Articles Showcase, Embed & Include, Custom Code in content, Popups & iFrames, Multimedia Display

Popup Boxes that will boost your conversion rates and help you convert visitors into subscribers & customers. Create Opt-in Forms, Smart Sticky Bars, Floating Bars, Feature Sign Up Modals, Popup any existing module or write your own custom message. Popups can be assigned to certain devices, user groups, menu items or even URLs. Trigger onPageLeave (Exit Intent Technology), onPageLoad, onUserScroll, onClick and onDemand using javascript API. Compatible with Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3

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Features at a glance!

  • Multiple Popup Boxes
  • Responsive Popup Box (Compatible with Mobiles & Tablets)
  • 60+ transition animation popup effects
  • Popup any existing Joomla module
  • Device detection for Mobiles & Tablets
  • Assign to selected user groups, pages, URLs or even languages
  • Exit Intent Popups (Trigger Popup before Page Exit or User Leaves)
  • Trigger onPageReady, onPageLoad, onPageLeave, onUserScroll, onClick, onHover, onDemand
  • 9 available trigger positions
  • Modal option
  • Cookie based popup per minutes, hours, days or session
  • Auto-Close Timer
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Developer's Javascript API

Some Popup Ideas!

  • Opt-in Popups for AcyMailing, MailChimp, Aweber, SalesForce, GetResponse
  • Popup Any Module of Breezing Forms, RSForm!, EasyBlog, JEvents, Phoca Gallery, ChronoForms
  • Popup Facebook Like Page, Facebook Embed Post
  • Popup Twitter Follow Button
  • Popup Google Maps
  • Popup Login Form
  • Popup Twitter Widget Stream or Profile Follower
  • Popup K2 latest or related articles
  • Age Verification Modal Popup
  • Popup Joomla latest or relates articles
  • Popup Youtube or Vimeo Video
  • Popup Addthis Social Media Icons
  • Content Sidebar Modal
  • Slide-in Opt-in Modal Forms
  • Fullscreen Popup / Splash Screen Popup
  • Footer Sticky Bar
  • Disclaimer Popup Modal
  • Scroll To Top Button / Icon
  • Cookie Bar
  • Sticky Opt-in Top Bar

Convert Visitors into Subscribers & Customers

Did you know over 70% of visitors who abandon your website will never return? With Responsive Scroll Triggered Box you can turn those visitors into subscribers & customers with well timed popups.

Exit Intent Technology - (Page Exit / Page Leave)

We detect user behavior and prompt them with a targeted opt-in popup at the precise moment they are about to leave your website.

60+ Animations (Slide/Fade/Flip/Bounce/Expand)

This popup extension offers the popular slide-in effect that slides up from the bottom right corner among other high-quality popup transition effects such as Bounce, Share, Flush, Pulse, Swing, Tada, Flip e.t.c.

Page & Device Level Targeting

Show targeted popups on specific pages/urls or mobiles and tables or even to certain user groups to build a hyper targeted and segmented email list.

All powerful features

  • Create multiple popups per page
  • 7 Popup Types
    • Popup any existing Joomla module
    • Responsive Email Subscription Opt-in Form
    • Custom text
    • Social Media
      • Facebook Page Like
      • Facebook Post Embed
      • Twitter Follow Button
    • IFrame URL
  • It's Responsive! That means it works perfectly on tablets and smartphones
  • Device detection for mobiles, tablets and desktops
  • Cookie based popup per minutes, hours, days or session
  • 60+ transition effects
  • 14 Publishing Assignments
    • Assign to Menu Items / Pages
    • Assign to Content Articles and Categories
    • Assign to DateTime range
    • Assign to User Groups
    • Assign to devices (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
    • Assign to URLs
    • Assign to Domain referrer
    • Assign to Languages
    • Assign to User time on Site
    • Assign to Convert Forms
    • Assign to Akeeba Subscriptions Levels
    • Assign to AcyMailing List
  • 9 user behavior tracking events
    • on Scroll - % of Page Height
    • on Scroll - Element
    • on Page Ready
    • on Page Load
    • on Page Leave (Exit Intent Technology)
    • on Hover Element
    • on Location Hash
    • on Click
    • on Demand
  • 7 Popup Positions
    • Top: Left, Center, Right
    • Bottom: Left, Center, Right
    • Center
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Delay animation in milliseconds
  • Fully Customizable Look
    • Width/Height
    • Background & Text Color
    • Border Color
    • Padding
    • Box Shadow
    • Background Overlay Color/Opacity
  • Auto-Close timer
  • Popup Test-mode for administrators
  • Prepare popup's content with the Joomla Content Plugins
  • Import/Export Popups
  • Custom CSS Styling
  • Plugin Layout Overrides
  • Compatible with Joomla 3.4, 4.5
  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 till v2.2.1

