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Geek ElasticSearch is the most powerful, extremely fast, highly relevant and flexible search and filter system for your Joomla site. Our extension uses the Elasticsearch engine - a highly scalable open-source full-text search and analytics engine to index data and perform the search. Hence, it is possible to index, search, and analyze large volumes of data quickly and return search results in near real-time that other PHP-MySQL based search extensions can't do.

Search is one of the most important and powerful tools in any website, especially for online stores and websites that have huge amounts of data. It helps quickly deliver relevant results to your customers, hence it helps to keep customers stay on your site longer and increase interactions and sales.

With a powerful search and multiple facet filters system, Geek ElasticSearch enables users to quickly find an expected items from thousands or millions of records in just a few seconds.


Powered by leading Search Engine
Elasticsearch is an open-source, RESTful, distributed search and analytics engine built on Apache Lucene. Since the first version of Elasticsearch was released in 2010, it has quickly become the most popular search engine, and is commonly used for log analytics, full-text search, and operational intelligence use cases.

Real-time search
Fast, very fast speed is the first thing that Elasticsearch will impress you. Once you finish typing in search box, select types or change a search mode, search result is immediately returned without a delay.

Multiple Facet Filters
The component provides a powerful filter system that enables users to filter search results by content type, by categories, by language, by access, by author, by custom fields of Joomla, VirtueMart, eShopping, AdsManager, JReviews, .. This helps users quickly find expected results from thousands or millions of records with just some simple clicks.

Geo-distance Query
This feature specially supports location-based extensions such as EasySocial, JomSocial, JEvents, DJ-Classifieds,… It enables users to narrow search results within a specific distance from a geo point.

Managing Big data
New technology that marries big data concepts with search can provide revolutionary improvements in the reliability, cost-of-ownership and flexibility. The technology trusted by many big companies and organizations like Ebay, Mozilla, Github, …

Update Index Settings
This advanced feature enables to take full advantage of Elasticsearch’s abilities. It enables you to configure the analyzer for the index, to change Character Filters, Tokenizer and Token Filters to meet the requirements of search that your website needs.

Support 3rd party extensions
Geek ElasticSearch works compatibility with most Joomla! core data. Moreover, it provides plugins to index data of 3rd party extensions like Virtuemart, Kunena, K2... then make the indexed data available for search results.

Incremental Update
The component supports to run incremental update of the index. It will only update the content that have only partially changed. It improves indexing time because only part of a content is indexed instead of having to re-index the entire the content.

Cron Job
You can setup task to run indexing of your content automatically from a cron job, Geek ElasticSearch indexer can be run as a command-line application.

Advanced search module
You can control everything on search form and search result like specifying which types of content will be returned, optimizing search results with Scoring and Boosting or controlling number of items per page ..etc..

RSS Feed - Search Alerts
Supports to generate RSS Feed for search results. This is very useful feature in case users want to get a notification from your website for a new articles, new products (VirtueMart, HikaShop, JoomShoping,...), new documents (DOCman), etc…

Keep up-to-date
The component comes with two plugins with functions of trigger during the content creation process of Joomla components and immediately update the ElasticSearch index.

Manage Indexed Content
This feature offers a helpful option to control which items available or unavailable to visitors on your website.

Support Amazon Elasticsearch
Geek ElasticSearch supports Amazon Elasticsearch Service - a professional solution for those who are not familiar with installation and configuration of Elasticsearch service.This make it easy to deploy, operate, and scale Elasticsearch in the AWS Cloud.

Searchly is an alternative provider of hosted Elasticsearch solution which is away from AWS, It offers you a good service with a reasonable price.


Elasticsearch is an open source (Apache 2 license), distributed, a RESTful search engine built on top of the Apache Lucene library.

Elasticsearch was introduced a few years after Solr. It offers a distributed, multitenant-capable, full-text search engine with an HTTP web interface (REST) and schema-free JSON documents. The official client libraries for Elasticsearch are available in Java, Groovy, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, .NET, and Javascript.

The distributed search engine includes indices that can be divided into shards, and each shard can have multiple replicas. Each Elasticsearch node can have one or more shards, and its engine also acts as a coordinator to delegate operations to the correct shard(s).

Elasticsearch is scalable with near real-time search. One of its key features is multi-tenancy.

