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News Show Pro GK4 is now in its final version; if you are interested in the latest features and plugin support as well as compatibility with the latest STS release of Joomla you should instead download our main News Show Pro module, available through the download link.

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News Show Pro GK4 is still available for download should you be using an earlier version of Joomla or require legacy support, and we will continue to provide technical support for it via our GitHub repository as normal.

doesn't work in 3.2

Posted on 04 January 2014

I wanted to try this extension, it looks promising. However it does not work in Joomla 3.2. You can install it, but that is as far as I got.

Owner's reply: Hi!

Many thanks for your comments. We've actually started rebuilding NSP from the ground up, so if you're after the latest, feature-rich version of NSP that's compatible with the newest Joomla releases you should download the main 'News Show Pro' release, available via our site (just follow the download link on this page).

News Show Pro GK4 is still available for download and we will continue to provide support for it via our GitHub repository, but the general News Show Pro release will be the main version.

My experience with all gavick items has ended the same - I felt like I was paying to be a beta tester with their versions of Joomla 3.x

Newspro was the greatest example of this. As soon as I'd find a way to fix one bug, I'd run into two more.

When I'd ask for help on the forums, I'd either get more questions than answers, or I'd get adnauseum requests for the URL of my site instead of possibilities of the error.

I do not wish to give my URLs. I've included screen shots and documented examples of what's happening, I should not need to give out my personal sites in order to get to the bottom.

Minus this, I'd have rated their products 5 stars.

As it stands, Fair is the best I can give.

Has potential but...

Posted on 25 October 2013

Unclear if the production version is V4 or V5? Also no instructions on how to upgrade, if in fact, that is necessary. So far - on a demo J3.1, I've found numerous inconsistencies (ie bugs) on V5. The forums are paid subscription only. Maybe for their non-commercial extensions developer should consider open-forums?


Posted on 25 July 2013

I found a bug in this module when using limit of word count. It allows additional images to flood into the display where thumbnails are supposed to display one image. I spent hours trying to figure this out. When I contacted developer, they closed my ticket and told me that I have to pay for support.

Owner's reply: Our ticket system is available only for the owners of the Developer Membership - other users get the AUTOMATIC information about this fact. That automatic message also contained an information that for the free products (like this module) users should use the issue section on the official Github repository: https://github.com/GavickPro/News-Show-Pro-GK5/issues

And the most important - reported problem wasn't a bug but a problem with the wrong module configuration.

Just what I need

Posted on 06 April 2013

This module is exactly what I needed, and pleasantly surprised by how detailed it has been made for non-commercial version.

One thing though, I am having problem applying "Portal Mode," as it does not show any contents whatsoever, where I would have absolute no trouble with "Normal Mode." Unfortunately, I could not find any solution in their forum. ("Use default CSS" to be enable didn't resolve the issue, neither.)

FAQ would have been nice, but I shouldn't ask too much. :-)

Very Flexible

Posted on 26 March 2013

Very good and flexible. We have also used it for a scrolling "Testimonial" module. My only complaint is that it does not take to custom HTML very well but overall we are satisfied.


To all who are looking for the best module for displaying article in front end. Listern up

This will be the far far most best module you will ever find here, Its free and its powerful.

You can display any article type joomla,k2 etc.

Just try it you will know what i am talking. I have installed this for nearly 43 sites so far, it works the best.

multi fonction

Posted on 06 February 2013

I like this extension, one of the best to display news and individual articles.

thanks alot

Best of the best!

Posted on 26 January 2013

Thank you very much Gavick team! This is the best news showing module ever!

I have spent a week downloading, installing, testing, then uninstalling various news slideshows and extensions. This is the first one that worked correctly, does everything I need, and reads formatting correctly. I almost have to use free extensions because my site is on a non-profit budget. News Show Pro GK4 saved my site and my budget!

Tabs GK5

Tabs GK5

Free | Modules Panel | GavickPro
9 reviews
With the Tabs GK5 module, you can implement space-saving tabs on websites and incorporate a variety of content types via modules or user-defined custom HTML code. Thanks to the tab management system we've integrated into the module, Tabs GK5 remains easy, intuitive and quick to configure. With built-in support for external data sources, the possibilities for implementing this new release are unlimited! Following is a list of improvements from GK4 series to be found in Tabs GK5: * Load & Save configuration * Full access control list (ACL) support for tabs * JSON / XML support as the external sources * Option to set individual ID for each tab * Option to set individual animation for each tab * Auto-height * Scalable layout * New vertical scrolling animation * MooTools & jQuery javascript frameworks support 'cleaned' HTML5 code recoded and restyled back-end * 12 built-in styles (6 horizontal and 6 vertical) using CSS3 instead of images
News Show Pro GK5

