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Membership Pro is the most powerful, features rich, easy to use membership/subscription extension for Joomla. It allows you to create and sell subscription plans, allows members subscribe for these plans and then give these subscribers access to restricted resources (articles, K2 items, videos, documents...) on your Joomla website.. Main features:

  • Favourite
  • Report

Create and sell subscription plans

  • You can create both free and paid subscription plans.
  • You can create plan which subscriptions will be expired after certain time (days, weeks, months, years) or lifetime subscription (never expired).
  • You can also setup subscription plans which subscription will be expired at certain date in a year (for example, all subscriptions will be expired at 31-10-2015). That's called Fixed Expiration date feature in the extension.
  • You can also setup recurring subscription plans(Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly). For recurring subscription plans, you can even setup trial price and trial duration. For recurring subscriptions, subscriptions will be renewed automatically without requiring any action from subscribers.
  • You can categorize your subscription plans into different categories if needed.

Nice, clean, responsive layout based on twitter bootstrap (version 2 and version 3)

  • Different ways to display subscription plans to end users: Via menu item, embed the plans into a Joomla article using Membership Plans content plugin or display plans in a module position using Membership Plans module.
  • Different layout to display subscription plans: Default (List) Layout, Columns (Grid) Layout and Pricing table layout.

Custom, flexible subscription form

  • Login box displayed on top of subscription form (optional) so that users who have existing account can login before continuing subscription process.
  • Integrate with Joomla user registration (optional): Users can enter username and password and the system will create a Joomla account for him when he signs up for a subscription plan.
  • Each subscription plan can has it own set of custom fields.
  • Support 9 different types of custom fields: Textbox, Textarea, Dropdown, Multi-Select, Checkbox List, Radiolist, Datetime, Heading, Message.
  • You can choose which fields are showed/hided, require/not require on subscription form.
  • You can create unlimited custom fields to collect more information about subscribers.
  • With powerful custom fee field feature, the price which users have to pay can be calculated based on what options they choose on subscription form.
  • Conditional custom fields feature is also supported.

Flexible renew options

For each subscription plan, you can define different renew options to allow subscribers to renew their membership. For example, if you have a subscription plan with subscription length is 30 days and price is 30$, you can define other renew options such as 10 days/10$, 20 days/20$... That make the system very flexible and allow subscribers choose the best option they want for the renewal.

Flexible upgrade options

You can define upgrade rules so that subscribers can upgrade his membership from a (lower level) subscription plan to a different (higher level) subscription plan.

Support 40+ payment gateways

  • The most popular payment gateways: Paypal,, Eway and Offline payment plugins come with the extension by default
  • Other payment gateways such as Paypal Pro, 2Checkout, SIM (Server integration method), iDEAL Mollie... are released as separate payment plugins. See to see list of available payment plugins.
  • If you need a payment plugin which is not supported, you can contact us and we will give you quotation for the development.

Powerful Emails Notification System

  • Notification Emails sent to administrator when someone register/ sign up for a subscription plan.
  • Confirmation Emails sent to users when they subscribe for a plan or their registration is approved by administrator (in case they use offline payment)
  • Reminder emails sent to subscribers X-days and Y-days before their subscription is expired so that they can renew their subscription.
  • Notification email sent to administrator when subscribers cancel his recurring subscription.
  • All email messages are customizable.

Group/Family membership

You can setup Group / Family Membership plans so that a user can sign up for that plan and add group/family members into the system. These members will have same membership/access level with group admin except that the could not add group members. You can limit how many members a group admin can add into the system for each plan.

Joomla User Groups integration:

  • Assign subscribers to selected Joomla groups when they sign up for a subscription plan.
  • Remove users from these group when their subscription expired.
  • These groups can be configurable for each subscription plan

Different ways to restrict access to restricted resources on your site to subscribers

  • Using Joomla core ACL
  • Restrict access to part of Joomla articles.
  • Restrict access to whole Joomla article (articles detail page).
  • Restrict access to K2 items.
  • Restrict access to any pages (urls) Please read the documentation at to understand how to setup this restriction.

Integrated with third party extensions

  • JomSocical, Community Builder, Easy Social: Auto fill-in subscription form with data stored in user profile. Also there is a registration history plugin allows displaying registration history of a user in his profile.
  • Integrated with newsletter extensions such as AcyMailing, Mailchimp so that when users sing up for a subscription plan, they will be assigned to the selected mailing lists and you can send newsletters to them later.
  • Synchronize data with Joomla users profile, Community Buider Users, Jomsocial users and Easy Social database.