The major feature list includes:
- Distributed search
- Multi-tenancy
- An analyzer chain
- Analytical search
- Grouping & aggregation


Geek ElasticSearch supports 2 hosted ElasticSearch services are AWS ElasticSearch and Searchly. If you already have ElasticSearch service running on your server, it should work well with this service.

  • AWS Elasticsearch: Amazon Elasticsearch Service - a professional solution for those who are not familiar with installation and configuration of Elasticsearch service. This make it easy to deploy, operate, and scale Elasticsearch in the AWS Cloud.
  • Searchly offers you another option of hosting cloud search with a reasonable price, you can select a plan that suits your needs.
  • Run your own ElasticSearch: If you don't want to pay for hosted ElasticSearch service provider, you absolutely can install and run ElasticSearch on your own server. But, of course, it requires you to have a knowledge of server :)


  • JomSocial 3.x and 4.x (Albums, Events, Groups, Users, Videos)
  • EasySocial 1.x & 2.0 (Albums, Events, Groups, Pages, Photos, Users, Videos, Stream, Discussions + Replies)
  • SP Page Builder (Pages)
  • JReviews (Custom fields)
  • FlexiContent (Custom fields)
  • VirtueMart (Categories, Manufacturers, Products)
  • HikaShop (Categories, Products)
  • JoomShopping (Categories, Products)
  • MijoShop (Products)
  • JooCart (Products)
  • J2Store (Products)
  • JEvents
  • DOCman (Documents)
  • Kunena (Posts)
  • EasyDiscuss (Posts)
  • K2 (Items)
  • EasyBlog (Entries)
  • DJ-Classifieds (Items)
  • DJ-Catalog2 (Items)
  • OS Property
  • Event Booking
  • Eshop
  • EDocman
  • DigiCom (Products)
  • MediaStore (Products)
  • Content
  • Custom Fields
  • Contact
  • Category
  • News Feed
  • Tag
  • And more to come ...


Version 4.8.3 - New Feature & Bug Fixes Release
Release Date: Oct 07, 2021
- New. Support indexing K2 extra fields.
- Fixed. errors in MySQL strict mode.
- Fixed. error replaceAll is not a function.

Version 4.8.2 - Bug Fixes Release
Release Date: Jul 28, 2021
- Fixed. The feature Filter by categories that admin selected in backend does not work after upgrading to version 4.8.0.
- Fixed. Generate incorrect category urls for 3rd components.

Version 4.8.0 - New Features & Improvements Release
Release Date: Jul 01, 2021
- Updated. compatibility with J4 RC2.
- New. Develop new CLI system plugin to index data in Joomla!4.
- Updated. Plugin indexes Categories to index only categories of component content.
- Updated. Some minor improvements.

Version 4.7.0 - New Features & Improvements Release
Release Date: Apr 18, 2021
- New. Update Index Settings.
- New. Supports EasySocial 4.0 beta.
- New. Supports indexing EasySocial Marketplace items.
- Updated. Plugin indexes articles to add new setting that enables users to select which field will be displayed for author name (username or real name)
- Improved. Plugin indexes Hikashop products to generate correct urls by category, improve performance of indexing process, filter by any categories that product assigned to.
- Improved. Plugin indexes Hikashop categories to generate correct urls by category.
- Fixed. The variables in the search results template cause error in the browser console.

Version 4.6.0 - New Features & Improvements Release
Release Date: Feb 19, 2021
- New. Showing and sorting by price.
- New. Indexing data of a single extension.
- Improved. Change the text "search" on a right side of search field to button search.
- Improved. [Content] Index article metadata fields.
- Improved. [Content] Add setting of show/hide author name in description text.

Version 4.5.0 - New Features, Improvements & Bug Fixes Release
Release Date: Nov 05, 2020

  • New. Support EasySocial Discussions + Replies.
  • New. Add new settings that enables users to select custom fields that contains Latitude + Longitude value (plugin Content).
  • New. Scroll to top after search or filter.
  • New. Click outside of box to close dropdown box (Layout Dropdown).
  • Improved. Indexing process to prevent interrupts if error occurs.
  • Improved. Feature "Sort by date" to sort by selected date field.
  • Improved. Display the correct last index time.
  • Improved: Display Additional field type array.
  • Fixed. Warning message on PHP 7.3.
  • Fixed. Error if VmConfig not loaded (VirtueMart Product).

