
Ease of use
It's easy to use and set up. It can take a bit of time because of the numerous options
The support is good. There's quite often small bugs introduced in updates, but the support reacts quickly and fixes the bug asap
I can't say a lot about it, as I didn't need to read it to use SP Page Builder.
I used this to: I use it quite often, (also on J4 websites). It allows me to customize easily the design of the sites I'm building. It's a great tool for small to medium websites. It can be used for all or only part of a site.
SP Tweet

SP Tweet

By JoomShaper
Social Display
Best twitter feed display module for Joomla 2.5 and 3.1 with three layout options and animation. Version 2.3.1 Animation bug fixed Updated twitter api v1.1 Version 2.3.0 * Removed mootools dependency from joomla 3...
SP Image Gallery

SP Image Gallery

By JoomShaper
SP Image Gallery is a powerful and lightweight Image Gallery Module for Joomla 3.0, 2.5 and 1.5. It shows thumbnail view of all images of a directory and click on them will show full size in lightbox. Its create thumbnail automatically which ensures fast loading of your site. The gallery itself is very flexible and easily customizable and offers a great alternative to flash-based solutions. Vers...
SP Simple Portfolio

SP Simple Portfolio

By JoomShaper
SP Simple Portfolio extension is a free Joomla! 3.x component designed to create media (image or video) portfolio functionality into your CMS website. Allows designers, artists, photographers to create, manage and publish a very modern and outstanding filterable portfolio. Present your best work to customers and new clients in an attractive, professional and responsive way. It’s very easy and...
SP Easy Image Gallery

SP Easy Image Gallery

By JoomShaper
Introducing SP Easy Image Gallery a Joomla extension for stunning image gallery showcasing in your websites with easiest of functionalities. Dedicated album creation, image adding and a whole lot other systems of SP Easy Image Gallery will give you a glitch free experiences of beautiful image display. SP Easy Image Gallery serves you with lots of in-house options like customization of thumbnails,...
SP Movie Database
Paid download

SP Movie Database

By JoomShaper
Build your own movie review website similar to popular IMDb, Rolling Stone, MetaCritic or Rotten Tomatoes. Using multipurpose SP Movie Database extension you can even go one step further, database for cinema movies, television programs, animations, games, video advertising, audiobooks or other entertainment areas - in less than few minutes. Now all this is possible. You can create and manage onlin...

SP Page Builder

Last updated:
Oct 22 2021
1 month ago
Date added:
Dec 17 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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