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Securitycheck Pro is a global protection suite designed to protect your website without affecting your server's speed. This version includes:

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  • A modular interface to manage the entire extension quickly and easily.

  • Web Firewall
    The web firewall protects against SQL Injection, Cross-site scripting, LFI and RFI, Headers modification, CSRF, clickjacking and brute force and dictionary attacks, and includes the following features:

    • Ipv6 supported.
    • Blacklist (ip range allowed).
    • Whitelist (ip range allowed).
    • Dynamic blacklist.
    • Events recording, which can be viewed by admins from backend.
    • Alert or strict mode.
    • Redirection to a default page or drop connection if an attack is detected.
    • Second level protection to find suspect words (with editable list of suspect words).
    • Base64 check.
    • Email notification.
    • Filter exception, mode and priority selection for greater flexibility.
    • User session protection.
    • Session hickjacking protection.
    • Export logs in csv format.
  • File Manager
    You can check file/folder permissions and easily view misconfigured configurations.
    Any problem? Click 'Repair' button and permissions will be corrected.

  • File Integrity
    Thousands of files in our Joomla website, how to know if one of them is modified?
    With File Integrity you will be alerted when a change occurs in any file.

  • Malware scanner
    The most advanced malware scanner on the market. Look for suspicious patterns, known malware filenames and files with multiple extensions and check them against an online service with 40 anti-malware engines and millions of hashes on it databases. And all with two clicks!

  • .Htaccess protection
    Lot of traffic from bots?
    Block malicious user-agents and increase overall security esily with this feature.
    Want to hide your backend url? Add a secret key to your admin page to prevent dictionary and brute force attacks.

  • Track failed login attempts
    We can monitorize failed login attempts from backend and frontend and take actions against them.

  • Email on backend login
    You receive an email every time someone access to the backend.

  • Forbid new administrative accounts
    Even if they are created not using the Joomla backend.

  • Geoblock
    Forbid troublesome countries' access to your site this feature, which allows us to block IP addresses based on its geolocation.

  • Upload scanner
    We can check uploaded files looking for files with multiple extensions and forbid certain extensions.

  • Remote Management
    Manage the extension remotelly from a centralized console.

  • Rules Management
    Trusted users? Now you can choose to which groups apply Web Firewall rules.

  • Cron Plugin
    Get files status without afecting QoS.
    Launch File Manager or File Integrity tasks when your server has less workload.

  • ACL checking
    Administrators got an alert if an insecure ACL configuration is set for Guest or Public groups. This could save us of many headaches.

  • Module Info
    Check your Joomla security status at a glance.

  • Url Inspector
    The url inspector allows us to ban IPs that use forbidden words in urls. This way we have a powerful mechanism to control all queries to our website, even those that are redirected to a 404 page.

  • Vulnerabilities checking
    Securitycheck Pro performs a check of the versions of all the components, plugins and modules of your Joomla installation, comparing them with its database to show if there are vulnerable extensions. Forget individually test of every extension to avoid vulnerabilities: Securitycheck Pro does it for you.

  • Vulnerabilities database
    Securitycheck Pro incorporates a database where you can see all the vulnerabilities known to our version of Joomla. This database is constantly updated to include the latest vulnerabilies.

  • Performance
    This feature has been designed to improve Joomla's performance. Now we can optimize and repair our mysql database.

I've been using Securitycheck Pro for a while and this is definitely one of the best extensions I've ever purchased.
Ease of use
Very easy to install and to set up. It has many functionalities and it's easy to configure also thanks to many tooltips in the tabs.
I used the support once because I wanted to ask a thing and I got a reply super-fast, excellent support.
Value for money
The value is HUGE: it darastically reduces the chances of your websites being hacked, saving you a lot of time, effort and money.
I used this to: I use this for protecting several joomla websites and it plays a big role in keeping the websites protected (one should always also follow common sense safety best practises such as version updates etc.). I would never go back to the old times when I didn't have Securitycheck Pro