Version 4.4.0 - New Features, Improvements & Bug Fixes Release
Release Date: Jul 29, 2020
- New. Support SP Page Builder.
- New. Exclude items of selected categories from search results.
- New. Filter by custom fields of EasySocial.
- New. New setting of Resume Index function that enables to skip the last error item.
- New. Filter by categories of RS Directory.
- Improved. Display featured products of VirtueMart.
- Improved. Set transparent background for search icon.
- Fixed. Generate incorrect url of Tag with multilingual sites.
- Fixed. Get incorrect image of EasySocial - Stream in some

Version 4.3.5 - New Features, & Bug Fixes Release
Release Date: Apr 21, 2020
- NEW: Resume Indexing.
- NEW: Display number of remaining items on progress bar.
- FIX: Bug generating incorrect url + image if using CLI script to index data.
- FIX: Error: 0 Class 'AwsCredentialsCredentialProvider' not found in settings panel of Search module.
- FIX: Bug not display all categories in settings panel of Search module of multilingual website.
- FIX: Indexing is interrupted when indexing Hikashop products.
- FIX: disabled VirtueMart products still display on search results.

Version 4.3.0 - New Features, & Improvements Release
Release Date: Mar 13, 2020
- NEW. Supports RSDirectory!.
- NEW. Supports RSEvents!Pro.
- NEW. Managing the Featured items.
- NEW. Sort facet buckets by alphabetical order.
- NEW. Add facets to share url (hash #ges:).
- IMPROVED. Prevent submitting form if users press enter key.
- IMPROVED. Wildcard search with hyphen.
- IMPROVED. Storing and displaying value of multiple select fields.

Version 4.2.2 - New Features, & Bug Fixes Release
Release Date: Jan 08, 2020
- NEW. [Geo-distance query] support JReviews.
- FIXED. Search module does not work on IE.

Version 4.2.0 - New Features, Improvements & Bug Fixes Release
Release Date: Dec 16, 2019
- NEW. Support Geo-distance query.
- NEW. Sort displaying order of Faceted Filters.
- NEW. [JEvents] support custom fields.
- IMPROVED. Description cutter function to work smarter.
- FIXED. bug can select one facet multiple times.

Version 4.1.0 - New Features, Improvements & Bug Fixes Release
Release Date: Nov 11, 2019
- NEW. Smart cut description to include a part of content that contains search keywords.
- NEW. [VirtueMart] support custom fields type textarea and editor.
- UPDATED. Log file to add detailed log of indexing process.
- UPDATED. function to generate search endpoint.
- FIXED. Bug when rendering search results template.
- FIXED. Archieved items does not display.
- FIXED. Error when creating category or change category access of K2.
- FIXED. Date does not display correct format.

Version 4.0.0 - Major Release
Release Date: Aug 20, 2019
- NEW. Supports Facet Filters & Dynamic Counter.
- CHANGE. a mapping of ElasticSearch index.
- NEW. Auto populate search results.

Version 3.8.0 - New Feature & Bug Fixes Release
Release Date: Jun 10, 2019
- NEW. Support ElasticSearch 7.x.
- NEW. [Search Alert] Support to generate RSS Feed for search results.
- NEW. Support to sort by featured items.
- NEW. [Search Module] Add a new setting of "target" for item link on search results.
- NEW. [Hikashop] Add a setting to select Menu item.

Version 3.7.9 - New Feature & Bug Fixes Release
Release Date: Mar 28, 2019
- NEW. Add a new setting that enables users to decide whether to enable or disable preparing a content before being indexed with the Joomla content plugins.
- NEW. Add new options for batch size of indexing [500, 1000, 2000].
- NEW. Display a notification in the control panel if there is a new version.
- IMPROVED. Compress a JavaScript file of search module.
- IMPROVED. [Kunena] Add a hash part to item's url.
- FIXED. Incremental index does not work correctly if using ElasticSearch 6.x.
- FIXED. [DocMAN] filter by access does not work correctly.
- FIXED. [EasySocial] some events + groups are not indexed.

