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Captcha for joomla core and custom forms.Inserts captcha in registration,contact,reset password, remind username forms on enabling this plugin.To add captcha in custom forms without changing any existing codes or admin settings, follow the steps mentioned below.
Just have to follow 3 steps for core forms.
1.install the plugin
2.publish the plugin .
3.Check the 5 forms(mentioned above).
OSOLCaptcha Version 2 and above developed for joomla 2.5 and 3 uses regexp and AJAX verification .if the captcha doesnt appear in any of the core forms, you need to edit osolCaptcha/coreForms.php and update the regexp for the particular form based on the template you are using.

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---Important step for Custom forms/Non core Joomla forms---

If you are familiar with regexp ,you could add OSOLCaptcha for any forms.For this you need to add a file in 'osolCaptcha/nonCoreForms' folder.you can check 'virtuemart.php' to see how to set regexp for any non core form.

PS: Inorder to have this plugin insert captcha ,the form should have an id or name and a submit button inside 'form' tag.Though by default it usually will have,I am explicitly mentioning it because I have seen users developing custom forms and template overrides without name or id attribute and compalining that the captcha oesnt work there.

It is recommended that this be done by coders or with their help though installing and publishing the plugin could be done by anyone(which in turn will add the captcha to the core forms mentioned above)

Further there is a layer of backend spam protection with the help of botscout api which could prevent even human spams to an extend.We reccomend you to enable this as well.

Currently there are 2 limitations for this plugin

1.If the html part is customized for comuser,modlogin or com_contact,it may not work.Since this is aimed for non techy joomla users it wont affect them as they dont edit any files.However if there is a template override with form id/name change and submit button tag change you should edit
and change the 2 variables for that form properly

'formId' =>
'tagToPlaceCaptchaBefore' =>

Enabling auto add for modlogin(not available from version 2.0 onwards) is subject to conditions and is disabled by default.if you enable it, make sure that it is in a unique position ,position must be any of these('left','right','top','user2','user3') .The position occupied by modlogin should not contain any other modules

I have included a link to the download page of this plugin with the captcha image.You are free to remove it,though I will be happy to have that link with the captcha image :)

This is my first extension to JED.Any suggestions and help on improving this plugin will be much appreciated

PS:Please check the technical requirements section and FAQs section in the download page of the plugin,first if you are having any issues with the plugin

AJAX verification

Very simple and nice to use

Posted on 10 February 2017

found, downloaded, installed and activated in 5 min.
configurated and published 5min. tested with form: it works!

Ease of use

Very comfortable and easy to use. Some configuration to beautify to the layout I choose will be easy, too.


The description is short and easy, that's all I needed! Good job!


Perfect for me.

I used this to: Now for a testpage and example pages, but hopefully for pages with lot's of contacts via email. Hope it is update safe for next joomla versions, too.


UnKnown I didn't get to download it, as directed to horrid website with Big Green Download Buttons that take you offsite.

Ease of use

UnKnown I didn't get to download it, as directed to horrid website with Big Green Download Buttons that take you offsite.


UnKnown I didn't get to download it, as directed to horrid website with Big Green Download Buttons that take you offsite.


UnKnown I didn't get to download it, as directed to horrid website with Big Green Download Buttons that take you offsite.

I used this to: UnKnown I didn't get to download it, as directed to horrid website with Big Green Download Buttons that take you offsite.

Big thanks

Posted on 17 March 2015

Very simple and effective.

Ease of use

just install and activate.

I used this to: I had a big problem with spam that google recaptcha never stopped. I installed Osolocaptcha and I solved all problems in an instant. Never more a spam registration and without activate the botscout protection. Big thanks!

I had an issue with bots attacking our 'forms' page. I contacted Sreekanth Dayanand - the developer of OSOL Captcha. He immediately took a look at our site - made the appropriate additions - and the problem was fixed. Quick. Easy. Painless. THANK YOU, Sreekanth for great customer service and a great product.

Piece of cake

Posted on 13 August 2014

I have used this Captcha plugin on several sites. It is a piece of cake to install, to get running and is better (imho) than the std captcha. I did have one minor issue on the contacts page but Sreekanth pointed me in the right direction (my fault) Recommended plugin

Dear Sreekanth!

You did a real great job.

Thanks for everything.

Highly recommend it.

Posted on 16 October 2013

Good Extension,and support is very fast and friendly,more than 30 messages back and forth,support still so friendly

Good alternative

Posted on 26 September 2013

I did not want to use the default recaptcha plugin. This is the only alternative I could find that is easy to set up. And it works well. Thanks.

Very easy to use, and fast customization, colors etc. I had to contact support and got back to me very fast, and the issue was solved downloading the new version. I highly recommend it.


Posted on 14 August 2013

This captcha worked right out of the box for me and it seems to stop the spammers on my website. The Google recaptcha just did not do that at all. I have activated the botscout option though.

Thank you for this wonderful extension!


Sreekanth Dayanand
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Sep 14 2017
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Mar 11 2010
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