Vertical Markets, Data Import & Export, Real Estate, Mobile Display, Maps & Locations

OS Property is best Joomla real estate extension.
OS Property provides necessary flexibility and fully functional for creating real estate websites, property listing or rental websites with single, multiple user types or real estate companies.


★ Easy to post real estate properties
★ Earning money from customer who want to use your Real Estate website
★ Advanced, Locator and MLS Search ( through iframe) tools
★ Multiple Properties level (Standard and Featured)
★ Unlimited Properties, Property types, Categories, Amenities, Extra fields.e.g
★ Send notify emails when new property is posted
★ Integrate with Walked Score map, KML Google earth, Education
★ Properties neighborhoods
Google services (Map, Adsense) integration
★ Multiple Currencies
★ RSS support (also KML Google Earth)
★ Fully Joomla ACL for categories, properties, field groups and custom fields.
★ Pdf export & Print layout of property details
★ Allow user to save the search criteria for future visit
★ Properties Favourites and Comparison
★ User contact
★ Properties sharing
★ Properties Comment & Rating
★ Energy measurement use and Co2 emissions chart
★ All picture types supported
★ Panorama virtual tour


★ Easy to manage companies, user types, properties, categories, property types, price list, comments, amenities, custom field groups and custom fields
★ Powerful Configuration
★ Bulk CSV/XML import and export
★ Backup & restore database
★ Joomla Native Multilingual & Content translation ability


★ Ability to manage agents (add/edit)
★ Ability to manage properties (add/edit) of company


★ Multiple Real Estate Users: Agents, Owners, Builders, Landlord, Brokers, Sellers, Realtors
★ Ability to post and manage properties
★ Ability to upgrade properties from Standard to Featured


★ Multiple locations
★ Easy to Manage & Import location
★ Can be used with all countries on the world. Available location data for United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Brazil, India, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, Turkey, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Germany, Argentina, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, New Zealand, Thailand, Nigeria, Ecuador, Indonesia, Jamaica, Maldives, Venezuela, Poland, Russia, Israel, Ireland, Croatia, Colombia, Chile, Switzerland, Czech, Guatemala, Morocco, Malaysia, Norway, Peru, Pakistan, Qatar, Philippines, Romania, Slovakia, Trinidad & Tobago, Kenya, Hungary and Finland. Default location is United States.


★ List properties by different parameters like property types, categories, states, cities v.v. and different layout like list, grid and map view
★ Company/ Agent registration
★ Company/ Agent edit profile
★ Compare properties
★ Locator search
★ Advanced search
★ Add/ Edit properties
★ MLS Search Integration
★ Property details
★ Manage Properties


★ Full of Meta description for Properties
★ Custom page title & page heading for categories/property types/properties
★ Joomla SEF URLs & SEO (Metadata) support, also with SEF components
★ Social share products (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest..)
★ Facebook and Twitter auto Posting
★ Microdata Rich Snippets
★ Support captcha/SSL
★ Tags system
★ integration
★ Invalid items reporting


★ Membership Pro
★ OS Calendar (Availability Calendar)
★ Jcomments
Acymailling Newsletter
JSitemap Pro


★ Quick Search
★ Slideshow
★ Advanced search
★ Random Properties
★ Mortgate
★ Loan Calculator
★ Ajax search
★ Categories listing
★ Google Map


★ Responsive layouts, Mobile Ready, Retina Display Support, HTML & CSS override system
★ Layout overrides
jQuery, Ajax and Bootstrap
★ Compatible with any Joomla templates
★ Attractive themes support
★ Multiple form layouts (contact, request details e.g.)
★ Lazy Load


★ Joomla 3.x, Joomla 4.x
★ PHP 5.x, 7.x, 8.x


★ Template:
★ Add-ons:


★ Ezrealty migration
★ Iproperty migration


01st November 2021 - New version 3.20.2

  • Fix issues in Joomla 4

04th October 2021 - New version 3.20.1

  • Fix issues from previous versions

01st September 2021 - New version 3.20.0

  • Fully compatible with Joomla 4
  • Improve Panorama viewing function
  • Add Social Backlinks OS Property plugin