Version 3.7.7 - New Feature & Bug Fixes Release
Release Date: Nov 21, 2018
- NEW. Enable users to translate content of additional fields.
- NEW. Add setting of Kunena forum alias to correct url of forum topics.
- FIXED. Indexing JReview item failed if its extra field's value is empty.
- FIXED. duplicate slashes in URLs on Joomla 3.9.0.

Version 3.7.5 - New Features & Improvements Release
Release Date: Oct 11, 2018
- NEW. Support EasySocial Stream / Story.
- NEW. Support OS Property.
- NEW. Support Event Booking.
- NEW. Support EShop.
- NEW. Support EDocman.
- FIXED. Error if jQuery uncache enabled.
- IMPROVED. Search function when users chooses to filter search results by both document type and category.
- UPDATED. Search function for Indexed Content page in backend.

Version 3.7.0 - New Features & Improvements Release
Release Date: Aug 4, 2018
- NEW. Multi terms Wildcard query setting.
- NEW. Highlight Search Terms in Article content.
- NEW. Show and Format Date.
- NEW. Search in EasySocial Custom Fields.
- UPDATED. Correct region code of Singapore
- UPDATED. New AWS regions: China (Ningxia), Canada (Central), EU (London), EU (Paris), AWS GovCloud (US).
- IMPROVED. UI of search results on mobile
- Some minor bug fixes.

Version 3.6.0 - New Features & Improvements Release
Release Date: Jul 1, 2018
- IMPROVED. Search form & Search results UI.
- NEW. Add a new setting to limit search results to selected categories.
- NEW. Add a new setting for selecting "No Photo".
- IMPROVED. [EasySocial] Generate page url.

Version 3.5.0 - New Features & Improvements Release
Release Date: Jun 7, 2018
- NEW. Support JooCart.
- NEW. Filter by Access Level.
- NEW. Search mode: Match Phrase Prefix.
- NEW. Add query string to url of items on search results.
- NEW. Set width + left margin of dropdown box.
- FIXED. Error on publish/delete indexed items if using ElasticSearch 6.x.

Version 3.3.0 - New Features & Improvements Release
Release Date: May 17, 2018
- NEW. Save search queries to hash (anchor part) of URL. This feature enables users to share search results to others.
- NEW. Support component JoomSEF.
- IMPROVED. Remove short codes from document's content.
- IMPROVED. Update plugin indexes tags.

Version 3.2.0 - New Features, Improvements & Bug Fixes Release
Release Date: Mar 29, 2018
- NEW. Search Analytics - Collect and filter users' search terms to better understand what they are looking for on site.
- NEW. Support Joomla custom fields.
- NEW. [VirtueMart] Select a language database table where data will be retrieved from.
- NEW. [VirtueMart] Select to show or hide child products.
- NEW. Define an update server in extension's manifest.
- FIXED. Exact match search does not work if use Elasticsearch 6.x

Version 3.0.0 - New Features, Improvements & Bug Fixes Release
Release Date: Jan 22, 2018
- NEW. Support ElasticSearch version 6.x.
- NEW. Include items of sub-categories if select parent category.
- NEW. Select categories that are displayed on search form.
- NEW. Translate label of additional fields.
- NEW. Select additional fields that you want to hide from search result.
- IMPROVED. Remove indent characters (plus, minus) from selected category name
- FIXED. Does not work with AWS Elasticsearch 5.5.
- FIXED. search mode 'Wildcard' does not work correctly if keyword contains upper-case letter
- FIXED. Error on deleting post of EasyDiscuss.
- FIXED. Deleted items are still returned on search results.

Version 2.3.0 - New Features, Improvements & Bug Fixes Release
Release Date: Oct 24, 2017
- NEW. Support Wildcard query / partial matching.
- NEW. Update "Send indirect request" feature to support sent request with Basic Authentication
- IMPROVED. Upgrade AWS library and ElasticSearch library to newer version.
- IMPROVED. Update to compatible with EasySocial version 2.1.x
- IMPROVED. File structure of module search.
- IMPROVED. [Hikashop] Use Canonical url if available.
- IMPROVED. [Hikashop] Use thumbnail image instead of original image.
- IMPROVED. [Hikashop] search by product code / SKU
- FIXED. Not all the search terms are highlighted in search results.
- FIXED. "Filter by type" feature does not work properly on Joomla 3.8
- FIXED. Error on running index if PHP iconv library is not installed

Version 2.2.0 - Bug Fixes Release
Release Date: Jul 24, 2017
- NEW. Support DigiCom.
- IMPROVED. code snippet to check and use menu item title.

