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Joomla! has a long history of being the perfect CMS (Content Management System). in previous versions (1.x / 2.5), although maturing, the Content (articles) generation and displaying lacked Blog functionality. There are different requirements in having a Blog then in having an article.

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Time to leverage your Joomla! CMS into a fully fledged Blog platform!

ochBlog comes with a brand new ochImage fields plugin. This builds upon the new Joomla 3.7 fields component. It enables to upload and crop images. Usage of this plugin is not limited to ochBlog (avatar) but because it is build on standard Joomla functionality can also be used in other components / articles!

Adding ochBlog functionality to your Joomla! CMS gives you (and your bloggers) the following benefits:

  • seamlessly 'convert' Articles into Blogs: configure which Joomla! categories (include / exclude) hold your Blog articles.
  • Full Front-end Blogmanagement: Give your bloggers a searchable overview of all the blogs (they have access-rights to) including a create new button! Everything they need in one overview!
  • Differentiate between regular bloggers and pro-bloggers: Configure which bloggers (via Joomla! user group membership) should have 'pro-blogger' functionality: their avatar and name are linked to a professional Authorprofile page showcasing all their expertise. This gives you the possibility to e.g. differentiate between normal and paying bloggers.
  • Integrated Avatar support: currently supports avatars from ochBlog (via Joomla! custom user field > upload and crop images), Kunena, Easy-Profile, Gravatar, CJblog (1.x and 2.x)
  • Integrated About text support: currently supports author about text from ochBlog (via Joomla! custom user field), Kunena (about / signature), Easy-Profile (any field), Gravatar, CJblog (1.x and 2.x)
  • Integrated Follow Me support: via a new Custom User Field plugin your author can add hte following Follow Me links: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, Tumbl, Snapchat, Reddit, Flickr, Medium, SoundCloud, Skype, Vimeo, Github, SlideShare, Blogger, StumbleUpon,, VK
  • Integrated Authorprofile page support: Use the ochBlog build in Authorprofile page or use the Kunena, Easy-Profile, Gravatar, CJblog (1.x and 2.x) profile pages
  • Dynamic Article info: Add your bloggers avatar, Social Sharing buttons, Article info (dates, category, reading time, etc), badges for the article based on article hits, article hits, etc. to your article. Fully configurable!
  • Credits information: Give proper credits to coauthors, photographer, etc. above or below the article text, customizable via Joomla! Custom Article Fields!
  • Dynamic Article Author info: Add your bloggers avatar, Social Sharing buttons, Author badges (based on number of articles written, unlimited number of badges can be configured), Author about text is displayed for 'pro-bloggers' with a dynamic [read full profile] button when length of the text is above configured parameter
  • Dynamic Author badges: Automatically add Author badges based on number of blogs (quantitative) or on influence score (qualitative): unlimited number of badges can be configured and assigned
  • Content Construction: use values from Kunena user profile, Joomla! User profile, Easy-Profile and Joomla! 3.7.x custom User fields to dynamically replace variables with their values.
  • Build-in Authors overview page: giving you an overview of all authors based on their group membership and sortable (name, id, number of blogs, random).
  • Build-in Authorprofile page: giving you the basic functionality: background image, avatar, bio (fully configurable with Content Construction), about text and Social Sharing functionality. It also holds two module positions so you can extend the Authorprofile page with (any number) of Joomla! modules!
  • RSS feed on Authorprofile page: give your Authors the possibility to integrate their blogs easily on their own platform via a RSS feed of all their articles. Or let visitors subcribe to that feed creating even more engaged visitors.
  • Increase Blogger commitment with Notification system: Automatically notify the Blog author when the blog reaches a configured number of hits. Unlimited hit limits can be configured and the email message works with Content Construction so the message can be customized to suit your bloggers need.
  • Article list module: Sharing the code base of Joomla's own 'Articles - Category' module this module adds avatar, author and Authorprofile page functionality to the already fully packed functionality!
  • Articles list view: The 'swiss-army-knive' when it comes to displaying your authors articles in a list!
  • Canonical URL: Set on a per article base the canonical URL via Joomla! Custom Article (URL) field. No more SEO penalties for duplicate content on your articles!
  • and more to come....

"Thanks for the recent updates and additions to what's easily making ochBlog (in my opinion) the best, the most feature rich and certainly my favourite Joomla Content Construction Kit (CCK)." - Daclina

Separate plugins can be downloaded as part of the subscription:

  • ochOpenGraph > Time to take control again over how your content looks on Social Media Platforms!
  • ochFitvids > Responsive videos
  • ochJSsocials > the fastest and most configurable Social Media sharing tool for Joomla!