Coming Soon features

  • Close button customization
  • Popup positions: Center Left, Center Right
  • Email Marketing Services Providers Integration
  • AJAX Subscription Form box Popup type (Opt-in)
  • Repeating assignment on certain days
  • Max impressions
  • Advanced Visitor Tracking
  • Pre-defined Variables
  • A/B Split Tests

Version History

3.1.2 (5 Jan 2017)
- Adds Convert Forms assignment
- Adds Joomla! Articles & Categories assignment
- Adds Checkbox field to Email Subscription Form
- Improves device detection
- Fixes bug with content plugins preparation

3.1.1 (11 Nov 2016)
- Fixes critical issue with box close button

3.1 (08 Nov 2016)
- Implements Engage Box editor button
- Fixes issue with the background-image URL
- Fixes issue with the Test Mode option - Wrong permissions check
- Upgrades Menu Items publishing assignment
- Upgrades Group Levels publishing assignment
- Updates animation library (VelocityJS)
- Renames extension media files to enagebox.js and engagebox.css

3.0.3 (22 Oct 2016)
- Adds a 'Remove Cookie' button in the backend
- Fixes issue with slow rendering of boxes on some systems
- Fixes issue with third-party assignments check
- Backend UI improvements

3.0.2 (08 Oct 2016)
- Fixes critical bug with random_bytes() method (Affecting Joomla version < 3.5)
- Replaces deprecated Joomla Framework methods
- Backend UI changes

3.0.1 (28 Sep 2016)
- Implements Limit Impressions feature
- Implements Statistics
- Adds versioning to all media files to force browser cache refresh
- Fixes CSS issue on Google Chrome with the will-change property
- Fixes PHP bug with the missing Filesystem library
- Fixes fatal error caused by the component uninstallation
- Fixes bug with the Google Analytics Tracker
- Backend UX improvements

3.0.0 (06 Sep 2016)
- Renames extension to Engage Box
- Adds Persian (Iran) translation
- Adds Global Footer Text field to the configuration page
- Updates translations (nlNL, huHU, deDE, itIT, frFR, ruRU, el_GR)
- Changes minimum upgrade version to v2.5
- Fixes issue with tabs on the backend

2.7.2 (29 Jul 2016)
- Adds more options to content alignment: Top, Middle, Bottom, Left, Center, Right
- Adds option to disable the jQuery library on the frontend
- Updates color pickers to use RGB(a) format
- Merges Background Overlay and Background Overlay Opacity fields
- Renames Vertical Align Content field to Align Content
- Updates translations: Dutch (nl-NL), Hungardian (hu-HU)
- Minor backend improvements


Works as advertised.

Ease of use

I was able to install it and immediately start using the Advanced features. Well thought out with good form layouts.


The developer offered to help get me started and, when contacted, responded within 24 hours and we're on different continents.


There's never enough but there is sufficient in this case. No complaints.

Value for money

No problem spending the money on this product. Very reasonable for what you get.

I used this to: Drawing attention to important aspects of the website without being overly annoying. I have plans to use much more of the functionality over the next little while.