Version 2.1.1 - Bug Fixes Release
Release Date: Jul 10, 2017
- FIXED. no [query] registered for [missing] on ElasticSearch 5.x.
- FIXED. Search function does not work properly if SEF is turned off.

Version 2.1.0 - New Features & Improvements Release
Release Date: Jun 30, 2017
- NEW. Support DJ-Classifieds.
- NEW. Support DJ-Catalog2.
- NEW. Filter by "Publish End Date".
- IMPROVED. Dashboard view
- IMPROVED. [VirtueMart] Search by SKU
- FIXED. [EasySocial] Doesn't display images if user select storage is AmazonS3

Version 2.0.0 - New Features & Improvements Release
Release Date: Jun 06, 2017
- NEW. Support FlexiContent.
- IMPROVED. Search on all fields of EasySocial user profile
- IMPROVED. Automatically scroll to top when user navigate to another page of search result.
- FIXED. Doesn't work with DOCMan 3.0.x
- FIXED. Error when removing or changing state item of components what support to run index on theirs after-update event.

Version 1.6.0 - New Features & Improvements Release
Release Date: Apr 26, 2017
- NEW. Updated to work with Joomla 3.7.
- FIXED. Error when indexing data of EasyBlog version 5.1.
- NEW. Get image of EasyBlog posts
- NEW. Add new setting of search module to allows user can show / hide copyright text below the search form.

Version 1.5.6 - New Features & Improvements Release
Release Date: Apr 13, 2017
- NEW. Support to send search request through server side. This helps to resolve an issue that search function does not work if ElasticSearch service is behind firewall.
- FIXED. Plugins index JomSocial return incorrect links.

Version 1.5.5 - New Features & Improvements Release
Release Date: Apr 03, 2017
- NEW. Support AdsManager component.
- NEW. Some minor updates.

Version 1.5.0 - New Features & Improvements Release
Release Date: Jan 17, 2017
- NEW. Filter search results by categories.
- NEW. Set the order that items will show in.
- FIXED. Some language texts are not displayed properly if cache is enabled.
- NEW. Added some new settings for module search.
- IMPROVED. Style search form.

Version 1.2.2 - New Features & Improvements Release
Release Date: Dec 02, 2016
- NEW. Support Searchly - Hosted Elasticsearch service.
- ADDED. Add option to show/hide image on search result.
- NEW. Support send search request with Basic Authorization
- IMPROVED. Get correct image for JReview listing items based on its storage setting
- IMPROVED. Show waring message if Elasticsearch serivce is not configured.

Version 1.2.0 - New Features & Improvements Release
Release Date: Nov 18, 2016
- NEW. Add two new layouts for module search
- NEW. Support JomSocial
- NEW. Support JReviews
- NEW. Support JEvents
- NEW. Support J2Store
- NEW. Add new feature to filter search results by language (For multilingual sites)
- NEW. Add option to enable/disable instant search (See instant results as you type)
- NEW. Add new setting to load Bootstrap framework
- NEW. Add option to show/hide search button
- IMPROVED. Update to work with Elasticsearch 5.0
- FIXED. return incorrect SEF urls if site uses sh404sef component
- FIXED. "Could not parse URI" if not configure value for Endpoint parameter
- FIXED. css errors on Bootstrap 2 - based templates
- FIXED. Image does not display correctly on back-end

Version 1.1.0 - New Features & Improvements Release
Release Date: Oct 26, 2016
- NEW. Support EasySocial
- NEW. Support HikaShop
- NEW. Support JoomShopping
- NEW. Support DOCman
- ADDED. New AWS Region - US East (Ohio)
- IMPROVED. Set auto focus on search box after opening search window
- IMPROVED. Display notification if search result return 0 item
- FIXED. Stop making a search request while user is typing too fast on search box
- FIXED. The error of not displaying result if system/core.js file is not loaded

