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Akeeba Backup Core is the most widely used open-source backup component for the Joomla! CMS. Its mission is simple: create a site backup that can be restored on any Joomla!-capable server, making it ideal not only for backups but also for site transfers or even deploying sites to your clients' servers. Akeeba Backup creates a full backup of your site in a single archive. The archive contains all the files, a database snapshot and an installer similar in function to the standard Joomla! installer. The backup and restore process is AJAX powered to avoid server timeouts, even with huge sites. Alternatively, you can make a backup of only your database, or only your files. Akeeba Backup is the reliable, easy to use, open source backup solution for your Joomla! site.

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Akeeba Backup has won six J.O.S.C.A.R. awards at J and Beyond. Download it for free to find out why!

Joomla! 3.4 and later, PHP 5.4 and later (including PHP 7). We have older versions for Joomla! 1.5 to 3.3 and older PHP versions on our site.


  • The Configuration Wizard configures itself for optimal operation with your site, automatically.
  • The fastest and most reliable native PHP backup engine.
  • One click backup.
  • Integrated restoration for same server restoration.
  • Site transfer wizard. Transfer your site between servers fast and easily.
  • Restore with Akeeba Kickstart (free of charge script): restore extracting the backup directly on the server; no need to upload thousands of files by FTP!
  • Choose between standard ZIP or highly efficient JPA archive format.
  • Exclude specific files, folders.
  • Exclude specific database tables or their contents.
  • Unattended backup mode (CRON job scheduling), fully compatible with
  • Archives can be restored on any host. Useful for transferring your site between subdomains/hosts or even to/from your local testing server (e.g. XAMPP, WAMPServer, MAMP, etc).

and much, much more!

Note: The Akeeba Backup Core component is free of charge, its support is not. We can't tell you what you need to get support because of JED censorship, but you can find out about it on our site. In any case, Akeeba Backup's documentation, video tutorials, troubleshooting wizard and reading the public tickets is free of charge.


works amazingly fine!

Posted on 22 January 2007
i would recommend it! If you want to change server just follow the following (i did for Joomla 1.0.11):

1. Download this tool

2. Install it; installation process is pretty simple and there is no problem

3. Go to Component > JoomlaPack and then press 'create backup' button after viewing Basic configuration took only a minute and half to complete the whole process for my 500+ page site and everything was shown on screen.

4. there is built-in option to download the backup file but i was not able to get it from there but you can always download files from servers via any ftp software!

5. After uploading file to new location, unzip it.

6. Once unzipped, open the index in browser and install the Joomla as you had done for the first time!

7. I had used the same password as previous and then obviously you have to remove the installation folder!


Highly recommended tool!

It hangs on backup

Posted on 22 January 2007
I tried to install it on a Joomla 1.0.8 and it starts well then it hangs at around 80% of completion. A .gz file is generated but it is corrupt. I am using that has timeout scripts (30 secs on PHP). Could it be this the problem? Thanks. Luca

review Joomla!Pack

Posted on 19 January 2007
Hi all,

I installed the Joomla!Pack backup component effortlessly on my Joomla 1.0.11 installation.

I ran a backup and reupped the file and unpacked it to a different server and to my utter surprise the whole thing worked !

Awesome Backuptool !


Peter Lunk

Most excellent!

Posted on 11 January 2007
Excellent so far... I installed it on Joomla 1.0.12 and haven't actually performed a re-install, but I was just looking for a simple solution for a backup.

Just make sure you have the disk space... :-P My first attempt hung up about a third of the way through. I e-mailed Nicholas and he promptly responded with possible solutions and tips. Great CS!

The only improvement I could suggest at this point is to update it for 1.0.12.

Thanks Nicholas!!!


Posted on 09 January 2007
The start is there, now put in more features.

I'm using BigAPE backup now and the option to select which folders should be included in the backup is very usefull.

Also a page where you can manage your packed files would be an improvement.

Currently it is to basic, but keep up the good work.

Time out

Posted on 08 January 2007
I tested this on 1.0.12 and it backed up everything perfectly,however when I tried to install the backup on a different domain it consistently timed out.Cant seem to find any FAQS or documents for this,It will be a really good addition to Joomla when the bugs are sorted, I hope the dev can sort this soon.
I tested it on a local 1.0.11 installation, uploaded it on a remote server, untarred using SSH, and it just worked :)

Two things:

1. After the installation process, delete configuration.php (+ the intallation-folder, of course) before trying to access the site.

2.Use the same login-details as before! At the end of the installation-process, it gives you the loginname and password for administration you typed on the page before (as in a standard installation). If you decide to use an all new password, it's not gonna work; the old one from ther earlier installation is still active. That's actually great! Except that you shouldn't trust the screen if you just typed a new one ;)



Posted on 08 January 2007
How long have I been waiting for a solid component like this? A LONG TIME! Finally, a strong component for backing up files AND the database...

Would be nice...

- If there were options to backup the database and files individually or together.

- was able to be kicked off by a crontab

Thanks to the developer for this long overdue component!

Works well so far...

Posted on 07 January 2007
I had been looking for a good backup utility so I decided to try this on a test site. It installed easily, had a good interface and the first backup went smoothly with good visual feedback as to how it was progressing. It looks to do what it says on the box without any issues. Keep in mind that I reserve final judgment until I am able to a test restore of the backup. But so far it looks great. Thanks a lot Nicholas!

Joomla! Pack (com_jpack)

Posted on 07 January 2007
It looked good, but when i've tried it a few times it always hanged for a unlimited time. The idea is nice but it didn't work. Perhaps because it seems to use J!1.0.11 installer while the latest is 1.0.12
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Akeeba Backup

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