e-Commerce, Donations, Payment Gateway

Joom Donation is leading donation extension for Joomla. It allows you to collect donors information and get donation(one-time and recurring) from them through over 40 online payment gateways such as Paypal,, Stripe, Mollie, PayU, Square etc.

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If you need a donation solution for your site, look no further. Main features:
✔ Support both one-time and recurring donation

✔ Unlimited Donation Campaigns Supported
★ This feature is optional. You don't need to use it if you only want to have simple donation form.
★ You can set GOAL, START DATE, END DATE and description for each campaign.
★ You can track how much money each campaign has received.
★ There is also nice thermometer to show the progress of each campaign
★ Each campaign can have it own pre-defined amounts
★ Each campaign can have it own Paypal account
★ For each campaign, you can set the donation type which it accepts: One-time, recurring or Both (default is Both)

✔ Flexible Custom fields on Donation Form
★ Integrate Joomla account registration (optional)
★ Show/hide, change ordering any fields on donation form
★ You can change, translate the message and the title of the fields on donation form to meet your need.
★ Create custom fields (Text, Textarea, Radio, Dropdown, Checkboxes list, Datetime....) to collect more information of donors if needed
★ Each campaign can has it's own set of custom fields
★ Allow donors to donate by choosing from one of pre-defined amounts or enter any donation amount they want.
★ Allow anonymous donation.
★ Allow donors to choose the currency they want for their donation

✔ Multilingual support: If your site is a multilingual website, you can translate campaigns, donation form fields, email messages... to all languages use on your site

✔ Nice, Clean, Responsive Layout based on twitter bootstrap

✔ Powerful Emails Notification System
★ Notification Emails sent to administrator when someone make a donation (the emails which receives notification is configurable, multiple emails is possible - seperated by comma)
★ Confirmation Emails sent to users when he completes donation
★ All email messages can be configurable from back-end of Joom Donation.

✔ Support 40+ payment gateways
★The most popular payment gateways: Paypal,, Offline payment plugins come with the extension by default.
★Other payment gateways such as 2Checkout, SIM (Server integration method) ,Google Checkout, First Data, iDEAL Mollie, Stripe, PayU Latam .etc are released as separate payment plugins. See Payment Plugins tab to see list of available payment plugins. See supported payment plugins here:
★Using Omnipay payment library.
★If you need a payment plugin which is not supported, you can contact us and we will give you quotation for the development.

✔ Embed Donation form (of a campaign) into Joomla article

✔ Export Donors into CSV file

✔ Built-in translation tool

✔ Integration with Joomla core Profile, Community Builder, EasySocial, Easy Profile and Jomsocial

✔ Captcha & SSL integration

✔ Multiple modules: Donation module, Campaigns module, Thermometer module, Donors list module (Latest donors, Top Donors, Random donors)

✔ Other features
★ Donation History page which display donation history of a donors
★ Donors page which display list of donors (from selected campaigns, in the order selected by admin)
★ Other Third party extensions integration: CC Newsletter, AcyMailing
★ CB plugin which display donation history of the user in his Community Builder Profile
★ Jomsocial plugin which display donation history of the user in his Jomsocial Profile

Released notes

Joom Donation - Version 5.6.15- Released on February 2020
- Add option to show module JD Campaigns in grid layout
- Add option to make the Campaign is private (no public)
- Improve Simple Donation layout in showing custom fields based on specific campaigns

Joom Donation - Version 5.6.14- Released on January 2020
- Fix issue on running Joomla content plugin in Campaign description

Joom Donation - Version 5.6.13- Released on November 2019
- Add Meta Keyword, Meta Description and Browser Page title for campaign
- Improve Donation module (mod_jdonation)

Joom Donation - Version 5.6.12 - Released on November 2019
- Fix Currency issue before processing donation
- Processing Joomla Content plugins in Campaign description (in Donation layout)

Joom Donation - Version 5.6.11 - Released on October 2019
- Add option to convert/not convert currencies before processing donation
- Add Custom Donation url configure option which redirecting donor after making donation.