Subscriber can access to his membership profile and:

  • Update his profile data
  • Renew his membership
  • Upgrade his membership
  • Cancel his recurring subscription
  • See his subscription history.

Backend management

  • Flexible configuration.
  • Create and manage plan categories.
  • Create and manage subscription plans.
  • Manage subscribers (find, create, edit, delete, approve, export subscribers to csv file).
  • Import existing subscribers from CSV.
  • Create and manage Custom fields.
  • Create and manage Coupon codes.
  • Set tax rates / tax rules
  • Install(new payment plugin), change settings of the payment plugins which you use.
  • Change, customize messages / email messages.
  • Manage countries / states
  • Manage and translate language items into different languages.

Built-in translation feature

Allow you to change language strings (without having to edit language files directly) and translate it to different languages (if your site is multilingual).

Other features:

  • Tax support (including EU tax rules)
  • Coupons
  • PDF invoices
  • Display subscribers in the frontend
  • Captcha & SSL integration
  • Membership ID

Suggested templates

We built the templates to work well with Membership Pro:

Works better than expected
Ease of use
Very easy to use.
Had an issue with something I activated in the plugins and they replied within a few hours on a Sunday.
Easy access to documentation and easy to follow.
Value for money
110% value for money
I used this to: I use it on my client's website that runs a horse show ground and have memberships for their members.
the extension is excellent, does everything is says it does
Ease of use
very easy to use and navigate,
excellent the support team have assisted with minor updates to the component in the same day
slight improvement but mostly very good, an explanation of the subscribers vs subscriptions screens to remove confusion
Value for money
I used this to: used for sports association membership and events, integrated with Event Booking and mail chimp, this extension combined with event booking ( same developer) run the entire association, from events, to memberships and email lists for members
So flexible, so many options, loads of plugins, it can do so much. Absolutely love it.
Ease of use
Easy. Could not fault it, but has advanced functionality too.
Excellent, some of the best I've had. Even releasing new features due to questions I ask.
It's there and it's good.
Value for money
It's such a fantastic tool. To dev this myself would take years so the price is EXCELLENT value.
I used this to: I actually started using this to sell Joomla! extensions which you might not initially think of for a membership extension.
I also used it for a Gym membership site.
Works right out of the box. Does exactly what they say it will do.
Ease of use
Very easy to use and clear interface in the backend. Really simple.
Outstanding - always get useful response within 24 hours. They have solved any issues I had - which were mostly my fault anyway.
Value for money
Definitely, definitely worth the money. Especially with the outstanding support.
I used this to: Maintaining a membership list for an arts program. Integrated JoomDonation as well so we can sign up members and ask for donations at the same time.
it does what it says
Ease of use
very easy installation and generally its configuration
Value for money
of course
All what you need for selling and marketing membership through your website.
Ease of use
Extremely simple for every type of user, amazingly powerful for every type of business.
Incredible, fast, reliable. If you have trouble... Well, you don't have them. It's like to have your own team of developer with you.
Coming to membership service, If you can imagine what you would like to do, the "How To" it's on Membership Pro documentation.
Value for money
Since my first purchase I thought: how can they do have this extremely high quality product with that low price?
Membership Pro offers pretty much everything you would need and expect. For the amount that you pay, it is an excellent value.
Ease of use
I have more than one component from ossolution/joomdonation and they all follow the same concept. Once you got the hang of it, it is easy.
I used several of their components and had every time a great customer support experience. Tuan will even do custom programming if necessary
Among all the paid components, the documentation ranks very high in terms of quality and completeness. (I still give it 100% ;)
Value for money
Super fair price. Absolutely worth its money and for me never a question with this developer: you get a lot for the money.
Great tool, with many functions. Was perfect for my website.
Ease of use
Easy to understand and to set up.
Support is amazing. If you need fast support they are always here for you.
Easy to understand and to set up. If you still have a question, just ask them. They are always here for help.
Value for money
It is all the money worth!
I used this to: My website where i have some memberships for students.
With so many features available you will need to spend time getting the most out of the product, but 90% is right there in front of you
Ease of use
I could not be happier with the ease in which all of the tools available can be accessed and utilised. A great overall design
I've been using the product for over a year now and the guys have never failed to respond within 24 hours.
Manual is good, no problems with it. If you don't get your answer, email the team.
Value for money
If you are running any type of membership system then this system should be considered. Really worth every penny.
I used this to: A commercial website to sell a subscription based service online.
works very well
Ease of use
Had a little trouble but very fast help from the developer.
Excellent Support
Value for money
Very good value
I used this to: paid subscriptions on my site
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Membership Pro

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