12th July 2021 - New version 3.19.1

  • Fix issues in previous versions

12th June 2021 - New version 3.19.0

  • Compatible with PHP8
  • Add page navigation in Random Properties module
  • Add min/max price parameters in layout: Property Listing layout
  • Add multilingual with field: Region
  • Add Hour/min options in Opening Hour feature
  • Improve + Fix issue on Properties management pages

02tnd April 2021 - New version 3.18.2

  • Add Default agent option
  • Add Property Preview function (frontend side)
  • Improve JSitemap plugin - support multiple languages
  • Fix Stripe payment method issue
  • Fix issue on loading Location data (multiple language mode)
  • Fix issue on OSP Slideshow module
  • Fix issue on Featured Agent module
  • Fix issue on Start/end publishing dates
  • Fix issue on Square feet/meter showing in Random Properties module
  • Fix issue on Custom extra fields

07th December 2020 - New version 3.18.1

  • Add City ID parameter into Property Listing layout
  • Add option to store Request More details
  • Support HTML code in Price text
  • Fix Properties filtering issue at Backend
  • Fix Sef issue in OS Property States and Cities module

09th September 2020 - New version 3.18.0

Compatible Joomla 4 Alpha

25th June 2020 - New version 3.17.4

  • Add icons configure options for Amenity Categories
  • Add icons for Amenities
  • Update language constants for OS Property Configuration function
  • Fix issue on Showing Custom extra fields: Radio boxes, Checkboxes
  • Fix issue on Selecting Market Status in module Random Properties

14th May 2020 - New version 3.17.3

Add notification email to administrator when the payment is made
Improve Payment completed layout
Improve Offline payment
Fixing issue on payment processing function
Fix SQL issue relating to Market Status

29th March 2020 - New version 3.17.2

  • Fix issue Search result in Theme3

19th March 2020 - New version 3.17.1

  • Fix issue on OS Property Database

17th March 2020 - New version 3.17.0

  • Add Bath Information
  • Add extra fields in PDF and Property Print pages
  • Add Location filter in Properties management (Frontend side)
  • Improve CSS of Theme 3
  • Minor bugs fixed

25th October 2019 - New version 3.16.1

  • Fix issues on Property Modification form at frontend side (Joomla 4.x alpha)
  • Fix issues on Property Activation form at frontend side
  • Fix issues on Configuration page
  • Fix issue on Wider theme

18th September 2019 - New version 3.16.0

  • Improve OS Property to make extension compatible with Joomla4 Alpha
  • Remove Joomla deprecated functions
  • Change some DB columns attributes

19th July 2019 - New version 3.15.0

  • Improve Categories listing layout
  • Improve Default theme
  • Improve Backup and Restore database, make it to work with MySQLi
  • Add option to exclude property IDs in OS Content Slider and Random Properties module
  • Add Price sorting option in Manage Properties page
  • Fix issue on properties approval when the cost is zero

14th May 2019 - New version 3.14.9

  • Improve Theme3 and Theme Blue
  • Improve Companies and Agents management tool at Backend side
  • Improve Mortgage module
  • Improve Filter Form
  • Improve Bootstrap 3 stylesheet

1st April 2019 - New version 3.14.8

  • Improve Companies, Agent listing and details layout
  • Add option to add Joomla modules into property page (Theme2 and Wider)
  • Improve Loan Calculator module
  • Add option to select number properties per page in properties list (Backend side)
  • Fix issue on CSV import function
  • Fix issue on showing Heading in "Properties City" page
  • Fix issue on showing Satellite map type in property details page
  • Fix issue on "checkbox" extra field value showing

14th January 2019 - New version 3.14.6

  • Improve Agent Profile page
  • Improve OS Content Slider
  • Improve SEO
  • Fix issue on Membership Pro integration
  • Fix issue on downloading property's document
  • Fix issue on saving property's documents and panorama pictures