Joom Donation - Version 5.6.10 - Released on October 2019
- Add JD Offline credit card payment plugin

Joom Donation - Version 5.6.9 - Released on October 2019
- Fix Google reCaptcha Visible issue

Joom Donation - Version 5.6.8 - Released on October 2019
- Compatible with Joomla4 Alpha
- Remove Joomla deprecated functions
- Add option to remove unpaid donation records
- Improve some payment plugins: JD Stripe Checkout, JD Securepay
- Alter some DB columns

Joom Donation - Version 5.6.7 - Released on August 2019
- Add ACYM plugin

Joom Donation - Version 5.6.6 - Released on June 2019
- Add Campaign Search module
- Add option to allow only administrator to export donors at frontend side
- Add option to show/hide brackets in pre-defined donation amount explanation
- Fix issue on Custom field: State
- Fix issue on Grid layout of Campaigns list

Joom Donation - Version 5.6.5 - Released on May 2019
- Add option to show/hide campaign details in Campaign donation page
- Add option for multiple languages for PDF receipt
- Improve Sef router of component
- Add German language package
- Fix duplicate campaigns when adding new campaign from frontend

Joom Donation - Version 5.6.4 - Released on April 2019
- Add option to hide campaign details for each campaign
- Add option for multiple languages for PDF receipt content

Joom Donation - Version 5.6.3 - Released on March 2019
- Add Resend Email button in Donors list (Backend) to allow administrator to send donation confirmation emails to donors manually
- Add Donors export function at Donors list (Frontend side)
- Adjust Toolbar buttons in Joom Donation Configuration page
- Add function to Purge Joom Donation Sef urls
- Add function to share Joom Donation translation
- Fix issue Language constants overridden when installing new Joom Donation version

Joom Donation - Version 5.6.2 - Released on February 2019
- Add feature to add campaigns at frontend side
- Manage campaigns at fronted
- Manage receiving donation at frontend
- Add feature to migrate language constants to avoid language overridden when installing
- Fix some issues on core library

Joom Donation - Version 5.6.1 - Released on January 2019
- Fix layout issues on campaigns list
- Fix JD module issue
- Fix issue when Goal of campaigns are zero

Joom Donation - Version 5.6.0 - Released on January 2019
- Add Short description for campaigns
- Add Columns layout for Campaigns list
- Update Bootstrap CSS
- Add new Color configure options
- Add Og:description meta tag in Donation form
- Add option to stop receiving donation when campaign expired
- Endable donation with Goal actieved campaigns
- Add option to stop receiving donation when campaign is donated by X donors
- Remove brackets beside pre-defined amounts
- Add donor location in JD Donors module

Joom Donation - Version 5.5.0 - Released on December 2018
- Add feature to select payment methods for Campaigns
- Add option to override From Name, From Email for campaigns
- Fix issue on showing Custom field: Checkbox in Simple layout
- Improve JD Mollie payment plugin - add recurring option

Joom Donation - Version 5.4.10 - Released on October 2018
- Improve layouts of Campaigns and Donors modules
- Improve Campaigns list layout
- Add option to optimize Sef links of component

Joom Donation - Version 5.4.9 - Released on October 2018
- Add Dedicate donation feature
- Improve Currency Convert function
- Improve Configuration, Category, Donor modification layouts
- Improve Payment library

Joom Donation - Version 5.4.8 - Released on September 2018
- Add Mailchimp Newsletter subscription plugin
- Fix Donation Simple layout issue

Joom Donation - Version 5.4.7 - Released on August 2018
- Fix issue on Currency convert
- Fix issue on passing donation amount from Donation module to component

Joom Donation - Version 5.4.6 - Released on August 2018
- Support Stripe Card Element
- Fix Custom fields showing in Simple Donation layout
- Fix SQL error in ACYMailing plugin