Best ever

Posted on 18 February 2017

Very flexible extension. Looks professional. Must have.

Ease of use

Very Easy.


Super support.


No needed. All option have description in tooltips.

Value for money


I used this to: For all my sites.

Engage Box

Posted on 10 February 2017

Sehr gut

Ease of use

Sehr gut


Sehr gut


Sehr gut

Value for money

Sehr gut


Client needed a popup box for a few uses... mailchimp form, announcements of upcoming events.

Ease of use

Simple installation, good documentation.


I had an odd conflict with the developer helped with overnight. Debugged, solved, and


Well written, includes both specifics, FAQs and a frequently updated blog.

Value for money

A ton of options makes this a very versatile tool.

I used this to: Mailing list / newsletter subscription invitation popup box.. a fairly inobtrusive one at the bottom of the page, no toggler needed. Good balance between "in your face OMG subscribe" and no popup at all....


Does everything that keeps visitors glued to your website. Highly configurable way of making your website interact with your visitors

Ease of use

Extremely easy even for beginners. Every functionality has been simplified for easy deployment even by newbies. Suitable for every level


Awesome. Even though most possible issues are already in the documentation. It's either you don't need support at all or you get it swiftly


Adequate and written in simple English. Pictorial illustrations make it so perfect.

Value for money

Great value for a little cost. You will certainly get more than what made you pay. The developer is a blessing to the Joomla community.

I used this to: Display Acymailing Subscription module in Pop-up, Cookie Notification, Social Media Pop-up, Exit Intent, Latest K2 Articles to make visitors read more articles at the end of one, Customised Notifications to logged-in users and lots more. It's simply a new world for my websites...

Great Extension

Posted on 17 January 2017

I have never had and issue with this extension.

Ease of use

Easy to use with or without documentation.


I have reached out to the developer and always get a response in a few hours.


Excellent documentation and easy to find on the site.

Value for money

I think it is a very useful product for the money!

I used this to: All of my sites!

Excellent composant

Posted on 16 January 2017

You can almost do everything

Ease of use

Very usefull and very easy to param

Value for money

Not very expensive for the work of the developer


Ein ausgereiftes und vielseitiges Produkt,mit guter Anleitung. Ich habe lange gesucht und mich für das Richtige entschieden. Empfehlenswert!

Ease of use

Ja, es ist selbsterklärend. Falls es Fragen gibt, steht aber auch eine sehr gute Dokumentatuon zur Verfügung.

Value for money

Preis- Leistung ist Spitze. Es gibt teurere Angebote mit viel weniger Funktionen und Einstellungsmöglichkeiten.


I've used it with Breezing Forms, and it works perfectly. Many options to choose from.

Ease of use

Easily understandable setup with lots of tooltips. I quickly got the hang of it.


Great support! I had an issue regarding Captcha, and it was solved quickly by the developer.

Value for money

Well worth the money!


Is great configurable and doesn't conflict with all my other installed extensions

Ease of use

If you know your way around in Joomla it's easy to use.


Everything nice documented and developer helps out if you can't find your way.

Value for money

Many features for a great price.

