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K2 provides an out-of-the box integrated solution featuring rich content forms for items (think of Joomla articles with additional fields for article images, videos, image galleries and attachments), nested-level categories, tags, comments, a system to extend the item base form with additional fields (similar to CCK for those acquainted with Drupal), a powerful plugin API to extend item, category and user forms, ACL, frontend editing, sub-templates & a lot more!

Using K2, you can transform your Joomla website to a news/magazine site with author blogs, product catalogs, work portfolio, knowledge base, download/document manager, directory listing, event listing & more, all this bundled under one package!

Give K2 a try & you'll instantly love it! It's easy to use and fun to develop websites with! If you need any help or want to contribute to the project, join us at the K2 community.


Since K2 is extensible with additional fields to its base item form, you can easily create category-specific content types, e.g. article, blog post, product page, directory listing.

K2 offers as standard:
- nested-level categories
- commenting, integrated with Google's reCaptcha & Akismet
- tags
- distinct item image (useful for articles/catalogs)
- image galleries
- videos
- attachments
- user pages (author blogs/user profiles)
- smart ACL for frontend editing
- unique plugin system to extend item, category & user forms
- AJAX based frontend editing & comments moderation
- Rest-like JSON/JSONP content output
- Native advanced SEF options
- Flexible sub-templates (for every content output)

K2 fully supports the Joomla API, which means any Joomla plugins will function properly within the K2 component & modules, either in the frontend or backend.


Pixeden, Groupama, Harvard, High Court of Australia, Amnesty International, Arturia, Vivaldi Web Brower & the Joomla Magazine are just some of the thousands of top Joomla sites around the world, fully powered by K2.


To utilize the built-in video & gallery features you need to install AllVideos (free) & Simple Image Gallery Pro, both provided by JoomlaWorks.

K2 is developed by JoomlaWorks & licensed under the GNU/GPL license.


Try K2! Install it, hit the "import" button to bring your Joomla articles inside K2, start playing with the component to see the flexibility it provides first-hand. Moreover? You no longer need a dozen of components & even more modules to do things like run a news site or a blog. Drupal & Wordpress have certainly met their match now!

Visit the K2 Community website:

Quite easy to handle. The setup section is quite massive. I tried a few joomla ccks, but this one is the best.
Ease of use
Really easy to use. I think even for beginners and none programmers it shouldnt be a problem
support forum with different languages. Fast response from the administrators. I solved all my problems.
i didnt need it. Like i said, its quite easy to understand. And has many modules or plugins too(even paid pro plugins).
I used this to: I use K2 for my blog and for customer projects. Even for them the usage was simple.
Great functionality - great support for using tags like multiple categories.
As a new user I got a bit confused about using the image field.
Ease of use
Lots and lots of options. Sometimes too many. As a new user it takes a while to get used to the way the options work.
Great support from Fotis. Quick replies with accurate information.
Could be better - but has good videos - the forum support makes up any shortfall.
I used this to: As a catalog for my photography images. Is well suited to this task.

Good and versatile

Posted on 22 May 2019
Not everyone needs it, but people who need more fields to create new content will be great
Ease of use
Not hard to understand the environment, all mean, extremely easy to use, It takes a bit of work to set up
I used this to: Blog website, news sites, a custom online shop sites, CCK sites, education sites, etc..

K2 for blogs and news

Posted on 08 March 2019
Great Functionality but still must have a lot improvements
Ease of use
very easy to use !
not good enough
Not the best
I used this to: blogs and news pages

Poor support

Posted on 19 November 2018
Ease of use
easy to use
I used this to: Radiowave

Weak CCK

Posted on 19 October 2018
No notification email in new comment or Fronted submit item
No builtin captcha
Ease of use
it's easy just in backend not frontend (still using popup)
Just for beginner
Owner's reply: Let's see...

a) No notification email in new comment or Fronted submit item
And for that K2 gets 10 out of 100? You clearly don't understand its advantages and what it brings to Joomla overall when it comes to serious content management.

b) No builtin captcha
You should look closer. It has reCaptcha, Akismet and StopForumSpam integration built in. It's the K2 settings if you're wondering.

c) it's easy just in backend not frontend (still using popup)
Is the popup a bad idea for some reason? The popup makes sure the template does not impose weird styling or cause JS conflicts from some 3d slideshow to an editing form. Plus it has room for other stuff like managing comments. You know, things neither Joomla nor other CCKs offer.

d) Documentation Just for beginner
You fall into contradictions here. If you're not a beginner as you suggest, how come you didn't see the options for reCaptcha, Akismet etc.?

All in all, I think you rushed in to give a bad/unfair (IMHO) review. Or you had a different objective from the start, as we know how much a 100% free K2 has cost other inferior yet commercial CCKs or wannabe CCKs.

For everyone else reading this, give K2 a serious try. Check its options, check the way it allows for template overrides with just a few files (not dozens as is the case with other CCKs or even com_content) or its parameter inheritance. K2 is a unified solution for content management in Joomla which is built with 3 goals in mind: performance, ease of use and developer/integrator flexibility. It's no wonder why the biggest Joomla sites worldwide run on K2.
We use this on all of our client sites as it provides a much more flexible content solution compared to the standard Joomla one
Ease of use
Very easy to use to get the basics sorted. To get a bit more technical with it requires a bit more time to work out but the support is great
Great support on the forum and via email. Even though it's a free component, the developers take time to respond to your requests and ideas.
There is extensive written tutorials and video on their website and external sites as well as a forum full of answers and gurus.
I used this to: All of our clients sites (over 100) which includes one site which is a news website so has hundreds of categories and thousands of articles which are added to each day. There is no other solution within Joomla that can compare to the flexibility that K2 offers
Functionality use to work with K2 because it extends Joomla core, is solid, stable and easy to customise through their templates.
Ease of use
Very easy to use. Also through video tutorials you can easily use it even if you aren't expert in Joomla
For a FREE component support forum is there for you and developers answer all your inquiries.
Very well documented software but actually never need it.
I used this to: I use K2 almost a decade for more than 150 websites since Joomla 1.5
Also many of our Portals made based on K2 serving thousand K2 items.
K2 is really able to deal with the large number of K2 Items extremely well.
I certainly recommend this component!
Flexible and easy to customize. The best part is you can create unlimited number of custom fields
Ease of use
Very easy to use, and with basic css knowledge you have unlimited options.
Support is fast. My forum question/issue is answered with 24 hrs
I did not use documentation, as the extension is super easy to use.
I used this to: I use in most of my clients site.
perfect, you can do anything you want. Especially custom fields which are very powerful and easy managed
Ease of use
very easy, moreover with simple php you can build any layout
I did no use it, but seen many articles, cheat sheets with various help
I used this to: any kind of joomla project


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Sep 21 2018
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Apr 14 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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