Joom Donation - Version 5.4.5 - Released on August 2018
- Add campaign details in Donation form
- Adding Newsletter subscriber option in Donation form (Integrate with Acymailing)
- New option to show/hide payment fee in Donation details layout

Joom Donation - Version 5.4.4 - Released on July 2018
- Add new Donation form layout
- Add Payment fee into Donation receipt and Donation confirmation email

Joom Donation - Version 5.4.3 - Released on June 2018
- Add option to store/not store Donor IP addresses
- Add option to show Captcha with Public donors only
- Fix issue on Payment fee
- Fix issue with Multiple currencies
- Fix currency converter issue
- Fix Paypal payment method issue

Joom Donation - Version 5.4.2 - Released on April 2018
- Support GDPR
- Fix some minor issues

Joom Donation - Version 5.4 - Released on April 2018
- Compatible with Joomla 4
- Support Twitter Bootstrap Version 4
- Improve Stripe payment plugin
- Add Exclude Campaign IDs in Donors list
- Improve Mollie payment plugn
- Add responsive feature with table layouts
- Add new tag [DONATION_TYPE] in email templates

Joom Donation - Version 5.3 - Released on March 2018
- Fix Paypal IPN issue
- Fix JD Stripe recurring issue

Joom Donation - Version 5.2 - Released on December 2017
- Add Year and Paid status filter on Donors list
- Allow to Export Donors by filter options
- Fix issue on Campaigns list
- Update Paypal Pro payment plugin to TLS 1.2
- Improve iDeal Mollie payment plugin
- Improve Stripe payment plugin - Support recurring donation
- Remove Campaign Description meta tag in Donation form
- Add new language constant to show Donation title on Payment sites

Joom Donation - Version 5.1 - Released on September 2017
- Add Spam Detect plugin (Using Stopforumspam API)
- Add Filter Donors by Currencies
- Statistic Donation by Currencies
- Fix Login/ Registration issue on Donation form
- Fix Translation tool issue at Back-end side
- Improve Joom Donation installation success layout

Joom Donation - Version 5.0 - Released on August 2017
- Add feature to Integrate with EasySocial and Easy Profile
- Add feature to skip Login/ Registration on Donation form
- Add Joomla Menu Meta description in layouts: Campaigns and Donation form
- Improve Donation module - mod_jdonation
- Improve Payment library to work with Eway TLS 1.2
- Migrate language files when installing new version
- Fix issue to Update component from Back-end side

Joom Donation - Version 4.8 - Released on July 2017
- Show description of extra fields in Donation form
- Improve layout: Campaigns list - Add feature to filter Campaigns with Owner IDs
- Fix issue on pages navigation of Translation tool at Back-end of Joom Donation
- Fix Donors export issue

Joom Donation - Version 4.7 - Paypal verification and Paypal return issues fixed (April 2017)
This version fixed the issue with Paypal verification and Paypal return (from Paypal site to your owner site)

Joom Donation - Version 4.6 - Paypal Security Announcement - Released on 14th Mar2017
This version fixed a medium level security issue which happens with PayPal payment plugin. In older version, PayPal payment plugin has a bug which allow dis-honest users with certain level technical skill can pay for the subscription using different currency with the currency you set for your system, thus paying lower price for the subscription.

Joom Donation - Version 4.5 - Released on 14th Mar2017
- Add field Owner for campaign
- Fix Paypal notify url error
- Fix Translation tool issue at Back-end side

Joom Donation - Version 4.4 - Released on 17th Feb 2017
- Disable Donation function with Outdated campaigns
- Add Campaign photo
- Add Social Sharing in Donation form
- Add Custom CSS in Configuration
- Migrate old and new language files when installation
- Add Download ID to allow you to upgrade new version from Back-end of Joomla site
- Fix issue to show campaign header text in donation page
- Fix issue when exporting donor information to CSV
- Improve Omnipay library