I used this to: Hotel
MailChimp Auto-Subscribe

MailChimp Auto-Subscribe

Paid download | Mailing & Newsletter bridges | Tassos Marinos
4 reviews
When a user registers on your website they are automatically added to your MailChimp list by this plugin silently in the background. There is an option if the Mailchimp system will send a confirmation email or not. Features Automatically subscribe new users to your MailChimp list. Compatible with JomSocial, VirtueMart, K2 Store, HikaShop, J2Store Joomla to MailChimp Integration Subscribe to different list per language on MailChimp Supports new user registration through back-end Choose whether you want to use MailChimp double opt-in and send a welcome email to new subscribers. Option to save user's full name Option to split user's full name into 2 merge tags Option to save user's Joomla ID Option to save user's group access level Customize extra MailChimp field Full Compatible with Joomla 3.x One-Click Update No coding needed Instant Support MailChimp Auto-Subscribe Changelog v3.2.1 (24 Nov 2016) - Adds Russian (ru-RU) translation - Fixes compatibility issues with PHP 5.3 v3.2 (12 Sep 2016) - Upgrades to MailChimp API v3.0 - Updates language file - Minor PHP fixes v3.1.1 (26 Jun 2016) - Fixes fatal error with PHP 5.3 v3.1 (31 Mar 2016)) - Fixes PHP error with MailChimp class already defined - Improves overall compatibility with Joomla 3.5 v3.0 (27 Nov 2015) - Added new option to subscribe users on different MailChimp list per language - Integrated Novarain Framework - Added the ability to Auto-Update via Joomla Update Manager - Extension renamed to MailChimp Auto-Subscribe - Updated translations: en-EN - Made minimum requirement Joomla version 3.4 and PHP version 5.3.13 - Recoded the installer - Dropped support for Joomla 2.5 v2.2 (15 July 2015) - Added missing required attribute for MailChimp API Key and List ID fields - Fixed a bug caused by misspelled Merge-Tag - Updated translations: en-EN v2.1.1 (11/02/2015) - Added: Option to force-add user to MailChimp without waiting for account confirmation - Added: Option to split user's name into two separate fields. Type 2 Merge Tags separated by a comma. - Added: Option to debug plugin using IP filter v2.1 (24/12/2014) - Added support for HikaShop, Virtuemart, K2Store, J2Store - MailChimp Plugin detects new user even with no confirmation e-mail How to disable MailChimp double opt-in Go to the settings tab of the MailChimp Auto-Subscribe plugin in the Joomla Plugins Manager. By disabling the Front-End Double Optin option the newly created users will auto-subscribe to your MailChimp list wihout requiring to confirm their account via the confirmation e-mail. How to get more subscribers with MailChimp and Joomla! Combine with Engage Box Create awesome subscription opt-in popups for MailChimp with Engage Box and boost your subscription list to 5 digits and beyond!
GetResponse Auto Subscribe

GetResponse Auto Subscribe

Paid download | Mailing & Newsletter bridges | Tassos Marinos
1 review
When a user registers on your website is automatically added to your GetResponse Campaign by this plugin silently in the background. You can choose if you want to save your user's name or not. Features Auto-Subscribe users during Joomla registration Joomla to GetResponse Integration Supports new user registration through administration panel Option to wait until user has confirmed Joomla Account or not Option to save or not user’s full name Compatible with JomSocial, CommunityBuilder, VirtueMart, K2 Store Fully Compatible with Joomla 3.x, 2.5 One-Click Update No coding needed Instant Support
Google Structured Data Markup