News Show Pro GK5

Free | Articles Display | GavickPro
13 reviews
News Show Pro GK5 is the next generation of our best Joomla module for presenting articles. We have increased the module flexibility of the module using Data Sources API and Portal Modes API. Additionally we have rebuilt the module back-end in order to improve the user experience. In comparison with NSP GK4 brings a lot of changes. The most important are: Load & Save configuration Article formats Images in the links section Custom link under the links section 10 × faster database engine New Data Sources API New Portal Modes API Support for touch gestures (mobile devices) Support for comments from Komento and JComments Support for K2 Store component Support for HikaShop component XML, RSS feeds and JSON files as a data source Support for selecting the size of K2 source image Support for generating thumbnails from external images Option to display modal popup window with image Option to show selected articles from different categories Support for the Joomla! Update System jQuery support
GK Weather

GK Weather

Free | Weather | GavickPro
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GK4 is new generation of our extensions based on the GNU General Public License. Weather GK4 is a module used for presenting weather conditions from Yahoo! Weather forecast services. This module allows you to display weather forecast from any place in the world you wish with a great ease. It is displayed in the form of images and text. Module version for Joomla 1.5 (support only Google Weather Services) you can download here: http://bit.ly/g79ALo Changelog: - Google Weather API is no longer available so all options connected with this API was removed. - Support for Yahoo! Weather forecast added - Module options interface totally rebuilt - New system to download data which creates backup copy, thanks to which in the case of unavailability of data, there will be used data downloaded recently - Possibility of specifying number of days a weather forecast involves
Highlighter GK4

Highlighter GK4

Free | Articles Display | GavickPro
30 reviews
Our Smooth News Rotator enables an attractive presentation of chosen articles. Thanks to multiple options, you can adjust it to your needs. Additionally, it can be integrated with any source of information. GK5 is a new generation of our extensions based on the GNU General Public License. GK5 is a further new version for GK4 Highlighter GK5 is news rotator which enables an attractive presentation of chosen articles. Thanks to multiple options, you may adjust it to your needs. Additionally, Highlighter GK4 can be integrated with any source of information. In comparison with News Highlighter GK1-GK4, GK5 brings in changes in four aspects: Module options rebuilt totally Changes in module structure and CSS styles Data support from XML files in a format specified added. It allows you to integrate any component from Highlighter GK4 Scripts responsible for module animation improved Post preview rotator for breaking news A range of display animations draw attention to your new Multiple sourcing options to highlight your newest or greatest articles Tabbed option pages make modification a breeze Responsive for the modern mobile world, with high-level functionality for devs Moreover, this module includes options connected with parameters configuration, such as: content quantity displayed in the form of news in the title, also in introtext; options connected with sorting, and filtering articles known from News Show Pro GK4; or options used for generating text, like XHTML tags filtering, plugin parsing, etc.
Image Show GK4

Image Show GK4

Free | Articles Display | GavickPro
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Amaze your visitors with an irresistible slideshow by using our Image Show GK4. Create a slideshow on a website which can include various images and article fragments or texts. GK4 is a new generation of our extensions based on the GNU General Public License. The Image Show GK4 module is the next step of development of our tools used for presenting content on a page in an attractive way. With the Image Show GK4 module, you can create a slideshow on a site which includes various images and article fragments or texts defined by a user. Thanks to the slide management system integrated in the module, its support is very easy, intuitive and fast. With the new method of creating module styles, you can easily move your slideshow style from one template to another template. Also, the rebuilt administrative panel enables you to manage slides without additional component use. In comparison with Image Show GK3 module and Photoslide GK3 component, such changes were implemented: -panel for managing slides built in module options -support for K2 component -two types of content supported: articles and user's own text -module options look totally rebuilt -improved and more flexible module structure -rebuilt structure of the module styles -possibility for installing module styles from different templates -simplified management of the module style custom options -built-in support for native com_media component -built-in native Joomla! article selector in slide configuration -more possibilities for module styles -module ID generated automatically Thanks to these changes, the Image Show GK4 Module support is easier and more convenient. Slides management from the module level allows you to specify and modify a given module content quickly. Changelog: - Added new style gk_eSport - Styles upgraded to support MooTools 1.4.* - Compatibility with Joomla! 2.5 Changelog: - Added 5 new styles: gkmystore, gkyourshop, gkleaguenews, gkappsprotech and gkfashion
Social GK5

Social GK5

Free | Social Display | GavickPro
2 reviews
Social GK5 module allows to display all 'social plugins' available from services like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and more. All views can be adjusted to your needs. In short, it is used for any site’s promotion on social network services. Intuitive back-end allows to add a plugin with a few clicks. Following is a list of features to be found in Social GK5: Facebook plugins: Activity feed, Comments, Facepile,Likebox, Live stream, Recommendations Google+ plugins: Badge,Small icon, Medium icon, Large icon Twitter plugins: Search widget, Tweets, Profile widget, Favorite user tweets, User list view recoded and restyled back-end built-in config manager in module settings 'live preview' for Twitter widget in back-end 3 built-in styles for Tweets layout cookie consent plugin support MooTools & jQuery javascript frameworks support 'cleaned' HTML5 code recoded and restyled back-end

News Show Pro GK4

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Aug 27 2018
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Mar 20 2009
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