A must have product

Posted on 28 September 2019
Very wide coverage of needs; we have all you need to protect the sites from bad people;take a look at the rest of the security offer from the same publisher which is very interesting
Ease of use
Ease to use , very adaptable product; we are not drowned with useless messages, only the most important ones.
José offers a fantastic support, very fast that combines skills and modesty
Very complete documentation, easy to access with words that everyone can understand
Value for money
A must have; at first i bought Securitycheckpro and at the end all the suite
I used this to: I use this software to protect my sites and what is interesting is that it can be done from a single central site
Default config works out of the box with no issue on initial install. Plenty of warning messages protecting me too.
Ease of use
Very easy to navigate and understand, documentation is a major help for those areas where I lack knowledge
In a recent email Jose stated, "customers are really important for me and I do all my best to take care of them". Excellent Support.
Although there are some additional functions where the documentation has not been updated. The level of documentation surpasses others.
Value for money
At £80 for the year this is an excellent priced product for the suit of extensions.
I used this to: Multiple domains on one dedicated server. I use the control centre too. Very useful.
It's incredible, i've used lots of products over the years. The abilities of this are outstanding, if you run Joomla , you MUST have this!
Ease of use
Once you learn the interface you will find this a breeze, READ THE INFO on screen, learn from the links provided, it's amazing!
Not needed any but from reviews and the support forum which is active, the developer is a legend!
Everything is brilliant, nothing seems to be overlooked, comprehensive and well documented, this is a serious developer who knows his stuff!
Value for money
It's worth 10 times what you pay annually, you can get an ENTIRE year of Pro extensions for less than £80, BUY IT!!!!!
I used this to: Managing, securing and keeping my client sites as protected as possible. Nothing is full-proof with web based media but if you want an all-round solution built by a VERY talented and experienced developer, you found it. FINALLY! THANK YOU GUYS! THIS IS OUTSTANDING! A+++++++++++++
Practical security extension with useful tools like file integrity check and malware scanner. Possible to run by cron jobs regularly.
Ease of use
Very easy to set up despite quite many configuration options.
Very fast, personal and willing to help.
Value for money
Author is even improving the malware scanner on request!
I used this to: Protect files from being changed by malware. Get alerts by email when compromised files found by the regularly run scans (by automatically created cron jobs).
Il comporte tout le nécessaire pour bloquer tout type d'attaque. J’en ai fais l'expérience
Ease of use
Pas facile d'approche, interface qui mériterait d'être améliorée mais heureusement que le support est là
Excellent support: réponse rapide et complète.
José me permet d'affiner ma configuration en fonction des attaques et conflits
Value for money
I used this to: Site communautaire
Es una herramienta imprescindible para el mantenimiento de sitios joomla.
Ease of use
Es bastante fácil de usar, con un entorno intuitivo pero muy completo.
El soporte es excelente, muy rápido, justo lo que se necesita para una herramienta de seguridad.
Muy bien documentado, y además posee un foro de consulta.
Value for money
No es un paquete excesivamente caro para todo lo que ofrece.
I used this to: Mantenimiento de sitios joomla.
Sehr umfangreiche Optionen, um Spam und Bots abzuwehren. Insbesondere Geoblocking funktioniert perfect.
Ease of use
Übersichtliche Anordnung der Funktionen und Einstellungen
Wurde nicht benötigt.
User Guide (engl) und Forum
Value for money
Sehr gute Investition!
I used this to: Ich benutze Securitycheck Pro um meine Joomla Seiten abzusichern. Leider werden die Angriffe nicht weniger. Ohne Security Tool ist es nur eine Frage der Zeit, wann die Seite gehackt wird.

Very good security tool

Posted on 23 July 2018
Full featured security swiss-set. Definitly recommended.
Ease of use
Very easy to use.
Value for money
Good price for it's value.
All aspect of security are covered
Ease of use
It is easy to use. Very understandable.
Support is perfect. Jose is the best. In all situations he helped me very quickly
Value for money
It is cheap comparing with WordPress equivalent pro plugins. Also i think that licence can be used on more then one site.
I used this to: Fixing and securing site which is already has been hacked and down.
Securitycheck Pro Control Center
Paid download

Securitycheck Pro Control Center

By Texpaok
Site management tools
Securitycheck Pro Control Center has been designed with one goal: to make Joomla! administrator's life easier. With Securitycheck Pro Control Center you will be able to: Manage all your Joomla! websites from a centralized console. Launch remote tasks and save time Check for vulnerable extensions, look for malware, check your files integrity/permission, delete logs captured by the Web Fire...


By Texpaok
Site Security
Securitycheck is a medium protection suite. This version includes: A modular interface to manage the entire extension quickly and easily. Web Firewall The web firewall has been tested against more than 90 SQL, LFI and XSS attacks patterns, and includes the following features: IPv6 supported. Blacklist. Whitelist. Events recording, which can be viewed by admins from backend. Redirection...

Securitycheck Pro

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