Joom Donation

Posted on 24 February 2020
Good functionality and they have added new functions over time. They are open to suggestions.
Ease of use
Easy to use, no coding necessary, installs easily. Does require some understanding of Joomla.
Excellent and responsive support. They have been very helpful when I asked a question.
Documentation is good, easy to understand. It is available on-line.
Value for money
Great value compared to other options. Important to a small organization.
I used this to: On-line donations for our organization, a political town committee.
This component has lots of good options and it does exactly what it's supposed to do very easily.
Ease of use
Joom Donation is very easy to use. I think I was up and running with the basics in less than 15 minutes.
I can't say enough good things about the support. Mr Dam always responded within minutes. Thank you Mr Dam!
The documentation for Joom Donation is just right. It's thorough, clear, concise, and easy to navigate.
Value for money
This extension is worth every penny. If you have donation needs, I highly recommend Joom Donation.
I used this to: I use Joom Donation for a non-profit client's website. We've been using it for about 3 months now, and it's working out great!

Should be great, but....

Posted on 18 December 2019
This extension takes donations. It is complicated to set up. There are no reports, e.g. of donations received per donor or per campaign.
Ease of use
Not intuitive. There are many options, but you have to work through lots of drop down lists, options to select. It seems over complicated.
Very quick. Normally don't need support but I have with every extension from OSSolutions. It always involves giving access to my site.
There is extensive documentation on their website. It is fine. Extra text so that I have typed enough characters to say documentation is aok
Value for money
Reasonable. You have to buy it every year to keep up to date. After expiry, if there's a bug fix I guess you're out of luck.
I used this to: Online donations for various campaigns for small non-profit site.

Works great

Posted on 19 June 2019
Not entirely intuitive when it comes to customization. If you want to use it with default settings, it's perfect.
Ease of use
It is easy to urge, use and configure. The product is simple and intuitive to use.
Value for money
Absolutely worth it I would highly recommend 11\00% value for money ////////////////////
I used this to: To dev this myself would take years so the price is EXCELLENT value./////////////////////////////


Posted on 15 May 2019
We purchased the JoomDonation component for a charity website and it's great for our purpose.
Ease of use
The component was easy to set up and hoping the donors will find it simple to use.
We required support twice. The support provided was prompt and excellent.
The documentation for JoomDonation was adequate for our purposes.
Value for money
We consider the component was good value. Like the fact that there will be a Joomla 4 version available.
I used this to: We used JoomDonation for a charitable trust website for donors to donate funds.
Not only used for donations but for memberships, sponsorships and invoice payments. So flexible.
Ease of use
Very straightforward and logically built. Many features which can be turned on or off at will. Attractive layouts.
The best part of all. Dam is highly responsive at all times. Worked over the weekend of resolve an issue we encountered. Amazing.
Really did not need to use much. Useful when I did, but a quick email also gets results.
Value for money
Top rate, well worth the investment. Level of support alone is worth the price paid.
I used this to: Donations, sponsorship, membership dues and online invoice payment processing. Was able to adapt to all these situations, very flexible.

Joom Donation

Posted on 12 December 2018
Ease of use
Very easy to use
Super awesome support team
Easy to follow
Value for money
I used this to: Charitable giving for our organization. Super easy to configure.
Have almost everything what we need
Ease of use
Fast and very cooperative
Fine. Missed some advanced stuff but support is here :)
Value for money
When You count perfect support it's OK.
I used this to: Foundation DOPIR for child health support in Macedonia.
A simple form on the front end makes for a hassle free user experience.
Ease of use
Easy to use and great support if you need help.
Value for money
Great value

Superschneller Service

Posted on 18 January 2017
Entspricht unseren Erwartungen
Ease of use
Bei Problemen gibt es schnell Hilfe vom Support
Value for money
sehr gut
I used this to: Spendenaufruf für ein Sportzentrum
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Joom Donation

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Feb 21 2020
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GPLv2 or later
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