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Toggle Bootstrap lets you easily toggle between different versions of Bootstrap. It also lets your disable Joomla's MooTools Core and/or More scripts. This is a very useful plugin for everybody, especially web developers creating their custom template for a particular website.

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Currently, Joomla core uses Bootstrap version 2.3.2. Toggle Bootstrap lets you choose to load Bootstrap version 3.3.7 or 4.0.0-alpha.6 instead.

The great thing about Toggle Bootstrap is it does not simply remove Joomla's Bootstrap and load the new Bootstrap version. What it does is check if Bootstrap is already loaded on the page, then replace it with the different version in the exact same position so it does not mess up your script and stylesheet initialization. If Bootstrap is not called or loaded on the page, then the plugin does nothing and not load additional resource files that are unneeded.

Plugin settings:
- Source: Choose to call the files locally or from the official Bootstrap CDN.
- Javascript Version: Choose to load the javascript from Joomla core's BS 2.3.2, the newest stable 3.3.7, or 4.0.0-alpha.6
- CSS Version: Choose to load the javascript from Joomla core's BS 2.3.2, the newest stable 3.3.7, or 4.0.0-alpha.6
- Load Core Bootstrap CSS: If enabled, Toggle Bootstrap will insert the new Bootstrap CSS instead of replacing the one from Joomla. This is useful if you have other parts of your website designed for Bootstrap 2.3.2.
- Force New Bootstrap CSS: Some templates removes and replace Joomla's Bootstrap CSS. In this case, Toggle Bootstrap will not be able to detect whether Bootstrap is loaded. Enabling this option will force load the new new Bootstrap CSS no matter what.
- Toggle Admin Backend: Select whether you wish to toggle Bootstrap in the backend as well.
- Only Toggle Bootstrap On: You can add a list of components' option that you want to limit toggling on. Eg "comcontent" means Bootstrap toggling will happen only on comcontent pages
- Exclude Toggle Bootstrap On: You can add a list of components' option that you want to exclude toggling on. Eg "comcontent" means Bootstrap toggling will happen everywhere but comcontent pages

  • Disable Mootools Core: Choose whether to disable the MooTools Core script. When enabled, the More script will also be disabled.
  • Disable Mootools More: Choose whether to disable the MooTools More script.
  • Only Disable MooTools On: You can add a list of components' option that you want to limit disabling on. Eg "comcontent" means MooTools will be disabled only on comcontent pages
  • Exclude Disable MooTools On: You can add a list of components' option that you want to exclude disabling on. Eg "comcontent" means MooTools will be disabled everywhere but comcontent pages
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Toogle Boostrap

Mike Feng
Last updated:
May 14 2017
Date added:
Apr 25 2017
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System