Version 1.0.0 - Initial Release
Release Date: Oct 12, 2016

I can index any content:
virtuemart product field, pdf file for sale, doc index, incremental function, progress log, dynamics filters
Ease of use
Very simple to configure, even easier to use. Compatible with many joomla extensions, with a simple click to enable.
support over the top! precise, scrupulous and very helpful. It responds in about 8h
in the introductory guide you will find all the guidelines for a first use, which is very simple and intuitive
Value for money
renewal cost in line with many plugins,the cost pays back 1000 times the functions!I bought a custom dev and after 3 years still supported!
I used this to: e-commerce of paper and digital books, magazines and booklet subscriptions.
Start in the version 3.8 + custom dev, and renew version at 4.5 and then 4.8.0.
Very broad covering all the components that i needed including jreviews, kunena, and eshop.
Amazing to have the full integration with AWS.
Ease of use
Medium effort required to set up - mainly as you need to create an account with Amazon Web Services (or similar) to get fast search
Got live chat support for the one issue I had when setting up config. Issue resolved in 15 mins.
The documentation especially to walk through the AWS setup was excellent.
Value for money
For me I consider it excellent value as its a one off price and my users will benefit every day.
I used this to: Full site search across multiple components. I had first tried the Joomla Smart Search but my site is very large and wouldn't index. Looked at all the available alternatives and JoomlaGeek seemed the most robust and recently updated. Very happy with my choice.
This search is blazing fast. We have over 800,000 articles (JReviews) and it gives results almost instantly.
Ease of use
Once installed (easy) it takes care of itself. It updates you content via cron.
I haven't had any problems requiring support. Questions have been answered quickly.
The documentation made it easy to setup. Very clear. Just do what it says, step by step.
Value for money
The price is reasonable. If you want fast search results like Google, then this is a great value for any site.
I used this to: Site search of over 800,000 articles which are constantly being updated.
Plenty of ways to configure search modules, although it's clear they're continuously developing this.
Ease of use
For end users, dead simple, nice interface. For webmasters, their documentation is a lot easier to understand than Amazon AWS.
Live chat, fast response. Excellent customer service
Very nice. Easy to follow, although Amazon keeps changing things up so not all screenshots match perfectly, but I had no trouble setting up.
Value for money
Very good deal. I'd recommend that unless you have experience with AWS you just go ahead and pay 50 bucks for install.
I used this to: website with nearly 8000 articles and hundreds of documents entered in Docman. the list of supported components like Virtuemart, Hikashop, K2, DjClassifieds is impressive.
Very advanced search function missing in Joomla for sites that present a large number of metadata and data records.
Ease of use
Everything is designed to be easy to use. I didn't run into any problems.
The contact with the support is really good. The answers are fast and always complete. Custom modifications are possible, that's fine.
I think that's a strong point. I don't often see well-done documentation. Here we see that was done seriously.
Value for money
The price is really reasonable for such an important feature.
I used this to: We put online metadata catalogues in the cultural field. The search engine is at the centre of our work. We are really happy working with this component.
Very powerful search function for your Joomla site and with impressive support for other Joomla components like EasySocial, DJ-classified...
Ease of use
You can just install it and use where ever you want in your site and it’s easy to configure it.
You get outstanding support and great feedback.
Great documentation and good explanation make all hassle free
Value for money
You got a top notch function that works straight away and its worth every penny!
I used this to: All Joomla sites bcs all web sites need a great search function to satisfied your customers without Google ads disturbing.
Wow, Geek Elasticsearch has completely changed the functionality of our website for the better. Search results are more accurate and faster
Ease of use
It integrates with, so I had it installed in less than 15 minutes. Indexing is VERY fast (way better than smart search).
Fast responses to my questions and the developer made some custom modifications at very reasonable rates.
I followed the installation guide and had everything working on the first try.
Value for money
Of all the extensions on our site, this one has the greatest impact because we have so much content. Thus its worth the affordable price.
I used this to: We have an online archive of sources in English and Latin (about 4000 articles with over 10 million words). I can index the entire thing in a few minutes, then Geek ElasticSearch returns the results to the website instantly.
Provides outstanding functions with the integration with Amazon Elastic Search. Search performance is extremely fast and very easy to set up
Ease of use
Includes excellent instructions. The AWS part is tricky but hey, it's AWS.
Not needed but they were fast when I had an issue with another of their extensions.
Outstanding, all you will need to get it going quickly.
Value for money
Excellent, just one satisfied visitor on our web site makes it worth the small investment.
I used this to: My main company web site. I found them because of their other excellent extension, the Geek Landing Page plugin.
Geek Landing Page
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Geek Masthead