1st December 2018 - New version 3.14.5

  • Add Openstreetmap
  • Improve Agents layout
  • Fix minor bugs

12nd November 2018 - New version 3.14.4

  • Add Wide theme
  • Move documents to media folder

23th October 2018 - New version 3.14.3

  • Moving Javascript, CSS files to Media folders
  • Adding Defer attribute into Javascript loading
  • Add Horizontal layout for search module
  • Apply Joomla global variable into management pages (front-end and back-end sides)
  • Other bugs fixed

11th September 2018 - New version 3.14.2

  • Improve Membership Pro integration feature
  • Improve themes: Default and Theme 3
  • Add Google reCaptcha in Request more details form
  • Add feature to pass Security step with logged user in Request More Details and Tell a friend forms
  • Improve Currency convert feature
  • Improve Random Properties module
  • Fix route and cron task issues
  • Other minor issues fixed

15th August 2018 - New version 3.14.1

  • Able to sort photos by drag & drop
  • Add Cities filtering in properties list
  • Fix Currencies convert function
  • Other minor css fixed

10th July 2018 - New version 3.14.0

  • Instroduce new payment process to activate and upgrade listing workflow
  • Improve Membership Pro integration
  • Add payment library
  • Fix Currency convert issue
  • Update Random Properties module

25th May 2018 - New version 3.13.2

GDPR Implement

7th May 2018 - New version 3.13.1

  • Bootstrap 4 compatible
  • Add multiple languages with field: Price text
  • Improve Property Print layout to make property details to be shown in one A4 paper
  • Improve Address format

28th March 2018 - New version 3.13.0

  • Add Market status
  • Improve: Properties listing, property details, search functions, property print, pdf export, XML and CSV import/export, Random properties and Search module
  • Add Google Map Zoom level limitation
  • Add Postcode field in XML Import/export
  • Fix Advanced search issue
  • Fix Properties comparison issue

27th Feb 2018 - New version 3.12.9

Fix Security issue on Advanced search tool

16th January 2018 - New version 3.12.7

  • Improve Theme3's photo gallery
  • Redirect links after Agent and Company registration
  • Offline payment email
  • Add Featured agent icon
  • Some configure options added
  • Auto populating Name, Email when adding Company and Agent at back-end side
  • Other improvements and bugs fixed

19th November 2017 - New version 3.12.6

  • Add Iproperty migration tool
  • Improve DPE Graph function
  • Fix issue on Currency converting function
  • Add function select/deselect all pictures when edit property
  • Fix issue on Category module (Version 3.12.5)
  • Fix CSS issue on Categories listing layout
  • Fix issue on Calendar field of Request More Details form
  • Fix CSS loading issue on Search module

4th October 2017 - New version 3.12.5

  • Remove inline styles
  • Improve Property Request More details form
  • Advanced search from overridden
  • Add Saudi Arabia location data
  • Fix issue on OSP Navigation plugin
  • Fix issue on OSP Slideshow module

16th September 2017 - New version 3.12.4

  • Improve Review & Rating function
  • Improve Company & Agent registration form (Allow to turn on/off Login form)
  • Fix Page Navigation issue on Cities listing page
  • Fix issue on IP Address getting on Comment function

3rd September 2017 - New version 3.12.3

Fix Security issue on Photo Drag & Drop function.

4th August 2017 - New version 3.12.2

  • Add Grab Images tool
  • Improve Theme3 layout
  • Improve SEO
  • Fully compatible with Joomla 3.7.4
  • Show "Install sample data" suggestion at first time installation
  • Adjust Add/edit property form at Front-end side

Notice: OS Property has everything packed to allow you to easily manage your document and downloads. Our support team is standing by to help you with all your questions. We offer a 30 days money-back guarantee.