Google Structured Data Markup

Free | Web Search | Tassos Marinos
10 reviews
Improve your site SEO and enhance the appearance of your website in Google Search results with the Google Structured Data Markup and Google Rich Snippets - Cards. Google Structured Data Markup is a Joomla plugin that allows digital marketers to adopt Google Structured Data and Rich Snippets - Cards without requiring them to be an expert in the language or writing code. Take control of your Google Search Results by adding Google Structured Data Markup to your Joomla! website. Seameless compatibility with Joomla Content, K2, VirtueMart & HikaShop. Features Sitename Rich Snippet Indicate the preferred name you want Google to display in Search results and the Knowledge Graph Site Logo Rich Snippet Specify which image Google should use as your sites's logo in search results and the Knowledge Graph Sitelinks Searchbox Rich Snippet Add the Sitelinks Searchbox in Google search results Breadcrumbs Rich Snippet Indicate each inner page position in the sit Stars Rating Rich Snippet Enable the popular stars rating snippet for your articles & pages Products Rich Snippet Display product reviews, stars rating, pricing and availability Events Rich Snippet Describe organized events with date, venue and address Recipes Rich Snippet With Recipe Structured Data your recipes will be specially formatted in Google Search Results for a greater amount of viewership. View Sample Screenshot Courses Rich Snippet Appropriate Structured Data for your courses will boost their appearance in Google Search Results View Sample Screenshot Local Business Listing Rich Snippet Add your Business Type, Opening Hours, Map, Phone, Address and more to Google search results Social Profile Links Rich Snippet Add your social profile information to Google Knowledge Graph and search results Integrations Joomla Content The Joomla Content Integration enables you to add structured data to Joomla Articles. The supported Rich Snippets are Articles, Events, Products, Recipes & Courses. HikaShop HikaShop Integration generates the Product Rich Snippet in every HikaShop product page fully automatically. K2 K2 Integration enables you to add structured data to K2 items. The supported Rich Snippets are Articles, Events, Products, Recipes & Courses. VirtueMart VirtueMart Integration generates the Product Rich Snippet in every VirtueMart product page fully automatically. Coming Soon Integrations JEvents, EasyBlog, RSDirectory, SobiPro, RSDirectory All Features Improve your site's SEO 11 SEO Rich Snippets in JSON Format Articles Schema Data with Stars Rating Snippet Products Schema Data with Stars Rating Snippet Recipes Rich Cards with Stars Rating Snippet Courses Rich Cards Events Structured Data Sitename Structured Data Site Logo Structured Data Local Business Listing Sitelinks Searchbox Structured Data Social Profile Links Structured Data Breadcrumbs Structured Data No Design Impact Cross-Browser Support Quick & Easy install and configuration Auto-Update via Joomla Update Manager Lightning Fast No coding needed Awesome Support Google Structured Data Markup Changelog 2.1.0 - 22 Feb 2017 - Adds HikaShop Integration - Adds VirtueMart Integration - Adds support for the Recipes and Courses Rich Snippets - Fixes issue with URLs not using https:// on SSL site - Fixes issue with the plugin installation on some systems with cache enabled - Offers the Custom Code option (Advanced Tab) for Free - Complete plugin refactoring 2.0.1 - 09 Jan 2017 - Adds K2 extension support - Adds support for a Custom Code field to item-based snippets - Changes Product Snippet SKU number - Use only if it has a value - Fixes missing property Offers in the Events Snippet - Fixes issue with unescaped characters 2.0.0 - 10 Dec 2016 - Adds support for the Article Structured Data (Pro Only) - Adds support for the Products Structured Data (Pro Only) - Adds support for the Events Structured Data (Pro Only) - Makes Sitelinks Searchbox snippet available for Free 1.2.5 - 21 Nov 2016 - Adds the Price Range option to Business Listing data - Adds Dutch (nl-NL), Spanish (es-ES) and Slovenian (sl-SL) translations - Fixes logo relative path in Business Listing data - Fixes issue with the Custom Search URL validation check 1.2.3 - 21 Oct 2016 - Implements Local Business Data (Type, Business hours, Phone, Address, Map) - Updates schemas with https protocol - Changes the sitelinks searchbox URL to absolute format - Backend UI improvements What is Structured Data? Structured data refers to kinds of data with a high level of organization, such as information in a relational database. When information is highly structured and predictable, search engines can more easily organize and display it in creative ways. Structured data markup is a text-based organization of data that is included in a file and served from the web. It typically uses the vocabulary—an open community effort to promote standard structured data in a variety of online applications. How to test your Structured Data Google created the Structured Data Testing Tool (SDTT) which can help you develop, test, and modify your structured markup and rich snippets. Does Structured Data & Rich Snippets help with SEO? Absolutely! There is no question that structured data that produces rich snippets "bling" that improves (SEO) SERP click through rates (CTR). Virtually every SEO expert on the planet will tell you that organic click through rates are a major search engine optimization ranking factor. Thus, structured data has a very high correlation with search engine rankings.