Coming soon (under development):

  • Integration EasySocial, Community Builder (for Avatar, About text and Content Construction)

New in version 1.0.0

- Component + plugin:
    Improved: namespacing improvements
    Improved: added new ochhelper class
    Improved: plugin configuration via Joomla! build in modals
    Improved: list layouts minor pagination changes to facilitate Infinite Scrolling
New in version 0.4.2
- Component + plugin:
    New: added [apply] button on plugin modal (for Joomla 3.8.3+) in Control Panel
    ochFollowMe: refactor och-icon pack implementation
    ochFollowMe: added mailto:, tel: and icons
    Improved: show default avatar when avatar for user is deleted
    Improved: force loading required jQuery framework before readmore and sharedby script
New in version 0.4.1
- Component + plugin:
    New: option to hide the leading image / article images in the articlelist view (available via float setting: hide)
    New: Blogmanagement view now has icon next to title to show article
    New: Configured categories can now be set to be included or excluded
    New: Include / exclude tags on articleslist view
    Improvement: Articlelist view different handling of image sizing and cropping
    Improvement: also replace user fields in article context (with article author values)
New in version 0.4.0
- Component + plugin:
    New: Articleslist overview > display your articles in an overview the way you like!
    Improvement: Article Reading time not always calculated correct
- Module:
    New: you can now display the article image in the module (Intro image, Fulltext image, First Text image, Custom Article image field)
    New: you can set the position of the article image: none (=above), left, right
    New: you can now configure the category to be linked or not
    New: you can now configure to show the parent category
    New: you can now configure the parent category to be linked or not
    New: you can select whether to link the avatar to the authorprofile or not
    New: you can select whether to link the authorname to the authorprofile or not
New in version 0.3.1
- Component + plugin:
    Improvement: Shared By not always working when displaying cached blog
    Improvement: Shared By userid obfuscation code refactured
New in version 0.3.0
- Component + plugin:
    New: Component settings for views: Authorprofile, Authorsoverview and Blogmanagement are now set as Global settings and can be overwritten in view's menu entries
    New: Add background image to Author profile
    New: Added alert to Cpanel when required plugins are not enabled
    New: Implement Shared By functionality in combination with ochJSsocials
    New: Added credit box (top and bottom article)
    New: Added {if}...{endif} logic to Content Construction
    Improvement: Plugin configuration in CPanel via modal (on Joomla 3.8+)
    Improvement: Removed ochBlog content and system plugin from CPanel as they had no configuration options
    Improvement: Code improvement of install / update scripts for plugin(s)
    Improvement: Changed CPanel css: hover effect on images (clear (back-end) cache to enable
    Improvement: Fixed wrong parameter parsing in triggering content plugins for authorprofile view
New in version 0.2.2
- Component + plugin:
    New: add follow me functionality via new Joomla Custom field > ochFollowMe
    Improvement: Full stack implementation of content plugin support on authorprofile and authoroverview pages
    Improvement: Replaced deprecated Joomla methods (preparing for Joomla 4.0)
    Improvement: css improvements for authorinfo (below blog) and authorprofile page on mobile devices
- Plugin fields ochImage:
    Improvement: Updated slim script and css in ochImage to version v4.14.3
    Improvement: Fixed custom image location in plg_fields_ochimage not correctly used
    Improvement: Fixed image could be edited when access to field was revoked
- NEW: Plugin fields ochFollowMe

New in version 0.2.1

- Component:
    New: Syndication (RSS / Atom) feed of all Author articles on Author profile view
    Improvement: Meta description tag for Author Profile page is now set to About text for that author
    Improvement: changed ochBlog router to force lowercase in Author profile url

New in version 0.2.0

- Component + plugin:
    New: Authors overview view: a highly customizable overview of all your (active) bloggers
    New: new author badge > based on influencer score.
    New: select pagination format for list views (blogmanagement, authors overview)
    New: Enable toggle for showing / hiding author avatar in article info
    New: implement thumbnail avatar (component / module / plugin) for optimizing small avatars
    Improvement: fixed [Add new article] button in Blogmanagement view not working in some templates
- Plugin fields ochImage:
    Improvement: fixed php notification (on php 7.0.22) when creating thumbnail in ochImage field plugin
- Module:
    New: implement new thumbnail feature for author images

New in version 0.1.2

- Component + plugin:
    Improvement: (legacy) browser support for readmore gradient (article and author profile view)
    Improvement: improved code for reading custom field values
    New: ochblog system plugin: handles notifications even on websites with caching tuned on
- Plugin fields ochImage:
- Module:

New in version 0.1.1

- Component + plugin:
    Improvement: fixed config error when EasyProfile not installed
    New: Added option reading time to article info
    New: Added Blogmanagement (front-end) view
    New: Added Canonical functionality (via Custom (URL) Article field)
- Plugin fields ochImage:
    Improvement: improved remove image function
- Module:
    Improvement: small code improvements

New in version 0.1.0

- Hello World!
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