Good extension

Posted on 19 July 2021
The extension is able to offer a wide spectrum of functionalities.
Ease of use
Once you get to know the tool, it is intuitive to use. When a debug arises the developer fixes it.
The support is good. The developer debugs any issues that come up with you website. Very good support.
I did not have the need to read it a lot. I notices some screenshot are done in Joomla 2.5 but I guess the interface did not change.
Value for money
The extension is not expensive. You get a great tool for little money.
I used this to: Websites that sell properties. For two clients. They are satisfait.
Very complete functionality and extensibility using custom fields.
Ease of use
Very easy to use and integrate into templates. Throught eh support of Dam, we were even able to write our own custom import for OpenImmo.
This is my real reason for the review. dam provides support that is up there with the best of the business. Fast, accurate and courteous!
Documentation may need some work here and there, but that is completely offset by Dam's support.
Value for money
Super value for money. Rivals easily with more expensive options on this and other platforms. We actually migrated from a $500+ component.
I used this to: Customized Joomla site for a client with our own OpenImmo import functionality.
It's a very large component with a lot of options and regular updates.
Ease of use
Easy to use with lots of options. Very easy for different languages
Excellent support from Os Property Real Estate, fast and serious
Very good documentation, complete and informative. Very useful for starting up.
Value for money
Very good price for the quality of the component. Difficult to find cheaper for a product of this quality.
I used this to: I bought it for different real estate websites. Never disappointed.

Osproperty is the BEST

Posted on 23 August 2020
I worked with several real estate extensions, but I stayed at OS Property for almost 10 years. Os Property is truly the best in the world!
Ease of use
I don’t know if I find it easy in the Os Property extension because it’s easy to handle, but it seems to me to be so.
The support on Os Property is perfect. It never happened that Mr. Dam did not solve my problem quickly and efficiently.
Value for money
Osproperty is really worth it. It helps me in my work and makes it easier. Customers review my agency's offer very efficiently
I used this to: I have been using OsProperty to sell real estate and have been doing this for 12 years
Works as advertised. Highly configurable. I made extensive configuration changes and custom edits to create a floorplan directory.
Ease of use
Not harder to use than any other Joomla component. Many configurations possible.
THIS IS THE BEST SUPPORT I HAVE RECEIVED FROM A JOOMLA DEVELOPER. Custom work available for reasonable prices.
The is a lot of documentation; however, I chose the hard way through trial and error. That's on me.
Value for money
Excellent value for the money - I forget what I paid but have gotten so much out of it and support to boot.
I used this to: A custom and simplified floor plan directory and search tool for an association of architects.

Au top !

Posted on 11 May 2020
Le système est bien conçu pour faciliter la mise en place en fonction des options disponible
Ease of use
Très facile d'utilisation avec un système d'administration simple et clair
Value for money
Très bien rien à redire le prix est très correcte on en à pour notre argent.
I used this to: Utilisation pour de la location saisonnière gestion location de chalets et appartements

Excellent Support!

Posted on 23 January 2020
This platform has many functions and it covers most of our needs.
Ease of use
We use an another platform from this company too and we like the way they are organized.
We enjoy a great and fast support from the OsProperty team! Everytime we send an issue their answers are accurate and really fast!
Value for money
We think that it's price is good enough for the funcions it offers!
I used this to: I used this to: We use it for an agency office with many types of properties like plots and businesses.
The functions all work as expected, in line with real estate trading, satisfied with the great experience.
Ease of use
Some functions need to read the documentation, generally easy to use and without any difficulties
Value for money
Good price for everyone, no idea for this section ///////////////////////////
I used this to: Real estate projects: which need an extension, are able to work vigorously and meet complex requirements

Everything is good

Posted on 12 January 2019
Very functional theme and component
Ease of use
very easy and useful
they are so cute and very self sacrificing
very clear and easy
Value for money
good price
I used this to: my company and i am very happy to find this theme
Setup options allow for customizing listings for our special type of Real Estate. Very flexible.
Ease of use
Even with so many options the setup pages are easy to navigate and have great Tool Tips for each option.
Support is Great. Their team provided help with custom CSS and PHP needs very fast. Google Map changes in 2018 were fixed to work perfect
Documentation is extensive and complete. When there are questions the support staff has explained and helped.
Value for money
You get a lot of Extension for Very Reasonable Price.
I used this to: Special type of Real Estate/Housing listings in U.S.A. for 3 years now. We needed to customize our listings different from houses or apartments and it has worked very well.
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OS Property Real Estate

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Uses Joomla! Update System


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