Free | Social Share | Tassos Marinos
3 reviews
This plugin allows you to easily create tweetable fancy content and quotes for your blog readers. Using a simple shortcode, your selected text is highlighted and made tweetable that can be shared to Twitter with a single click! Make people tweet your content, not you! Syntax {tweetme} Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod {/tweetme} The Problem It hurts when a blog post you wrote doesn't get any mention and no one shares your content on Twitter. It's a well-known fact also that only a small percentage of visitors will read a post from start to finish. People are busy. The Solution TweetMe solves that problem by offering tweetable content & quotes which are short, catchy messages embedded in your blog post that can be shared on Twitter with a single click! Features Create either tweetable content boxes that stand out or inline links wrapping your text. Predefined themes that are clearly stand out from the rest of the copy and catch the eye. Get your visitors tweet your content on Twitter from any screen is viewed on. It will always fit perfectly and look great. Place it anywhere with just a simple shortcode: {tweetme}Look ma! Awesome Tweetable Quotes!{/tweetme}. Increase exposure by mentioning your Twitter @username, custom #hashtags or even Twitter related accounts in every tweet automatically!. Shorten links via or or even TinyURL in order to free up space within a tweet in Twitter intent. Get your content noticed with the beautiful and readable Google Fonts optimized for the web. Tweetable quotes are designed to be tweeted on Twitter with a single click! "Call-to-Actions" are crucial in online marketing. That is why next to each tweetable quote you see a short call-to-action. Built with performance in mind. Even link shortening service is taking part in the background. It will never slow down your site. Fully open source and the code is NOT encrypted in any way. No use of Zend Optimizer or ionCube. You are free to change the code to your likings. Ideas It does not matter how many followers you have on Twitter; what matters is how many of your website visitors will tweet your content to their followers. People love tweeting things that make them look good in the eyes of their followers. Just give them something good to tweet: A quote A take away A catchy phrase A smart idea A statistic Compatibility Joomla Articles K2 EasyBlog FlexiContent Cobalt Joomla Modules Anywhere you can imagine Changelog 1.2.2 (5 Oct 2016) - Adds Twitter related accounts option - Updates backend interface - Updates translations (nl-NL, ru-RU) - Makes the layout overridable by your Template - Minor fixes 1.2.1 (20 June 2016) - Adds nofollow option for the generated links - Adds Dutch (nl-NL) translation - Makes Twitter "Via" option - Makes "Center align" option 1.2 (16 Apr 2016) - Adds Russian translation (ru-RU) by Alex Smirnov - Fixes a fatal error with PHP 5.4 - Fixes a syntax error with English (en-EN) language file - Fixes some CSS bugs 1.1 (21 Mar 2016) - Implements Free version - CSS Fixes - Updates translations: en-En 1.0 (18 Feb 2016) Initial Release
Convert Forms

