Google Structured Data Markup Google Structured Data Markup

Google Structured Data Markup

By Tassos Marinos
Web Search
Structured Data and Rich Snippets extension which improves your site SEO and enhances the appearance of your website in Google Search results. Google Structured Data Markup is an SEO Joomla extension that allows digital marketers to adopt Google Structured Data and Rich Snippets - Cards without requiring them to be an expert in the language or writing code. Take control of your Google...
My Testimonials My Testimonials
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My Testimonials

By JoomUnited
Testimonials & Suggestions
My Testimonials is Joomla extensions that allows you to get clients testimonials and display them the way you want. It's fully integrated with Google Rich Snippet. Add clients feedback or get their testimonial from your website frontend/backend, then display your score and review in Google search results. My testimonials got integration with the Google Company Rich Snippet, review and testimonial...
Snippets Snippets


By Regular Labs
Coding & Scripts Integration
Snippets - make content placeholders. With Snippets you can make reusable snippets (pieces of text/content) and include them into your content via a tag, like: {snippet my-first-snippet} If you edit the article (or module or wherever you put the tag), you will still see the tag. But on frontend view you will see the content of the snippet instead. You can use this to insert much used content...
Diginix Testimonial Diginix Testimonial
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Diginix Testimonial

By Diginix Technologies
Testimonials & Suggestions
Diginix Testimonial is a Google Rich Snippet Review extension for Joomla (Rich Snippet Reviews) which displays Star Ratings Review with structured markup (Microdata) in Google search results for Testimonials that have a review system, such as the star rating (1 to 5 stars) and the name of reviewer(s). Diginix Testimonial is compatible with Google Rich Snippets. It automatically marks up your “s...
Rich Snippets Vote Rich Snippets Vote

Rich Snippets Vote

By Alin Marcu
Ratings & Reviews
Rich Snippets Vote plugin for Joomla! Google can display rich snippets in search results for articles or products that have a review system compatible with Google Structured Data. Rich Snippets Vote is a plugin for Joomla! which adds structured data support (using standard) for Joomla Voting System and K2 extension. This plugin is compatible with any other voting plugin based on Jooml...
MicroBread MicroBread


By Michael Richey
SEO & Metadata
Fine tune your SERP with Microdata Rich Snippet data in your breadcrumbs. Others have tried, and had moderate success. MicroBread delivers rich snippet data per the Microdata guidelines. This module replaces the existing breadcrumbs module. All functionality remains intact, with one additional layout file included for maximum Bootstrap compatibility. Your breadcrumbs will supercharge your SER...
Item rating Item rating
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Item rating

By JoomUnited
Ratings & Reviews
Item rating is a powerful review and rating system for Joomla and K2. The extension has a flexibility in review and rating you've ever had before. You can add unlimited rating group with unlimited criteria inside. Each criteria can be a different voting tool like percent bar, star, icons or thumb up/down. Then you get a global score and you can write a review. All the vote and review can be done...
Diginix Pay 2 Download Diginix Pay 2 Download
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Diginix Pay 2 Download

By Diginix Technologies
Paid Downloads
Diginix Pay2Download is a Joomla Extension for Digital Download for 2Checkout and Paypal - Diginix Pay2Download an ecommerce solution and payment system for digital goods based on PayPal PDT (Payment Data Transfer method) and 2Checkout. Diginix Pay2Download helps you to sell your digital goods easily and help you to deliver your digital product to your customers with secure and automatically. With...
TinyMce Bootstrap for Joomla TinyMce Bootstrap for Joomla

TinyMce Bootstrap for Joomla

By migli
Editor Buttons
TinyMce Bootstrap plugin for Joomla Light - Bootstrap toolbar for Joomla Rich Text Editor. Bootstrap toolbar gives access to Visual Editors to create and edit any Bootstrap Element : Template, Button, Icon, Alert, Nav, Navbar, Carousel, Table, Pager, Pagination, Label, ... TinyMce Bootstrap plugin for Joomla includes a Snippet tool, in which you can create, store and recall any snippet code. T...
Rich Snippets for VirtueMart Rich Snippets for VirtueMart

Rich Snippets for VirtueMart

VirtueMart extensions
This plugin makes your website more visible to Google. It inserts Rich Snippets into VirtueMart product detail page. The Rich Snippets info about a product will be displayed under the link on Google Search Result page and it will help Google get more information about your website. Key Benefit: You will draw your customers by providing more information then the competition and therefore you will...
JomDirectory JomDirectory
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By Comdev
Building your own business directory site is now easy and quick! Increase user experience of your business directory website with the most versatile extension that smoothly integrates with Joomla. Full Description Building your own business directory site is now easy and quick! Increase user experience of your business directory website with the most versatile extension that smoothly integrates...


By DART Creations
Coding & Scripts Integration
Mod HTML allows you to add any Joomla HTML snippet or JavaScript code to your Joomla Website via a module. There are unlimited uses of Mod HTML since of course there are not limits on what you HTML you can add to your Joomla modules. Amongst other things you can use the module to achieve the following results: - mod HTML allows you to add any Joomla html or javascript to your modules without hav...
Social Buttons for Sobipro Social Buttons for Sobipro
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Social Buttons for Sobipro

By Nordmograph
SobiPro Extensions
This application integrates Facebook like, Google PlusOne, Linkedin and Twitter buttons on Sobipro Details page. It integrates every options provided by the respective brands and also Social Graph & +Snippet data. You can specify your Sobipro entries image field and descrption field (note: If you have more than one section, make sure each section use the same image field name for image and same fo...
InviteX InviteX
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By Techjoomla
Bookmark & Recommend
The most comprehensive Invitations system for Joomla with OAuth Contact Import, automated intelligent invites, rich invite content, tracking, points integration, reminders and much much more !! InviteX was written with a very clear goal in mind - Help site administrators increase their site visitors and members using Viral Invitations. We can easily say that InviteX, a Techjoomla extension is the...
JomHoliday JomHoliday
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By Comdev
Booking & Reservations
Are you looking to create a booking site that is sophisticated yet simple? Be it a hotel trying to beat the competition with its innovative booking site, a travel agent with a flexible booking system to cater to various holiday destination or a full-fledged website in the likes of or airbnb, what you need is a flexible booking system that lets you customize as per your personal taste....
JomEvents JomEvents
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By Comdev
JomEvent offers an event management system which provides design and seamless integration with your current Joomla deployment. Look no further: JomEvents is a one-stop-shop for your events website implementation. Full Description JomEvent offers an event management system with delightful design and seamless integration with your current Joomla installation. Responsive and mobile-friendly design e...
JomOffers JomOffers
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By Comdev
If you are looking for a way to build an auction or reverse auction site, JomOffers will help you to achieve that in a fast and easy way. Full Description If you are looking to create an auction or reverse auction website where users can create auctions listings and receive multiple offers, look no further. Creating auction sites, be it traditional auctions or reverse auctions, JomOffers can provi...
HDVideoShare HDVideoShare
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By Apptha
Multimedia Players
Create your own Joomla based video sharing website in quick time. Allow users to share, upload and import videos. Publicize your brand by displaying logo on the video player and monetize through ads. HD Video Share is a readymade video sharing module that helps in creating a Joomla video gallery website with options to share, upload and import videos. Apart from the administrator user can add con...