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Geek OpenStreetMap
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Geek Sliding Puzzle

Geek Sliding Puzzle

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Geek Camera Slideshow
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Geek Camera Slideshow

By JoomlaGeek
Geek Camera Module is an awesome responsive slideshow with data source is from articles or selected images. It comes with full settings consisting of transition effects, skins, loader and navigation control to help you easily get a nice slideshow that fits the design of your site. Main Features: - Responsive slideshow and mobile friendly - Supports to get data from Articles and Images - Get artil...
Geek Popup

Geek Popup

By JoomlaGeek
Geek Popup Plugin allows users to easily check all images in an article by automatically grouping all images in article into a simple gallery on top or bottom of article's body. You can also enable plugin for the category listing view, and it is really useful for listing website that built with Content component such as blog, real estate, car dealing, etc ... Supports 2 Integration modes: Automa...
Geek Facebook Embed

Geek Facebook Embed

By JoomlaGeek
Social Display
Geek FacebookEmbed module allows you to embed Facebook post and video from Facebook page on your site. Supports embed multi posts from Facebook page Supports embed single post Supports embed single video Built-in 2 layouts: Grid and Carousel CHANGELOG Version 1.2.1 Release Date: Aug 7, 2018 - Improved. Display detailed error message if can't get data from Facebook. - Improved. Add information...
Geek Article Utilities

Geek Article Utilities

By JoomlaGeek
Articles Sharing
Geek Article Utilities Plugin provides the most commonly features in an article including Disqus comment, social sharing buttons, Facebook comment and Open Graph meta tags. You can easily enable plugin for specific categories and articles via 2 integration modes With the solid features that this plugin could bring, this must be a perfect choice to replace many other utility extensions on your site...
Geek Form Builder
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Geek Form Builder

By JoomlaGeek
If you are looking for a tool to help you create customer survey, application form, contact form ... for your Joomla site, Geek Form Builder component is all you need. The Joomla extension is easy-to-use form builder with lots of useful features, intuitive and drag-n-drop configuration panel will help you build professional forms in just some simple clicks. Highlight Features: Powerful Form Buil...
Geek YouTube
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Geek YouTube

By JoomlaGeek
Mass Content
Search and import resources from YouTube into Joomla as articles. It comes with advanced import page and supports ajax-based workflow which allows you can easily find resources, configure parameters for articles and do import items on the same screen. With Geek YouTube component, you will find importing content has never been so easy and happy like that. It not only help to import content but also...
Geek Snow Storm

Geek Snow Storm

By JoomlaGeek
Decorate your website with snow falling effect. - Support 2 snowflake modes: Image and circle - Select image for snowflake - Set color for snowflake - Snow movement can respond to user's mouse - Set size of snowflake - Set maximum number of snowflakes - Ability to enable/disable plugin on mobile CHANGELOGS Version 1.1.0 - Improvements release Release Date: Oct 11, 2021 - UPDATED. compatibility w...
Geek Infinite Scrolling Image Grid
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Geek Infinite Scrolling Image Grid

By JoomlaGeek
Photos & Images
A Joomla module that enables users to create infinite scrolling image grid on websites, which replaces traditional sliders to make web page look much more impressive. The module's rich back-end configuration will cover all built-in functionalities such as: scrolling control, thumbnail creation mode, images size, image filters and much more. Main Features Sets scrolling direction and duration. D...
Geek Image Annotation
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Geek Image Annotation

By JoomlaGeek
A Joomla module allows you to add unlimited annotations to specific areas that you want to point out on your image, to make the image more informative. Web designers can use informative images to model new apps, softwares, games, or many other products! Easy to manage annotations with Drag & Drop function The Drag & Drop feature enables you to easily add annotation to any position of your image....

Geek Elasticsearch

Last updated:
Oct 17 2021
2 days ago
Date added:
Oct 12 2016
GPLv2 or later
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J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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