Convert Forms

Free | Forms | Tassos Marinos
2 reviews
A Joomla! Form Builder designed for growth that's Easy and Powerful. There has never been an easier way to create leads for your marketing campaigns than Convert Forms. Design perfect converting AJAX Forms for your Joomla website which integrate with an ever expanding list of major third-party campaign services like MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor & AcyMailing. Features Form Builder Our builder allows you to create beautiful and optimized forms with no knowledge of coding. Form Fields A wide variety of form field inputs to your fingertips. Pre-made Templates Start in seconds with our pre-made responsive and elegant template forms. Email Services Addons Sync leads with email providers like MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor & AcyMailing Email Notifications Send email notifications when users submit a form. Form Submission Actions Choose whether to show a message or redirect the user after form submission. The Magic of AJAX Form Submission The form submission takes place in the background. No reloads. The user never leaves your site. Optin Form Orientation Forms can be placed below or on the side of your opt-in. Leads Management View all your form leads in one place to streamline your workflow. Import and Export Forms Easily import and export your form from one site to another. Highly Customizable Forms are highly customizable. Background, color, border, padding, font, fields and more. Easy to Embed Easily embed your form in articles, pages, sidebar widgets or footer using a module or a shortcode Responsive Mobile Friendly Convert Forms is 100% responsive meaning it works on mobile, tablets & desktop. Integrations MailChimp Integrate your Form with MailChimp Email Marketing Service. AWeber Integrate your Form with AWeber Email Marketing Services. GetResponse Integrate your Form with GetResponse Email Marketing Services. ActiveCampaign Integrate your Form with ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Services. Campaign Monitor Integrate your Form with Campaign Monitor Email Marketing Services. AcyMailing Integrate your Form with AcyMailing Joomla! Extension CSV File Export your leads to CSV file so you can use it with any 3rd party software Form Ideas Contact AJAX Form Email Subscription Form Redirect Form Footer Optin Form Article Inline Form Feedback Responsive Form Online Surveys Form Call me back Form Sidebar Form MailChimp AJAX Form GetResponse AJAX Form ActiveCampaign AJAX Form AcyMailing AJAX Form AWeber Optin AJAX Form Campaign Monitor Optin AJAX Form Constant Contact Optin Form (Coming soon) Zapier Integration (Coming soon) Slack Integration (Coming soon) Changelog 21 Feb 2017 (0.3.0) - Adds Campaign Monitor Integration - Adds Portuguese (ptBR), Russian (ruRU) and Ukrainian (uk_UA) translations - Changes Thank-You field from textarea to editor - Fixes bug with the Is Required field option - Making a field optional wasn't possible - Fixes issue with the GetResponse addon and mispelled name field - Fixes compatibility issues with the upcoming Joomla 3.7 - Fixes CSS issues 25 Jan 2017 (0.2.0) - Adds Aweber Integration - Adds Email Notifications - Adds Smart Tags - Adds Checkbox field support - Makes all fields available for Free version - Updates the pre-made templates - Fixes issue with the editing form toolbar 12 Jan 2017 (0.1.1) - Adds AcyMailing Integration - Adds support for updating ActiveCampaign existing users - Adds form javascript events: onSuccess, onFail, onBeforeSubmit, onAfterSubmit - CSV exporting function now includes all available fields - Minor backend improvements Upcoming Integrations Constant Contact, Zapier, SendInBlue, Mautic, Sendgrid, MailPoet, Ontraport, SendReach, SailThru, Emma, arpReach, Mad Mimi, Infusion Soft, iContact, Hubspot, Klick-Tipp, Drip, Convert Kit, Vero, Klaviyo, Slack
c m p
WebHotelier Booking Form

WebHotelier Booking Form

Paid download | Booking & Reservations | Tassos Marinos
0 reviews
This module helps you to integrate a WebHotelier Booking Form to your Joomla website Features Responsive Booking Form WebHotelier to Joomla! Integration Horizontal and Vertical form styling Available fields Checkin (Calendar) Checkout (Nights Selectbox/Calendar Adults (Selectbox) Children (Selectbox) Rooms (Selectbox) Booking Code (Text) Custom Text for Header and Footer DatePicker for checkin and checkout fields Automatic Language detection for WebHotelier Compatibility with all modern browsers Fully Compatible with Joomla 3.x One-Click Install No coding needed Instant Support Demos View demos online:
AWeber Convert Forms Addon

AWeber Convert Forms Addon

Paid download | Mailing & Newsletter bridges | Tassos Marinos
0 reviews
AWeber Convert Forms Addon allows you to create AWeber newsletter signup AJAX forms Convert Forms offers seamless integration with AWeber email marketing service. Connecting Convert Forms to your AWeber email list is very easy. Follow our step by step guide on how to connect Convert Forms with AWeber.
p e
MailChimp Convert Forms Addon

MailChimp Convert Forms Addon

Paid download | Mailing & Newsletter bridges | Tassos Marinos
0 reviews
MailChimp Convert Forms Addon allows you to create MailChimp newsletter signup AJAX forms
p e

Engage Box

Tassos Marinos
Last updated:
Jan 05 2017
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System

Demo Support Documentation
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  • Functionality

  • Ease of use

  • Documentation

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  • Value for money