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Override article information details and show them the way YOU want.

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Some features:
- choose which categories can be altered by the plugin or use the plugin's syntax to individually target articles,
- modify the article, blog/list (category) and featured views,
- choose which elements to show (hits, author, rating - voting included, dates, times, categories, keywords, tags, links A..C, social, email and print links, jcomments count...) without overriding article default options,
- use plain text to create elaborate combinations of elements,
- use publish down dates to use standard articles as events,
- link keywords for immediate search results (standard or smart search),
- add an optional calendar representation,
- override CSS for display and print,
- cache the stylesheets for better performance,
- use on multi-language sites...

This is also the perfect complement to Latest News Enhanced free or pro.

More information at

Freedom to alter the look of your site, requires CSS overrides for some templates.
Hopefully will be integrated with fields (Joomla 3.7)
Ease of use
If you know CSS, very easy to use - might play nice with some templates without need to know CSS
I used this to: Article layout modification.
Easy and fast addition of social share buttons.
Owner's reply: Thank you very much for the review!
CSS tweaks are almost inevitable, although some templates do not require any changes.
Joomla 3.7 custom fields are supported in the pro version at the moment.

Great extension

Posted on 09 August 2016
Ease of use
I used this to: This plugin is ver useful. Great job. But I am having some issues with Author. It is not showing in details!
Owner's reply: Thank you for your review! It is very much appreciated.

For your information, the numbers in the comment sections (like 'ease of use') are not taken into account by the scoring system. You gave 85 as a score then 100 in the comment. If you meant to give 100 as a score, it has to be at the scoring level. Thank you!

As far as the author is concerned, please contact support. The author should show, it uses the article's 'created by alias' and if missing, it uses the user name.
Only drawback is that the date displayed is the Joomla article creation date **adjusted** by the timezone difference. Otherwise, it's great.
Ease of use
Fairly straightforward and, with a little extra help with CSS tweaking, easily adaptable to one's website theme
I used this to: Website blogging; highlighting the date when articles were published.
Owner's reply: Thank you for the review, I really appreciate it!

The issue with date time differences usually comes from having a php server at one time zone and the Joomla site at another one.
PHP timezones are set in the PHP.ini file. I have thought about adding an offset field to overcome that issue in the past but I did not because, although it would fix the display issues, it does not change the fact that the overall site configuration is not quite right and I do believe it is better to fix the root of the problem rather than patching it.

Nevertheless, after reading your review, I may decide to add that offset parameter in the future (in the spirit of making it more user firendly) alongside a warning that will explain just what I just tried to convey here.

Empty site

Posted on 12 March 2014
An completely empty site appears, when I activate this plugin. I don't know why, but it doesn't work for me (Joomla 3).
Owner's reply: I would have appreciated you take the time to request some help before posting this review.

Your issue is probably related to the fact that you did not install the required external library.

When such issue arises and other users have a good experience with the extension, it is most likely that the problem comes from a specific configuration issue, mistake or simply (yes, it happens) bug.

It does not make the extension less valuable.

just perfect!

Posted on 18 November 2013
I had been looking for such a way to improve the presentation of my articles. Many ways to show date and other article details just the way you want it, including good documentation. Had a slight problem with doubling of titles after a recent update; Olivier got back to me and resolved the problem with a few css changes (temporarily); after which it was solved in about a week later in a next update. Excellent service!
Owner's reply: Thank you so much for the review! I do not like leaving issues unresolved, so, although I always try in helping users fix their problems right away, I usually address those issues in an update to benefit everyone. The problem of hiding the original title of an article you had helped me re-think the way to address it.

Well Done plugin!!!!

Posted on 12 October 2013
The Plugin works well with the Joomla article, but i wonder that if this product support K2 in the future?
Owner's reply: Thanks for the review.
Indeed, K2 will be supported in the next major release of the plugin.

A great plugin

Posted on 11 October 2013
Great plugin, the editor is super friendly and super professional.

Thank you to Olivier from simplyfyyourweb
Owner's reply: Thank you for your review, I do appreciate it very much!
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Article Details

Olivier Buisard
Last updated:
Jan 30 2019
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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